What episode does Bellamy and echo kiss?

Bellamy and Echo, two characters on the popular CW post-apocalyptic drama The 100, have one of the most complex relationships in the show. As members of different warring clans, Bellamy and Echo start off as enemies. However, over the course of the series, their relationship evolves into an unlikely alliance, friendship, and eventually romance. Their first kiss is a pivotal moment that shows how far these two characters have come in understanding and caring for each other.

Bellamy and Echo’s Initial dynamic

When Bellamy and Echo first meet in Season 2 of The 100, it is immediately clear they are on opposite sides of the ongoing conflict between the Sky People and Grounders. Bellamy is one of the original 100 juvenile delinquents sent to Earth from the Ark space station, while Echo is a ruthless Grounder warrior loyal to Queen Nia of the Ice Nation. In Season 2, Echo plays a key role in the Mount Weather hostage crisis by deceiving Bellamy into trusting her, leading him into a trap that results in the deaths of several of his people. This betrayal creates intense animosity between Bellamy and Echo that persists for some time.

Throughout Season 3, Bellamy and Echo remain enemies as the skirmishes between Skaikru and the Grounders continue. Echo is still working as a spy and assassin for Queen Nia, while Bellamy is focused on protecting his sister Octavia. There is very little direct interaction between the two characters, only exchanges of threats and glares of mutual distrust whenever their paths cross. Neither appears willing to let go of the hatred forged during their first meeting.

The Road to Understanding

In Season 4, there is a subtle shift in Bellamy and Echo’s dynamic as they start to gain a better understanding of each other’s motivations and humanity. When Echo ends up a prisoner at Arkadia, Bellamy is mistrustful of her at first but eventually realizes she can help them with insider knowledge about the Ice Nation’s plans. He appeals to Echo’s sense of honor and comes to recognize her commitment to her cause, even as they remain on opposite sides. Meanwhile, Echo sees glimpses of Bellamy’s compassion and begins to understand what drives him.

This gradual thawing of their frosty relationship continues into Season 5. After Praimfaya forces them to work together for survival, Bellamy and Echo go from reluctant allies to a genuine friendship. He is sympathetic upon learning of her tragic backstory of being made a spy as a child. She is impressed by his determination to keep his friends alive and sacrifice for them. They save each other’s lives multiple times and realize how many misconceptions they held about each other. Bellamy puts his full trust in Echo and welcomes her as an integral member of the surviving Spacekru group.

From Friends to Lovers

By the time Bellamy, Echo and the others return to Earth in Season 5, the nature of their bond has completely transformed. No longer adversaries or wary allies, they are now close friends and teammates. This friendship lays the foundation for their eventual romantic relationship.

There are a few noteworthy moments that hint at Bellamy and Echo’s burgeoning attraction and deepening connection. When Echo nearly dies after being shot in 5×04, Bellamy is frantic with worry and devastated at the thought of losing her. Their dynamic shifts to one of protectiveness and tenderness. In 5×08, Bellamy comforts Echo and reassures her she is part of the group. Their first kiss finally happens in 5×10 – a moment six seasons in the making.

The Big First Kiss Scene

In 5×10 “The Warriors Will”, Clarke and Bellamy are arguing over whether to hand over a captive Echo to Diyoza. Bellamy refuses, saying Echo is his family. Later, he goes to speak with Echo and admits he considers her part of his family now. “You’re my family now. I couldn’t lose you too,” he tells her.

An emotional Echo replies, “I’ve never had a family before.” She then pulls Bellamy into a sudden passionate kiss. He quickly returns the kiss, cupping her face in his hands. For two characters who started off as bitter adversaries, this tender kiss represents a profound shift – the culmination of a hard-won understanding between them. Bellamy and Echo have built a unbreakable bond of trust and affection over 6 seasons of growth and loss.

This first kiss is really just the beginning of exploring a romantic dynamic between the Grounder spy and the Arcadian guard. Across the remainder of Season 5 and into Season 6, Bellamy and Echo settle into a committed relationship, leaning on each other while dealing with new threats and challenges. They become true partners who complement each other’s strengths and balance out their weaknesses. Six seasons of complex history underpin this warrior pairing.


Bellamy and Echo’s first kiss in 5×10 marks a significant evolution in their once antagonistic dynamic into a romantic relationship. This key moment consummates the deep understanding, trust and care that developed between them through shared trauma and teamwork for survival. After starting as enemies burdened by misconceptions about each other, they end up lovers and teammates. Bellamy and Echo’s romance remains a pillar of strength through subsequent crises and losses. Their first kiss illustrates the hard-earned bond between them that forms the bedrock of their intimate connection.

For audiences, Bellamy and Echo’s first kiss is a satisfying payoff after watching them slowly transform from adversaries into allies, friends and finally lovers. It represents hope that even the most damaged of relationships can be healed through openness, empathy and sacrifice. Bellamy and Echo’s journey resonates as an epic redemption story – enemies to friends to lovers.

Further Questions

The evolution of Bellamy and Echo’s relationship raises some additional questions for fans to ponder:

  • What was the key moment when Echo first started seeing Bellamy differently?
  • How did 6 years together in space bring Bellamy and Echo closer?
  • What previous relationships or losses may have shaped Bellamy and Echo’s eventual bond with each other?
  • How did Echo earn the group’s forgiveness and trust after her past betrayals?
  • What qualities do Bellamy and Echo see in each other that make them compatible?

Examining these questions provides deeper insight into what drew Bellamy and Echo together despite their troubled history. While the first kiss was a climactic moment, the true foundation of their relationship was years in the making, through a complex web of conflict, loss, trust and healing.

Season Bellamy and Echo’s dynamic
Season 2 Enemies on opposite sides of war
Season 3 Uneasy adversaries
Season 4 Gaining understanding
Season 5 pre-kiss Trusted friends
Season 5 post-kiss Romantic partners

This table summarizes how Bellamy and Echo’s relationship status drastically evolved across the first 5 seasons of The 100 leading up to their first kiss.

Why This First Kiss Matters

Beyond being a standout moment for the two characters, Bellamy and Echo’s first kiss matters because:

  • It brings closure to years of complex history between them
  • It shows enemies can become trusted allies and partners
  • It consummates a hard-won bond between unlikely friends
  • It proves understanding can overcome prejudice
  • It fulfills the audience’s anticipation of their growing connection

This first kiss has deeper significance in light of all Bellamy and Echo sacrificed, endured, and learned to get to that point. It encapsulates hope for healing.

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