What is a 24 oz beer called?

Beer comes in many different sizes and volumes. One of the more common large formats for beer is the 24 oz or 24 fluid ounce size. But what exactly is a 24 oz beer referred to as? Here we’ll explore the different names and terminology used for a 24 oz beer.


One of the most common names for a 24 oz beer is a “tallboy”. A tallboy refers to a beer can or bottle that contains 24 fluid ounces of beer and is taller than a standard 12 oz beer can or bottle.

Tallboy beers come in cans or bottles and are around 16-17 inches tall. The tallboy got its name due to being noticeably taller than a standard 12 oz beer. They contain the same volume as two regular 12 oz beers stacked on top of each other, hence the “tall” moniker.

Tallboy beers first became popular during the 1930s and 1940s. They offered a convenient way for consumers to buy beer in larger volumes. The extra height of the tallboy can or bottle also allowed brewers to maintain the proper thickness of metal needed for sturdy packaging.

While the popularity of tallboys declined in the 1970s and 1980s due to growing preference for 12 oz cans, they have seen a resurgence in recent years. Many craft and specialty brewers now distribute session ales, India pale ales, and other styles in 16-17 oz tallboy cans.

How Much is in a Tallboy Beer?

As the name implies, a tallboy beer contains 24 fluid ounces (oz) of beer. Here is some more info on tallboy beer volumes:

  • 24 fluid ounces is equivalent to two 12 oz beers or three 8 oz beers
  • A 24 oz tallboy is equal to approximately 709 milliliters or 24.6 imperial fluid ounces
  • There are approximately 53 tallboy beers in a gallon keg or small quarter barrel.

So a tallboy is perfect for consumers who want to enjoy a larger volume beer without having to buy a whole six pack. It contains twice the amount of beer as a regular bottle or can.

Other Names for a 24 oz Beer

In addition to tallboy, there are some other common names used to describe a 24 oz beer:

  • Bomber – Typically used to refer to a 24 oz bottle of craft beer. The term bomber originated with homebrewers who would fill and cap large 22-24 oz beer bottles.
  • Large Can – A simple descriptive name for a 24 oz beer can.
  • Double – Referring to it containing two 12 oz beers worth of volume.
  • Single Serving – Since 24 oz exceeds the typical 12-16 oz single beer serving.
  • Silo – Less common slang term used occasionally.
  • Big Boy – Uncommon nickname seen for large beer sizes.

So in the craft beer world, you will often see 24 oz bottles labelled as “bombers”. And among all beer drinkers, tallboy is the most ubiquitous name for a 24 oz beer can or bottle.

Differences Between 24 oz, 22 oz, and 25 oz Beers

There are a few other large format beer sizes that are close to the 24 oz tallboy volume:

  • 22 oz Bomber – A common large format bottle for craft and specialty beers. Contains slightly less than a 24 oz tallboy.
  • 25 oz Can – Seen occasionally as a variation on a tallboy can. Contains slightly more beer than 24 ounces.

While these other sizes are sometimes generically referred to as tallboys, there are slight differences in volume:

Beer Size Fluid Ounces
24 oz Tallboy/Bomber 24 fl oz
22 oz Bomber 22 fl oz
25 oz Can 25 fl oz

So a 22 oz bomber bottle will contain a bit less beer than a true 24 oz tallboy can or bottle. And the 25 oz can has a slightly higher volume than the 24 oz standard.

Beer Styles Commonly Sold in 24 oz Format

While almost any beer can be packaged in 24 oz tallboys or bombers, certain styles are especially well suited to this large format:

  • IPA – India Pale Ales are one of the most popular craft beers. The ample 24 oz size shows off the hoppy flavors.
  • Stout – Robust, high gravity stouts often come in 22-24 oz bottles to allow for generous servings.
  • Belgian Ale – The strong, complex flavors of Belgian Abbey ales can be appreciated in a bomber bottle.
  • Sour – Tart, sour beer styles are well suited to 22-24 oz large format bottles.
  • Strong Ale – Beers above 7% ABV like Doubles and Tripels come in 22-24 oz servings.
  • Specialty Beer – Beers with ingredients like coffee, fruit, spices etc often come in 22-24 oz bottles.

Of course, you can find any style of beer these days in 24 oz cans and bottles. But the above beer styles are especially well matched to the large format serving size.

Advantages of the 24 oz Large Beer Format

There are a few key advantages that 24 oz tallboy cans and bombers offer over smaller beer packages:

  • Allows brewers to showcase bolder, fuller-flavored beers.
  • Gives plenty of beer for one person without having to buy a whole six pack.
  • Tallboys are easy to pack and transport places like the beach or a picnic.
  • Bombers and some tallboys can be resealed to save unfinished beer for later.
  • Cooler looking packaging than a standard 12 oz can or bottle.

For many beer drinkers, the 24 oz size hits a nice sweet spot between portability and ample volume for personal enjoyment. And brewers love having enough space to fully express complex flavors and ingredients.

Popular Beers Sold in 24 oz Cans and Bottles

Here are examples of some popular beers you’ll often see packaged in 24 oz tallboy cans or bomber bottles:

Tallboy Beers

  • Pabst Blue Ribbon – One of the classic American adjunct lagers.
  • Tecate – Popular Mexican lager known for its earthenware bottle.
  • Cisco Brewers – New England brewery specializing in session beers.
  • Founders All Day IPA – Well-balanced, low-ABV India pale ale.
  • Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale – Craft beer pioneer launched in tallboy cans.

Bomber Beers

  • Stone IPA – West Coast India pale ale with assertive hoppiness.
  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale – Iconic American pale ale from one of craft beer’s trailblazers.
  • North Coast Old Rasputin – Rich, complex Russian imperial stout.
  • Unibroue La Fin Du Monde – Belgian-style tripel with spicy, fruity notes.
  • Deschutes Black Butte Porter – Robust American porter with signature chocolate flavor.

As you can see, breweries both large and small package some of their most popular brands in 24 oz containers. The ample space allows the flavors and aromas to shine through.

Buying and Drinking 24 oz Beers

Wondering where to buy 24 oz tallboy cans and bomber bottles and how to serve them? Here are some tips:

Where to Buy 24 oz Beers

  • Bottle Shops – Specialty beer stores will have the best bomber and sometimes tallboy selection.
  • Supermarkets – Larger grocery stores often carry 24 oz imports and major craft brands.
  • Convenience Stores – Many c-stores stock domestic lagers like PBR and Tecate in tallboys.
  • Beer Distributors – Look for variety packs and case discounts on 24 oz cans at beer distributors.
  • Breweries – Buy bombers, tallboys, and draft growlers directly from taprooms and breweries.

Finding a wide variety of 24 oz beers requires visiting bottle shops and breweries. But even many big supermarkets and gas stations will carry a handful of tallboy options these days.

How to Serve 24 oz Beers

When serving a 24 oz beer at home, you’ll want a glass that can properly contain, capture aromas, and display the beer style:

  • Tall Pilsner – Ideal for lighter lagers and ales like pilsners, pale ales, and IPAs. Shows off color and carbonation.
  • Tulip Glass – The curved shape accentuates fruity and floral craft beer aromas.
  • Snifter – Captures malt and hop aromas in beers like barleywines and strong ales.
  • Goblet – Large bowl highlights flavors and aromas in Belgian strong ales.
  • Stange – Tall, skinny glasses keep session beers colder longer while maintaining carbonation.

For the full 24 oz beer experience, invest in some specialty Belgian glasses, snifters, or your favorite tall pilsner glasses.

The Bottom Line on 24 oz Beers

24 fluid ounce tallboy cans and bomber bottles provide an ideal large format package for many beer styles. IPAs, stouts, strong ales, and specialty beers really shine and show their nuanced flavors when packaged in 24 oz containers.

Names like tallboy, bomber, big can, double, and single serving are all used to describe 24 oz beer packages. While technically a 24 oz beer bottle is called a “bomber” and a 24 oz can a “tallboy”, in practice most beer drinkers use the terms interchangeably.

With the rise of craft beer, it’s easier than ever now to find 24 oz beers at bottle shops, grocery stores, breweries, and even many convenience stores. Keep an eye out for limited release bombers and specialty tallboy packs to enjoy a bigger pour of your favorite beers.


When people refer to a “tallboy beer” or a “bomber bottle”, they are generally talking about the 24 fluid ounce large format for beer packaging. This size provides an ideal amount of beer for one serving while showcasing bolder flavors and aromas.

While 24 ounces is the standard tallboy/bomber volume, you may also see slight variations like 22 oz and 25 oz beers. But true beer aficionados know that the 24 oz format is perfect for maximizing the flavor and enjoyment of their favorite brews.

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