What drizzle flavors does Dutch Bros have?

Dutch Bros Coffee is a popular drive-thru coffee chain based in the western United States. They are known for their tasty coffee drinks, smoothies, freezes, and signature drizzle flavors that can be added to any beverage. Dutch Bros has an extensive drizzle menu with over 10 delicious drizzle flavors to choose from.

Some quick answers to common questions about Dutch Bros drizzle flavors:

– Dutch Bros has classic drizzle flavors like caramel, mocha, and white chocolate.
– They also offer unique drizzle flavors like andes mint, raspberry, and coconut.
– Seasonal drizzle flavors are available for a limited time like snickerdoodle and gingerbread.
– The most popular drizzle flavors include caramel, chocolate, and white chocolate.
– Drizzle flavors can be added to any hot, iced, or blended drink.

Now let’s take a deeper look at all the amazing drizzle flavors offered at Dutch Bros Coffee shops.

Full List of Dutch Bros Drizzle Flavors

Here is the complete list of drizzle flavors currently available from Dutch Bros:

Drizzle Flavor Description
Caramel Sweet, buttery caramel flavor
Mocha Chocolate and coffee drizzle
White Chocolate Sweet white chocolate flavor
Chocolate Rich chocolate drizzle
Raspberry Tart, sweet raspberry flavor
Strawberry Sweet strawberry drizzle
Blackberry Tangy blackberry flavor
Peach Sweet peach drizzle
Hazelnut Hazelnut flavor
Almond Roca Almond and chocolate drizzle
Coconut Tropical coconut flavor
Irish Cream Creamy Irish cream taste
Butter Pecan Buttery pecan drizzle
Peppermint Minty peppermint flavor
Andes Mint Chocolatey mint drizzle
Ghiradelli Rich Ghiradelli chocolate sauce

As you can see, Dutch Bros has all the classic drizzle flavors like caramel and mocha, along with unique options like hazelnut, coconut, and Irish cream. The variety of drizzle choices means you can customize your drink order with your favorite flavors.

Most Popular Drizzle Flavors

While Dutch Bros has so many amazing drizzles to choose from, a few have emerged as customer favorites:

Caramel – This sweet, creamy caramel drizzle is one of the most popular options. It adds a delicious caramel taste and pairs perfectly with cold and hot coffee drinks.

Chocolate – What’s better than chocolate? Dutch Bros chocolate drizzle is thick, rich, and chocolaty. It’s a go-to choice for mochas and chocolatey coffee creations.

White Chocolate – For those who love white chocolate, this drizzle is sweet and creamy with a mild cocoa flavor. It’s delicious in both hot and iced drinks.

Almond Roca – This drizzle combines chocolate and almond flavors for a truly decadent taste. It’s a unique drizzle with a big fan base.

Mocha – Can’t decide between chocolate and coffee flavor? The mocha drizzle brings the best of both worlds together.

Seasonal and Limited Edition Flavors

In addition to their core drizzle lineup, Dutch Bros also offers limited edition and seasonal drizzle flavors. These are only available for a short time and give customers something new and exciting to try.

Some of the limited edition Dutch Bros drizzle flavors include:

– Snickerdoodle – Available during the holidays, with a cinnamon sugar taste

– Gingerbread – Perfect for the holiday season with its spiced gingerbread flavor

– Pumpkin – Offered in the fall, this drizzle encapsulates all the flavors of pumpkin pie

– Eggnog – Available during the winter months, with the taste of creamy holiday eggnog

– Sugar Plum – A popular winter flavor with a sweet, fruity plum taste

– Churro – Creamy cinnamon sugar churro drizzle perfect for fall and winter

These limited time drizzles create anticipation and excitement around the changing of the seasons. Dutch Bros does a fantastic job crafting new drizzle flavors that reflect seasonal favorites to appeal to customers.

How to Add Drizzles to Your Dutch Bros Drink

Now that you know all about the amazing drizzle options at Dutch Bros, let’s look at how you can add these flavors to customize your drinks:

1. Choose Your Drink Base

First, select the base drink you want from the Dutch Bros menu. You can add drizzles to hot, iced and blended coffee drinks, teas, smoothies and freezes. Pick your drink of choice to start.

2. Select Your Drizzle Flavors

Next, choose 1 or 2 drizzle flavors you would like added to your drink. Refer to the full drizzle list above to view all the options. Pick classic flavors like mocha, caramel or white chocolate or go for unique choices like coconut, hazelnut or raspberry.

3. Choose Drizzle Amount

Decide how much drizzle flavor you want added to your drink. Dutch Bros drizzle options include:

– Light drizzle
– Regular drizzle
– Extra drizzle

Choose based on your taste preferences. Go light for just a hint of flavor or extra for a more intense drizzle taste.

4. Order Your Drink with Drizzle

Finally, order your drink and request to add your selected drizzle flavors. For example: “I’ll take a medium iced mocha with a regular caramel drizzle and extra white chocolate drizzle.” The Dutch Bros barista will drizzle on the flavors and mix up your custom beverage creation.

5. Enjoy Your Dutch Bros Drink!

Now take your drizzled Dutch Bros drink creation and enjoy! Sip and delight in the layered flavors from the drink base and added drizzles. Feel free to experiment with different drizzle combinations until you find your perfect match!

Pairing Drizzles with Drinks

Certain drizzle flavors pair better with specific Dutch Bros drink bases. Here are some suggested drizzle and drink combos that go great together:

Caramel Macchiato + Caramel Drizzle – The caramel drizzle matches perfectly with the caramel flavors of a Dutch Bros caramel macchiato. Add extra drizzle to make it extra decadent.

Mocha + White Chocolate Drizzle – The sweetness of white chocolate complements the chocolate and coffee tastes in a mocha. A delicious combo!

Rebel + Raspberry Drizzle – Dutch Bros Rebels are already loaded with flavor, but raspberry drizzle makes them even better. It enhance the fruitiness.

Freeze + Ghiradelli Drizzle – Level up a chocolate freeze by adding rich Ghiradelli chocolate sauce for extreme chocolate overload.

Smoothie + Strawberry Drizzle – Strawberry drizzle blends beautifully with strawberries already in a strawberry smoothie. It increases the fresh strawberry richness.

Chai Tea + Caramel Drizzle – Sweet caramel drizzle helps mellow out the spiciness of a chai tea for perfect balance.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and try unique drizzle and drink pairings too! Your favorite unlikely combo may end up being a new signature order.

Nutritional Information

When adding drizzles to your Dutch Bros drink, keep in mind it will increase the calorie, sugar, fat, and carb counts. An extra drizzle or two won’t drastically change nutrition stats. But ordering with multiple or extra drizzles can cause a spike.

Here are the nutrition facts for Dutch Bros drizzle flavors:

Drizzle (1 fl oz) Calories Fat (g) Carbs (g) Sugar (g)
Caramel 106 0 27 27
Mocha 80 2 15 13
White Chocolate 83 3 11 10
Chocolate 145 4 25 22
Raspberry 75 0 19 16
Hazelnut 108 1 20 19
Almond Roca 80 2 15 13
Coconut 45 0 11 9

To make your drink healthier, request light drizzle or avoid extra drizzle. And balance it out by choosing sugar-free syrups and non-dairy milk alternatives if available.

Prices of Dutch Bros Drizzles

Adding delicious drizzles to your Dutch Bros drink does come at a small additional cost:

– Light Drizzle – $0.25 extra

– Regular Drizzle – $0.50 extra

– Extra Drizzle – $0.75 extra

The type of drizzle you choose doesn’t affect the price. You’ll pay the same cost for a caramel extra drizzle as a peach light drizzle, for example.

Seasonal drizzle flavors may be priced slightly higher based on availability and demand. And pricing can vary a little between different Dutch Bros locations.

Overall the drizzle prices are quite affordable, especially considering how much flavor they add to your drink! Drizzles are one of the most cost effective ways to customize your Dutch Bros order.

Tips for Customizing Your Drink Order with Drizzles

Here are some tips to get the most out of using Dutch Bros delicious drizzle flavors:

– Don’t be shy to order multiple drizzles in one drink. Combinations like caramel and mocha or raspberry and coconut are delicious.

– Feel free to ask for a sample drizzle taste if you’re debating between two flavors. Dutch Bros employees are happy to let you try before you decide.

– Go light on drizzle if adding it to an already sweet drink like a Rebel or freeze so it doesn’t become overpowering.

– For hot drinks, request the drizzle on the bottom rather than the top. This allows it to melt and incorporate better.

– You can substitute drizzle for syrups in any drink for a different flavor experience.

– Add drizzle to a basic Dutch Bros drip coffee or cold brew to turn it into a unique flavor sensation.

– For texture contrasts, ask for drizzles both blended into a smoothie, freeze or Rebel and added on top too.

With endless combinations possible, drizzles open up so many options for drink creativity. Take advantage of Dutch Bros amazing drizzle lineup to make your drink order one-of-a-kind.

Do Dutch Bros Drizzles Contain Dairy or Nuts?

Most Dutch Bros drizzle flavors are dairy-free and nut-free by default. However, there are a few exceptions:

– The Irish Cream drizzle contains dairy as it’s flavoring is derived from Irish cream liqueur.

– The Butter Pecan drizzle contains dairy due to the butter flavoring.

– The Hazelnut drizzle contains nuts as it’s made with hazelnut flavor.

– The Almond Roca drizzle contains nuts because of the almond elements.

All other standard and seasonal drizzles at Dutch Bros are dairy and nut-free. This includes flavors like chocolate, caramel, raspberry, white chocolate, and many more.

If you have an allergy or dietary restriction, always confirm with the Dutch Bros location you visit whether a specific drizzle contains dairy or nuts. Let them know if your order needs to be dairy or nut-free so they can avoid any drizzles containing those allergens.

You can also request non-dairy substitutions for dairy-containing drizzles. For example, ordering an Irish cream drizzle made with oat milk instead. This allows you to customize your drink safely around any allergy needs.

Overall, having most drizzles be dairy and nut-free provides customers with lots of delicious options to safely customize their Dutch Bros drinks!


Dutch Bros Coffee offers an amazing selection of over 10 drizzle flavors customers can add to any drink order. Their signature drizzles like caramel, chocolate and white chocolate are popular favorites. While unique flavors like coconut, hazelnut and Irish cream allow for fun customization. Dutch Bros also impresses with special seasonal drizzles that reflect favorites times of year.

Drizzles provide an affordable way to make your Dutch Bros drink truly your own. Whether you prefer just a hint of flavor with a light drizzle, or want to go all out with multiple extra drizzles, there are no limits on creating your perfect drink. Dutch Bros baristas are happy to sample drizzles and make recommendations to find ideal flavor combinations.

So next time you visit a Dutch Bros Coffee shop, take a few moments to explore their impressive drizzle selection. Finding your perfect drizzle match alongside your favorite coffee, smoothie, freeze or tea drink is so satisfying. With so many amazing flavors to choose from, you could try a new drizzle pairing every day!

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