What is blue coconut flavor from Sonic?

Blue coconut is a signature drink flavor offered by the popular fast food chain Sonic Drive-In. It is part of Sonic’s extensive drink menu which includes various fountain drinks, shakes, slushes, and unique drink creations. The blue coconut drink has a sweet, tropical coconut flavor with a striking blue color. It is commonly ordered as a slush but is also available as a shake or fountain drink option.

What Makes Blue Coconut Blue?

The vibrant blue color of Sonic’s blue coconut drink comes from blue food dye. There is no natural blue coconut fruit or flavoring that produces this shade of blue. The blue dye provides an eye-catching color that makes the drink look more exciting and tropical. While the color is artificial, the coconut flavor itself comes from real coconut syrup or concentrate that is mixed into the drink.

History of Blue Coconut at Sonic

Blue coconut first appeared on the Sonic menu in 2002. It was part of a new lineup of tropical and Hawaiian inspired drinks that Sonic introduced that year. Other drinks in this category included flavors like Island Fire, Ocean Water, and Pineapple Upside Down Shake. The unique blue coloring helped the coconut drink stand out from the usual dairy-based shakes and other fruit options. The blue coconut drink and other tropical flavors were marketed as specialty drinks to pique customer interest and satisfaction.

Blue Coconut as Part of Sonic’s Specialty Drinks

In addition to blue coconut, Sonic has become well-known for its wide assortment of unique and specialty drink options. Some other popular specialty drinks include:

Real Fruit Slushes

Slushy, frozen drinks made with real fruit like strawberry, mango, and lime.

Creamy Fruit Shakes

Thick, milkshake-style drinks with fruit flavors like banana, strawberry, and orange.

Signature Sweets

Decadent dessert-inspired drinks like Cake Batter Shakes and Candy Cookie Blasts.

Caffeinated Beverages

Coffee drinks, sodas, and slushes with espresso and other caffeinated flavors.

Creamy Chills

Blended ice cream drinks like malts, floats, and ice cream slushes.

The specialty drinks menu gives customers lots of indulgent, customized options beyond the typical fast food soda fountain. Blue coconut has become a Sonic classic thanks to its stand-out blue appearance and taste.

Blue Coconut Slush Recipe

The blue coconut slush is one of the most popular ways to enjoy this drink. While the exact recipe is a trade secret, some key ingredients are believed to include:

  • Coconut syrup or concentrate for flavor
  • Blue food coloring
  • Simple syrup for sweetness
  • Ice
  • Water

The ingredients are combined in a slushy machine that finely blends and freezes everything together into the signature icy slush texture. The coconut flavor is robust but also mixed with plenty of sweetener to make it an ultra-sweet frozen treat.

Nutrition Information on Blue Coconut

Like most specialty drinks from fast food chains, the blue coconut slush is high in calories, carbohydrates, and sugar:

  • Small: 270 calories, 68g carbs, 68g sugar
  • Medium: 350 calories, 87g carbs, 87g sugar
  • Large: 450 calories, 113g carbs, 113g sugar

The high sugar content comes from the coconut syrup as well as added sweeteners. The food coloring adds vibrant color but no nutritional value. Those watching their sugar intake may want to avoid this indulgent drink or enjoy only a small size.

Pairing Blue Coconut with Food Items

The tropical flavors of blue coconut make it a refreshing beverage to pair with various menu items:

Chicken Strips or Wings

Cool down some spicy chicken strips or wings with a sweet blue coconut slush.

Burgers and Hot Dogs

Cut through the rich flavors of an all-American burger or hot dog with a blue coconut drink.


A blue coconut shake or slush can satisfy a sweet craving after a light salad.

Breakfast Foods

Take the edge off breakfast sandwiches and breakfast burritos with the sweetness of blue coconut.


Blue coconut perfectly complements sweets like churros, sundaes, or other ice cream treats.

Availability of Blue Coconut

Blue coconut can be found at any Sonic Drive-In location. However, some individual franchises may opt not to carry it or may only have the ingredient for certain seasonal menus. Check with your local Sonic to see if blue coconut is currently available. Most Sonics will have it ready to mix into a slush, shake, or fountain drink. The blue coconut slush, in particular, is available all year round at most restaurants.

Ordering Tips for Customizing Blue Coconut

Sonic allows customers to customize their blue coconut drinks by:

  • Choosing slush or shake consistency
  • Selecting the size – small, medium or large
  • Adding extra flavor shots for more sweetness
  • Topping with whipped cream
  • Pairing it as a combo meal with food

Be aware that some customizations may cost extra. You can also request light ice or extra coconut flavor to tweak your drink to your preferences.

Drink Alternatives to Blue Coconut

For those who want a different take on a tropical frozen drink, some alternatives to blue coconut are:

Pineapple Upside Down Shake

Blends pineapple and maraschino cherry flavors into a creamy shake.

Mango Slush

Real mango flavor in a slushy, icy beverage.

Key Lime Slush

Tart and tangy key lime flavor as a sweet slushy treat.

Strawberry Coconut Shake

Combines strawberry and coconut for a different take on fruit and coconut.

Pina Colada Shake

A non-dyed pina colada flavor in a thick, milkshake-style drink.

Blue Coconut vs Other Sonic Signature Drinks

Some other long-standing signature drinks at Sonic include:

Drink Description
Cherry Limeade Tart cherry and lime flavors as a slushy or as lemon-lime soda with cherry flavoring
Vanilla Coke Vanilla syrup plus Coca Cola for a creamy, vanilla soda
Ocean Water Combination of coconut, pineapple and blue raspberry for a tropical flavor
Chocolate Cream Pie Shake Chocolate ice cream blended into a milkshake with pie crust pieces
Mojito Slush Refreshing mint and lime slushy drink

While flavors like Cherry Limeade have been around for decades, blue coconut helped expand Sonic’s specialty drink menu starting in the 2000s. Its stand-out blue color and sweet coconut flavor has made it a contemporary classic.

Popularity of Blue Coconut at Sonic

There are no official statistics published on the sales volume of specific Sonic Drive-In menu items like blue coconut. However, its longstanding presence on the menu for over 20 years indicates it continues to be one of the favored specialty drinks. Reviews and comments on food blogs and YouTube channels further confirm its popularity, with many fans calling it a “must try” signature Sonic drink. Along with Cherry Limeade, blue coconut appears frequently on lists of the top drinks to order at Sonic.

Blue Coconut Reviews and Ratings

Among Sonic customers, blue coconut earns generally positive though mixed reviews. Here are some of the most common pros and cons mentioned:


  • Unique, tropical blue color
  • Sweet coconut flavor
  • Creamy, slushy texture
  • Nostalgic, signature Sonic taste


  • Very high in sugar
  • Artificial blue color may turn off some people
  • Coconut flavor may be too strong or overwhelming
  • Can become watery as the ice melts

Many reviewers say the super-sweet blue coconut drink is best enjoyed in small portions. The artificial color does not appeal to everyone but does make the drink uniquely Sonic. Overall it earns an average 3.5 out of 5 star rating from most Sonic fans.

Why Blue Coconut Stands Out

There are a few key reasons why Sonic’s blue coconut has become such an iconic specialty drink:

  • Color – The electric blue color grabs attention and gives it a unique, tropical vibe
  • Flavor – Coconut is a favorite for summer and frozen drinks, pairing nicely with the sweetness
  • Consistency – The slushy texture makes it fun to drink and differentiates it from shakes
  • Branding – It’s recognizable as a Sonic original drink that customers crave

Both the taste and appearance of blue coconut are hard to replicate at home or find elsewhere, boosting its status as a specialty Sonic treat.

Blue Coconut Copycats

The unique qualities of Sonic’s blue coconut slush have inspired some copycat recipes that consumers make at home. Some popular DIY blue coconut slush methods include:

  • Adding coconut syrup and blue food coloring to shaved ice
  • Blending blue vanilla syrup with coconut milk and ice
  • Mixing blue curaçao liqueur with coconut rum, pineapple juice and lime
  • Combining coconut water, frozen pineapple and blueberries in a blender
  • Mixing creamy blue raspberry and coconut snow cone syrups together

However, most agree that the real Sonic blue coconut recipe remains elusive. The signature flavors are hard to reproduce without the special equipment for making finely-shaved slush.

Where to Buy Blue Coconut Syrup

To add blue coconut flavoring at home, you can purchase syrups online or in some specialty stores:

  • Torani – Makes a sugar-free blue coconut syrup
  • Monin – Offers regular and sugar-free coconut syrups that can be colored
  • Davinci – Sells a blue coconut flavoring syrup
  • Aunt Lydia’s – Makes a concentrated blue coconut extract

Adding a few pumps of these syrups to milk, ice cream, shaved ice or other frozen mixes can mimic a bit of the blue coconut slush taste. But the authentic Sonic experience still can’t be beat!


Sonic Drive-In’s blue coconut slush stands out as a uniquely colored and flavored specialty frozen drink. Its appealling electric blue color comes from dye while real coconut provides tropical sweetness. The slushy texture and signature flavors create an indulgent treat that Sonic fans have craved for over 20 years. This iconic drink combines visual appeal with the nostalgia of an original Sonic menu item. For those looking to capture the experience at home, blue coconut syrups can add some of the flavor but won’t perfectly replicate the special Sonic creation. Ultimately this cool, creamy, and fruity slush remains a one-of-a-kind refresher only available by visiting a Sonic Drive-In.

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