What is 4 ounces equivalent to in grams?

When cooking or baking, it’s important to know how to convert between different units of measurement. One common conversion is between ounces and grams. So what is 4 ounces equivalent to in grams?

The Quick Answer

4 ounces is equivalent to 113.4 grams.

The Longer Explanation

To understand this conversion, we first need to review some key information about ounces and grams as units of measurement:

  • An ounce (oz) is an imperial and United States customary unit of weight. It is equal to 1/16 of a pound.
  • A gram (g) is a metric unit of mass. There are about 28.35 grams in 1 ounce.
  • The metric system is based on units of 10. An easy way to convert between ounces and grams is to multiply ounces by 28 to get an approximate number of grams.

Now let’s look specifically at converting 4 ounces to grams:

  • 1 oz equals 28 g
  • So 4 oz equals 4 * 28 = 112 g

However, that calculation is just an approximation using the simple multiply by 28 rule. To be more precise, we need to use the official conversion factor between ounces and grams, which is:

1 oz = 28.3495231 g

If we use this more precise conversion factor, here is the calculation:

  • 4 oz x 28.3495231 g/oz = 113.398 g

Rounding to 3 decimal places, 4 ounces is equivalent to 113.398 grams.

Converting Other Ounce Values to Grams

We can use this same process to convert any number of ounces to grams:

  • 1 oz = 28.3495231 g
  • 2 oz = 56.6990462 g
  • 8 oz = 226.7961848 g
  • 16 oz (1 lb) = 453.592 g

The conversion factor of 28.3495231 g/oz allows us to accurately convert any ounces value to grams. This is useful whether cooking in the kitchen or working in a science lab.

Converting Grams to Ounces

We can also run the conversion in reverse, converting from grams back to ounces using the same conversion factor:

  • 100 g / 28.3495231 g/oz = 3.52 oz
  • 250 g / 28.3495231 g/oz = 8.82 oz
  • 500 g / 28.3495231 g/oz = 17.64 oz

Being able to move flexibly between grams and ounces is handy for tasks like comparing nutritional information or adjusting recipe ingredient amounts.

Examples of Converting 4 Ounces to Grams

Here are some examples of when you might need to convert 4 oz to grams in everyday situations:

  • Cooking: A recipe calls for 4 oz of shredded cheese. You check the package and see the cheese is labeled as 113 g per serving. Now you know the package contains the right amount.
  • Baking: You are baking cookies and the recipe calls for 4 oz of butter. You cut a 113 g sized slice from the butter stick to measure out the exact amount.
  • Nutrition: You are tracking your daily calorie intake. The nutrition label on a food item lists a 113 g serving size as 200 calories. If you eat a 4 oz portion, you log 200 calories.
  • Postage: You have a package to mail that weighs 4 oz. Looking up postage rates, you see the cost for packages up to 113 g, so you know the correct postage amount.

Converting Between Other Common Units

Ounces and grams are just one example of measurement conversions. Here are some other common cooking and baking conversions:

Unit Conversion
Teaspoons (tsp) to milliliters (ml) 1 tsp = 5 ml
Tablespoons (tbsp) to milliliters 1 tbsp = 15 ml
Cups to milliliters 1 cup = 237 ml
Ounces to pounds 1 oz = 0.0625 lb
Ounces to cups 1 oz = 0.125 cup
Fahrenheit to Celsius C = (F – 32) x (5/9)

Having conversion factors memorized or available on hand can help streamline work in the kitchen by allowing seamless transitions between measurement systems.

How Precise Do Your Conversions Need to Be?

When converting between units, the level of precision depends on the situation:

  • Cooking: Whole number conversions are often sufficient for recipe ingredients like 4 ounces butter or 2 cups flour.
  • Baking: Precise gram measurements may be needed for ingredients like yeast or baking powder to achieve the ideal chemical reactions.
  • Science and engineering: Very precise conversions are required when dealing with chemicals, medications, or machined parts with tight tolerances.

As a rule of thumb, it’s good practice to carry an extra digit or two through your conversions then round at the end to the appropriate degree of precision.

Online Conversion Tools

Although manual conversion calculations are good to practice, technology can also lend a hand. Many online tools exist to make conversions quick and easy:

  • Google’s built-in unit converter
  • WolframAlpha computational knowledge engine
  • OnlineConversion.com converters
  • ConverterPlus Android and iOS app

These tools allow you to convert not only ounces and grams, but also currency exchange rates, cooking units, clothing sizes, and more. They can save time and minimize math errors.

Final Review

Let’s review the key points about converting 4 ounces to grams:

  • Use the conversion: 1 oz = 28.3495231 g
  • 4 oz x 28.3495231 g/oz = 113.398 g
  • So 4 ounces is equivalent to 113.398 grams when rounded to 3 decimal places.
  • This conversion works for any number of ounces and grams in both directions.
  • Know common cooking conversion factors like tablespoons to milliliters.
  • Use an appropriate level of precision for your situation.
  • Take advantage of online conversion tools when needed.

Whether you’re working in a kitchen, laboratory, or workshop, being able to move seamlessly between ounces, grams, and other measurement units is an important and useful skill.

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