What is Pulehu chicken Mo Bettah?

Pulehu chicken Mo Bettah is a style of Hawaiian barbeque that is cooked over an open flame, usually consisting of chicken marinated in a soy sauce-based marinade and cooked low and slow over a lava rock fire.

The result is a juicy, flavorful, and often slightly charred chicken that is as well known for its flavor as for its tenderness. Commonly served with local sides such as macaroni salad or slaw, it’s a Hawaiian favorite and a popular tourist dish.

The name comes from the Hawaiian phrase “Pulehu ʻia Mo Bettah!,” which literally means “Grill it with mo bettah!” In other words, it’s a phrase commonly used to encourage the cook to grill the meat to perfection.

What is MO betta?

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What kind of food is Mo Bettah?

Mo Bettah is a Hawaiian-style fusion restaurant. They offer a wide array of dishes that pair Hawaiian-inspired flavors with influences from around the world. On their menu, you’ll find items like their Garlic Katsu Curry Plate which features crunchy fried pork cutlets accompanied by a savory curry sauce and a side of steamed vegetables.

They also have a Volcano Bacon Mac which blends Mexican-style toasted cheese with a rich and creamy macaroni and cheese dish, topped with bacon and drizzled with their signature Mo Bettah sauce. For those looking for something different, they also offer a variety of Poke Bowls with freshly-caught seafood, brown rice, and a variety of sauces.

All of these dishes are accompanied by their homemade Mo Bettah sauce, a unique blend of garlic and shoyu (soy sauce) that brings out the flavors of each dish.

Who is the owner of Mo Bettahs?

The owner of Mo Bettahs is Justin Woelk. Justin is from Salt Lake City, Utah and started Mo Bettahs as a food truck serving up Hawaiian plate lunches in 2015. He now has seven locations across Utah, including two locations in Utah Valley, two in Salt Lake City, two in Provo, and one in Park City.

Justin believes that the traditional Hawaiian plate lunch, made with teriyaki chicken, white rice, and fresh vegetables, is something special that Utahns don’t get enough of. He also serves up poké bowls and Hawaiian shave ice, giving everyone a chance to try a little taste of the Islands.

Justin is a huge advocate for the Hawaiian culture and regularly partners with local Hawaiian-focused charities. He is committed to his dream of making Mo Bettahs a national franchise and will continue to spread the aloha spirit one plate lunch at a time.

Is Mo Bettahs a chain restaurant?

No, Mo Bettahs is not a chain restaurant. Mo Bettahs is a Hawaiian-style restaurant located in Utah, with locations in Draper, Murray, and Orem. They specialize in Hawaiian-style comfort food, including dishes such as Hawaiian Loco burritos, tacos, poke bowls, and shave ice.

They also make their own sauces and seasonings using the freshest ingredients. The menu also includes vegan and vegetarian options and delicious tropical drinks. The restaurant has become quite popular in the Utah area and has gained national recognition for its delicious food.

Where did Mo Bettahs come from?

Mo Bettahs was founded in 2004 by brothers Paul and Dave Chidester in Lehi, Utah. The Chidester brothers were born and raised in Utah but grew up in a home filled with different cultures and flavors.

This inspired them to combine their favorite flavors from around the world with the traditional flavors of their home state.

Their first menu was inspired by their father, who was born to a Native American father and a Polynesian mother. This combination of cultures gave them their first signature flavor: Maui Sweet BBQ. The Chidester brothers wanted to combine their Polynesian heritage with the barbecue flavors they had grown to love as kids.

The brothers started out as a small catering company in 2004, and in 2009 they opened their first restaurant in Lehi. Soon after, Mo Bettahs became a local favorite, and they have since expanded to three permanent locations in Utah and a mobile food truck.

Their menu continues to be inspired by the culture and flavors they grew up with, offering Hawaiian-style All-American dishes like Hawaiian Loco Moco and Kalua pork, as well as favorites like cold salads, fresh fruit drinks, and other Hawaiian specialties.

Mo Bettahs’ biggest priority is using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients in all of their recipes.

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