What is RP mean in FB?

RP stands for Relationship Points and is a feature used on Facebook for gaming and other applications. It allows users to gain points and progress in games or apps by connecting with friends on Facebook.

What are Relationship Points (RP)?

Relationship Points or RP are points that can be earned by users on Facebook for interacting with friends and using various apps and games. Here are some key things to know about Facebook RP:

  • RP is a points system created by Facebook to encourage social interactions.
  • Users earn RP when they connect with friends on Facebook through likes, comments, and using apps.
  • The more friends you connect with, the more RP you can potentially earn.
  • RP is used as a progression system in some Facebook games and apps.
  • Earning enough RP allows users to unlock new content, progress further, and gain benefits.
  • RP helps drive engagement between users and gets people interacting more on Facebook.

So in summary, Relationship Points are a way for Facebook users to gain points for social interactions that can then be used on apps and games developed on the platform.

How Do You Earn Relationship Points?

There are a few key ways Facebook users can earn Relationship Points (RP):

Interacting with Friends

The main way to earn RP is by connecting and interacting with your Facebook friends. Actions like:

  • Liking your friends’ posts and photos
  • Commenting on friends’ content
  • Reacting to friends’ posts (like, love, wow, etc)
  • Sharing your friends’ posts
  • Tagging friends in posts and photos
  • Checking into places with friends on Facebook

All of these interactions with people in your Facebook network will generate RP.

Using Apps and Games

Many apps and games available on Facebook utilize the RP system. As you use these apps and play games, you’ll automatically earn RP. For example, games like FarmVille and Texas HoldEm Poker use RP as you play with friends.

Facebook Rewards and Contests

Occasionally Facebook runs different promotions and contests that reward users with RP for participating. These may include:

  • Check-in rewards at certain locations
  • Engaging with sponsored posts and content
  • Participating in surveys and questionnaires
  • Referring friends to apps and games

So be on the lookout for special Facebook rewards that give out RP.

What Can You Do with Facebook Relationship Points?

Here are some of the key things Facebook Relationship Points can be used for:

Progression in Games

For many Facebook games like FarmVille, RP allows you to gain XP, level up faster, unlock items, progress quicker, and access more game content. RP serves as a progression mechanic.

Buying In-Game Items

Certain Facebook games will let you exchange RP for in-game currency and items. This lets you purchase upgrades, power-ups, virtual goods, and more using RP earned through social interactions.

VIP Status and Benefits

Some apps offer special VIP benefits, levels, and features when you earn enough RP. This provides an incentive to engage friends and earn more points.

Entry to Contests and Giveaways

RP can sometimes be used to gain entries into different contests, giveaways, and promotions on Facebook. More points may mean more entries and better chances of winning.

Charity Donations

Facebook allows RP to be donated to certain charity causes through apps like Charity Rivals. This enables giving back using points earned socially.

Rankings and Leaderboards

RP can be used as a way to rank friends and appear on leaderboards in competitive games and apps.

How Apps and Games Use RP on Facebook

Here are some examples of popular Facebook apps and games that utilize Relationship Points and how they work:


  • Interact with friends by visiting their farms to earn RP
  • Use RP to quickly grow and harvest crops
  • Allows progression through game levels faster
  • Shows leaderboards so friends can compare RP

Texas HoldEm Poker

  • Earn RP by playing hands and tournaments with friends
  • Use RP to buy into poker tournaments and events
  • Higher RP unlocks VIP tiers and rewards
  • Leaderboard shows who has the most RP

Social City

  • Visit friend’s cities to earn Relationship Points
  • RP can be used to purchase buildings, decorations, resources
  • Complete goals each day for bonus RP
  • Shows ranking of who has the most RP overall


  • Help friends in the game by giving items for RP
  • RP are used to build and upgrade houses faster
  • Progress through levels quicker by redeeming RP
  • Leaderboard shows friends with the highest RP

As you can see, common uses of RP include progression, unlocking content, ranking friends, getting virtual currency, and showing off leaderboards. The points provide incentive to engage friends while playing.

RP on Facebook vs Other Social Media Platforms

While other social platforms don’t have an exact equivalent to Facebook’s RP, here is how they compare:


  • No points system
  • Does have badges for using certain features like Stories
  • Can show off profile visits, followers and likes for status


  • No official points or badges
  • Some third-party apps award points for tweets
  • Metrics like followers/following act similar to status


  • No points system
  • Has trophies for usage milestones and achievements
  • Shows off Snapstreaks between friends


  • Doesn’t have an RP-like system
  • Awards badges for engagement milestones
  • Counts Likes, Shares and Hearts for status

While other platforms have engagement metrics and achievements, Facebook’s RP system is unique in directly rewarding social interactions with points that can be used across many integrated apps and games.

Pros and Cons of Facebook’s RP System

Here are some potential benefits and drawbacks of Facebook’s Relationship Points system:


  • Encourages more social interaction between users
  • Adds a fun gamification element and sense of progression
  • Rewards users for being active on Facebook
  • Gives people status and bragging rights over friends
  • Drives use of apps and games integrated with Facebook


  • RP has no real world value, only works on Facebook
  • Could promote competitive or show-off social behavior
  • Too much emphasis on earning RP could undermine genuine interactions
  • Someone could automate liking friends’ content just to farm RP
  • Developers must integrate RP into their apps which takes extra work

The Future of Facebook’s Relationship Points System

Some possibilities for the future and evolution of Facebook’s RP include:

  • Integrating RP more into Facebook’s core news feed
  • Expanded use of RP in more games, apps and virtual worlds on Facebook
  • Implementing a Facebook RP loyalty program for real world perks and discounts
  • Making RP more transferable between users
  • Partnering with external sites and apps to allow earning/using RP beyond just Facebook
  • Adding an RP leaderboard directly on users’ profiles
  • Letting users with enough RP become curators, moderators or admins of Facebook groups

As Facebook continues growing its metaverse and gaming platforms, expect Relationship Points to play an integral role in connecting users and encouraging participation across these virtual spaces.


In summary, Relationship Points (RP) are Facebook’s system for rewarding social interactions and cultivating engagement between users. Earning RP by connecting with friends unlocks benefits in Facebook apps and games that tap into people’s innate desire for status and progression. For developers, integrating RP into their apps provides a way to drive more usage and viral growth. While not a perfect system, Facebook’s RP gamifies the social experience and offers a fun way to be active within the Facebook world.

Pros Cons
Encourages social interaction No real world value
Adds gamification element Could promote competitive behavior
Rewards using Facebook Undermine genuine interactions
Gives users status and bragging rights Opens door to RP point farming
Drives app/game engagement Extra work for developers

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