What is Smoothie King $1 up promo?

Smoothie King’s “$1 Up” promotion allows customers to upgrade the size of any smoothie for just $1 more. This popular deal makes it easy to get more smoothie for your money. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know about the Smoothie King $1 Up promotion:

How it Works

The $1 Up promotion allows you to upgrade to the next larger size smoothie for only $1 extra. For example, you can upgrade from a 20oz smoothie to a 32oz smoothie for just $1 more. Or you can upgrade from a 32oz smoothie to a 40oz smoothie for $1 more. It’s a great way to get more smoothie without breaking the bank.

Eligible Smoothies

The $1 Up promotion can be used with any smoothie flavor and size, as long as you’re upgrading to the next larger size. The only exceptions are the 80z kids smoothies and the 40oz colossal smoothies, since those are already the smallest and largest sizes respectively.

How to Get the Deal

Getting the $1 Up deal is easy – simply request it when you order your smoothie. Tell the cashier you’d like to upgrade your smoothie size for $1 more. There’s no coupon or promo code needed – any Smoothie King location will honor the $1 Up promotion.

Timing of the Promotion

The $1 Up promotion is a standing offer at Smoothie King, meaning it’s available all year round. It’s not a limited time deal. You can take advantage of the $1 size upgrade anytime you visit a participating Smoothie King store.

Why Smoothie King Offers this Promotion

Smoothie King likely offers the $1 Up promotion for several reasons:

  • It encourages customers to purchase larger sizes, increasing the average order value.
  • It provides excellent value to customers, giving them more smoothie for just a little extra.
  • Upselling to larger sizes boosts overall sales and profits for the chain.
  • It gives customers flexibility to get the size they want at a reasonable price.

The $1 Up promotion is a win-win – customers get more smoothie for their money, and Smoothie King sells more large smoothies.

Tips for Using the Promotion

Here are some tips to take full advantage of the Smoothie King $1 Up deal:

  • Upgrade your favorite smoothie flavors to enjoy more of what you love.
  • Split a large smoothie with a friend to save money and reduce waste.
  • Add supplements or ingredients to your upsized smoothie for maximum nutrition.
  • Pair it with other Smoothie King coupons or deals for extra savings.
  • Time your visit for weekday afternoons when stores are less busy.

Nutritional Benefits of Larger Smoothies

Going up a size in your smoothie brings several nutritional perks:

  • More fruits, vegetables, and other healthy ingredients in each blend.
  • Higher amounts of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Extra protein from added supplements like whey protein.
  • Increased feeling of fullness thanks to the larger volume.

While larger smoothies do contain more natural sugars and calories, the overall nutrient content increases as well. Moderating your intake is always wise.

Smoothies Eligible for $1 Up Promotion

All of Smoothie King’s delicious smoothie flavors are eligible for the $1 size upgrade deal. Some top picks include:

Smoothie Name Description
Strawberry X-Treme Strawberries, bananas, nut butter, and nonfat milk.
Island Green Pineapple, mango, bananas, and coconut milk.
Gladiator Strawberries, bananas, whey protein, and almond milk.
Hulk Spinach, bananas, strawberries, peanut butter, whey protein, and nonfat milk.
Angel Food Bananas, strawberries, whey protein, and nonfat yogurt.

Any of these nutritious blends can be upgraded to a larger size for just $1 more!

Ideal Times to Get This Deal

While the $1 Up promotion is offered every day at Smoothie King, there are certain times when it’s especially smart to take advantage of the offer:

  • First Thing in the Morning: Large smoothies make an excellent nutrition-packed breakfast on busy mornings.
  • Post-Workout: The extra volume helps rehydrate and recover after exercise.
  • Mid-Afternoon: A larger smoothie gives an energy boost to power through the rest of the day.
  • Evenings: They can serve as a light dinner or snack after a long day.

Anytime hunger strikes, upgrade your smoothie size with the $1 Up promotion for guilt-free indulgence.

Pairing with Other Discounts

The $1 Up promotion can be combined with other Smoothie King discounts and deals for maximum savings. For example, you may be able to:

  • Use a Smoothie King coupon code on your online order and then upgrade in-store for $1.
  • Take advantage of weekly featured flavors and upgrade to a larger size.
  • Enjoy loyalty program rewards AND upgrade your smoothie for $1 more.

Stacking deals is a savvy way to get the best bang for your buck on smoothies.

Ideal Smoothie Sizes for Different Situations

Situation Recommended Size
Kids’ smoothie 12-20 oz
Quick breakfast smoothie 20-32 oz
Post-workout recovery drink 32-40 oz
Meal replacement smoothie 32-40 oz
Smoothie on the go 20-32 oz
Sharing with a friend 40 oz
Ultra-healthy daily smoothie habit Any size!

Use the $1 Up promotion to get your ideal smoothie size for any situation.

Customizing Your Upgraded Smoothie

When upgrading your smoothie size with the $1 Up deal, consider customizing your order to make the most of the extra volume. You can:

  • Add supplements: Whey protein, fiber, vitamins, immunity boosters, etc.
  • Include extra ingredients: Peanut butter, avocado, coconut, nut butters, chia seeds, etc.
  • Blend in veggies: Spinach, kale, carrots, beets, etc.
  • Swap the base: Substitute milk for juice, water, coconut milk, almond milk, etc.
  • Modify the flavors: Double up on your fave fruits, try new combos, add carrot juice, etc.

Upgrading size makes room to customize your smoothie and pump up the nutrition. The possibilities are endless!

Pro-Tip: Split It with a Friend

One smart way to enjoy the $1 Up promotion is to split a large smoothie with a friend or partner. For example, order a 40oz smoothie, then pour half into a to-go cup for each person. This allows you both to sample different flavors, save money, and cut down on waste.

Does the Promotion Apply to All Locations?

The $1 Up promotion is available at most corporate-owned Smoothie King locations in the United States. However, franchised locations have the right to choose whether or not to offer the deal. Be sure to ask if the $1 upgrade is available before ordering at franchised spots.

Can You Get More Than One $1 Upgrade?

Unfortunately, the promotion only allows upgrading to the next immediate size. For example, you can go from a 20oz to a 32oz for $1 extra. But you cannot go from a 20oz to a 40oz for $2 more. You are limited to one $1 size upgrade per smoothie order.

Does This Work for Smoothie Bowls?

Yes, Smoothie King’s smoothie bowls are also eligible for the $1 size upgrade deal. You can upsize any smoothie bowl from 20oz to 32oz for just $1 more. It’s a great way to get extra of those thick, spoonable smoothie bowls without overspending.

What About Their Fresh Squeezed Juices?

Smoothie King’s fresh juices can also be upgraded with the $1 Up promotion. Juices typically come in 12oz and 20oz sizes. With this deal, you can increase your juice order from 12oz to 20oz for just $1 more.

Tips for Saving Even More

While the $1 Up promotion already offers excellent value, there are ways to maximize your savings:

  • Check for coupons online or in the app before ordering.
  • Sign up for their rewards program to earn points and free smoothies.
  • Purchase a discounted gift card from a retailer like Costco.
  • Order online for pickup to avoid delivery fees.
  • Split a large smoothie with a friend or two to cut costs.

With the right strategies, you can enjoy major savings on Smoothie King’s deliciously nutritious beverages.

Responses to Common Questions

Q: Is there a limit to how many times I can use the $1 Up promotion?

A: There is no limit. You can use the $1 size upgrade on every smoothie purchase if you wish.

Q: Does the $1 deal apply to smoothie add-ons like boosts and supplements too?

A: Unfortunately no – the $1 Up promotion only applies to upgrading the size of the smoothie itself. But you can still add all your favorite supplements and customizations.

Q: Can I use the promotion multiple times in one order?

A: You are limited to one $1 Up size upgrade per smoothie ordered. If buying multiple smoothies, you can upgrade each one individually for $1 more.

Q: Do I need the app to get the deal?

A: Nope! No app, coupon, or code required. Just request the $1 Up deal when ordering in-store.

Q: Does this work with seasonal flavors?

A: Yes it does! Upgrade your size of limited-time flavors for just $1 more before they’re gone.

The Bottom Line

Smoothie King’s popular $1 Up promotion makes it budget-friendly to treat yourself to more of your favorite nutritious smoothies. Taking advantage of this standing offer is a smart and healthy way to maximize your value without breaking the bank. So next time your Smoothie King craving strikes, remember to upgrade your size for just a dollar more!

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