What does a Crew Member at Tropical Smoothie do?

Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a fast-casual restaurant franchise that serves smoothies, wraps, sandwiches, flatbreads, and more. The company was founded in 1997 in Destin, Florida and has since grown to over 900 locations across the United States.

As a crew member at Tropical Smoothie Cafe, your responsibilities will revolve heavily around customer service and food/beverage preparation. You’ll be working closely with the rest of the Tropical Smoothie team to ensure customers have an enjoyable experience. Some of the key duties and responsibilities of a Tropical Smoothie crew member include:

Customer Service

– Greeting customers when they enter the store and offering assistance
– Taking customer orders accurately and answering any questions about menu items
– Processing payments correctly and efficiently
– Ensuring orders are fulfilled quickly and orders are accurate
– Thanking customers and inviting them to return again soon

Food/Beverage Preparation

– Preparing smoothies, wraps, sandwiches, and other food items per recipe specifications
– Following proper sanitation and food safety procedures
– Prepping ingredients like chopping fruits and vegetables
– Maintaining cleanliness of all food prep and customer service areas
– Stocking service and preparation areas with necessary supplies

Additional Responsibilities

– Assisting with opening and closing duties like wiping down equipment, restocking, etc.
– Supporting the management team as needed with tasks like inventory counts
– Maintaining excellent customer service standards and promoting a positive store environment
– Adhering to all policies, procedures, and standards set forth by Tropical Smoothie Cafe

The day-to-day work for a Tropical Smoothie crew member keeps you on your toes in a fast-paced environment. Excellent customer service skills are a must as you will be interacting constantly with guests. The ability to multitask and work efficiently is crucial given the quick nature of food preparation. You’ll also need to be comfortable working on your feet for long periods. Food/beverage experience is preferred but not always required.

A Day in the Life of a Tropical Smoothie Crew Member

To provide more insight into the crew member role, let’s walk through what a typical 8 hour shift might look like:

Opening Duties

Most locations open by 7 am, so you’ll need to arrive 1-2 hours prior to opening for your opening shift. Some of your responsibilities might include:

– Disarming the security system and unlocking doors
– Turning on lights, kitchen equipment, etc.
– Restocking cups, lids, straws, and other front counter supplies
– Refilling ice bins, fruit bins, and any other ingredient stations
– Starting coffee brewing
– Checking product dates and rotating inventory as needed
– Cleaning blenders, juicers, and other equipment
– Sweeping and mopping floors as needed
– Preparing sanitizer buckets, rags, etc. to clean during day

Morning Rush

From 7-10 am will likely be your biggest rush as people stop in for their morning smoothies, coffees, and bites to eat before work or school. Responsibilities during these busy hours include:

– Greeting customers promptly and taking orders
– Preparing smoothies, sandwiches, wraps accurately and efficiently
– Operating the cash register to take payments
– Calling out completed orders and handing them off to customers
– Restocking ingredients and supplies on the front line as needed
– Supporting the rest of the crew to fill orders quickly and deliver excellent service
– Cleaning blenders and surfaces periodically to prevent cross-contamination

Mid-Day Lull

Things will slow down from around 10 am – noon before picking back up for lunch. You’ll use this time to:

– Restock cups, lids, straws at the front counter
– Prepare batches of smoothie mixes that can be easily blended to order later
– Refill ice bins, fruit bins, and other ingredients
– Assist with inventory checks and placing orders with the manager if product is low
– Wipe down machines, counters, and other surfaces with sanitizing solution
– Help put away any recent deliveries and rotate stock as necessary
– Update the menu boards with any new promotions or items
– Take out the trash and recyclables

Lunch Rush

Your responsibilities will mimic the breakfast rush from noon to 2 pm as customers come in for quick lunches. Things will start to slow after 2 pm.

Afternoon Lull

From 2-5 pm you’ll focus on shift change and closing prep tasks:

– Clean all machines and tools thoroughly including blenders, juicers, etc.
– Sweep and mop floors
– Restock items like portion cups, lids, and wrappers
– Check inventory levels and place orders if needed
– Take out trash and recycling
– Assist with shift change by providing status updates to incoming crew members
– Complete any cleaning or organization tasks the manager assigns to prepare for closing

Evening Rush

You’ll get another influx of customers stopping in for smoothies and snacks on their way home from 5-7 pm. Your responsibilities will be similar to the earlier rushes.

Closing Duties

Your last hour of the shift will be spent on closing tasks:

– Cleaning and restocking the front service area
– Storing away leftover prepared ingredients
– Breaking down, cleaning, and storing away equipment
– Cleaning blenders, juicers, and appliances thoroughly
– Taking out all trash and recyclables
– Sweeping and mopping floors
– Assisting manager with daily paperwork, cashing out registers, etc.
– Ensuring all duties are complete before clocking out for the day

This provides an overview of the typical duties and schedule for a Tropical Smoothie crew member working an opening shift. Closing shifts follow a similar flow in reverse. Expect shifts to go quickly as you multitask serving customers and preparing orders. It can be fast paced but rewarding if you enjoy interacting with people.

Tropical Smoothie Crew Member Skills and Qualifications

In addition to your daily responsibilities, there are certain skills and qualifications that will help you excel as part of the Tropical Smoothie crew:

Customer Service Skills

Excellent customer service is critical. You’ll be interacting constantly with guests and representing the Tropical Smoothie brand. Strong verbal communication skills and a friendly demeanor are important. Being patient and able to manage difficult customers or complaints calmly is also useful. You want guests walking away satisfied.


The ability to juggle several tasks at once is crucial. You’ll need to take orders, make smoothies, operate the register, and clean – sometimes simultaneously. Being able to stay organized and focused when things get hectic is key.


Working efficiently and quickly is vital, especially during busy rushes. Customers expect fast and accurate service. Being able to make smoothies and food orders per recipes in a timed manner is helpful.


You’ll be working closely with your crew members and management team daily. Being able to collaborate and communicate clearly makes the day run smoother. You need to work together to provide prompt service.

Standing for Long Periods

Plan to be on your feet for most, if not all of your shift. The ability to stand for long periods while multitasking is important. Comfortable close-toed shoes are a must.

Food Safety Knowledge

Proper food handling, preparation, and sanitation procedures are critical. Tropical Smoothie provides training but existing knowledge of health and safety standards is preferred.


The needs of a shift can change quickly in a fast food environment. Being adaptable and willing to help wherever needed is important. You may need to jump on the register, clean up a spill, or restock at a moment’s notice.

Benefits of Working at Tropical Smoothie Cafe

In addition to gaining customer service skills in a fast-paced environment, Tropical Smoothie offers some great benefits for its crew members including:

– Competitive hourly wages plus tips
– Employee discounts on smoothies and food
– Flexible schedules for students or those with other commitments
– Career advancement opportunities into management roles
– A fun, energetic working atmosphere centered around smoothies and food
– Food safety and customer service skills development
– Résumé-building experience even as a part-time crew member

The flexibility, perks, and growth potential make Tropical Smoothie an appealing option for those looking for entry-level or part-time work with set schedules. You’ll gain valuable skills and experience that can prepare you for future roles in food service or hospitality.


Working as a crew member allows you to start building your customer service expertise in a fast-paced restaurant environment. You’ll be trained on the proper techniques for making the cafe’s signature smoothies while also maintaining high sanitation standards. Expect to be on your feet, multitasking constantly to prepare orders and serve guests. While challenging at times, the fun atmosphere and flexible schedules make it an ideal part-time job for many. If you enjoy interacting with people and working hard as part of a team, a crew member role at Tropical Smoothie Cafe can be quite rewarding.

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