What do you store your cookie cutters in?

Having a good storage solution for cookie cutters is essential for bakers who want to keep their supplies organized and easily accessible. With so many cookie cutter shapes and themes available, it can be challenging to find a method that works. This article will explore the most popular options for storing cookie cutters and provide tips for choosing the right system.

The Problems with Unorganized Cookie Cutters

When cookie cutters are tossed haphazardly into a drawer or cabinet, it leads to a few issues:

  • Hard to find the shape you need – When cookie cutters are jumbled together, you end up digging around to find the right one.
  • Damaged cutters – Cookie cutters can get warped or bent if they are piled on top of each other.
  • Lost pieces – Small cookie cutter pieces like eyes and buttons can go missing in a disorganized drawer.
  • Cluttered workspace – It’s frustrating to rummage around for a cookie cutter when you’re trying to bake.

Taking the time to organize cookie cutters helps solve these problems and makes baking prep go smoother.

Storing Cookie Cutters in the Original Packaging

Some bakers keep their cookie cutters in the original packaging they came in. Here are some pros and cons of this method:


  • Easy storage – Just stack the boxes or bags in a cabinet.
  • Protects cutters – Original packaging helps prevent warping and damage.
  • Portable – Makes it easy to transport cookie cutters.


  • Hard to see which shapes you have – You have to dig through each package.
  • Takes up space – Boxes and bags can’t be condensed.
  • Not display-friendly – You can’t easily admire your collection.

Storing in original packaging works best for those with limited cookie cutters who value portability.

Hanging Cookie Cutters from a Rack

Hanging cookie cutters from a rack or pegboard is an organized display-friendly option. Here are some benefits and drawbacks:


  • See every shape at a glance – Great for visual people.
  • Convenient access – Just grab the one you need.
  • Space-saving – Racks hang vertically and have small footprints.
  • Easy grouping – Similar shapes and themes can be clustered.


  • Time-consuming setup – Each cutter must be hung individually.
  • Tip hazard – Cutters could slide off pegs if bumped.
  • Dust magnet – Exposed cutters require more frequent cleaning.
  • Damage risk – Cutters knock into each other when removing.

A hanging rack is ideal for those who bake frequently and want decorative storage.

Tiered Cookie Cutter Racks

Tiered racks with shelves or drawers are a popular cookie cutter storage choice. Benefits and downsides include:


  • Organized by category – Different themes fit neatly in each section.
  • Protects shapes – Sturdy rack prevents bending.
  • Compact storage – Racks have a small footprint.
  • Stackable – Add more tiers as your collection grows.


  • Pricier – Tiered racks can be more expensive.
  • Heavy when full – Hard to move a loaded multi-level rack.
  • Time investment – Planning layout takes effort.
  • Small parts get buried – Tiny cookie cutter pieces hide out of sight.

Bakers with expansive collections benefit most from the compartmentalized storage of tiered racks.

Storing Inside Cookie Cutters Jars

For inexpensive and eye-catching organization, store cookie cutters inside glass jars and canisters. Here are some upsides and downsides:


  • Inexpensive option – Repurpose old jars.
  • Display pieces – Clear glass shows off cutters.
  • Compact storage – Jars don’t take up much space.
  • Protects cutters – Cushioned storage helps prevent warping.


  • Easy to forget shapes – Out of sight, out of mind.
  • Difficult access – Have to remove many pieces to reach the one you want.
  • Heavy to move – Glass jars get heavy when loaded up.
  • Small parts get buried – Tiny pieces sink to the bottom.

Cookie cutter jars work best for small collections that are used infrequently.

Storing in Portable Tins

For bakers on the go, storing cookie cutters in portable plastic tins offers convenience. Some upsides and downsides include:


  • Lightweight – Easy to carry the tub to events.
  • Protective seal – Hinged lid keeps cutters secure.
  • Stackable – Tins can be consolidated to save space.
  • Variety of sizes – Choose container based on collection size.


  • Less organization – Tins don’t have built-in compartments.
  • Harder access – Need to move lots of pieces around to find the one you want.
  • Anonymous storage – Can’t easily ID which shapes are inside.
  • Potential damage – Cutters can dent or warp if not packed well.

Portable tins are ideal for small collections that need to be moved frequently.

Key Tips for Organizing Cookie Cutters

To determine the best storage method for your cookie cutters, keep these key tips in mind:

  • Categorize your collection – Group cookie cutters into themes like holidays, shapes, and themes to guide your storage approach.
  • Consider your lifestyle – If you bake often or need portable storage, choose an accessible option like a rack or tin.
  • Display favorites – Use racks or jars to showcase your most-used cookie cutters.
  • Protect small pieces – Store tiny cutter parts like eyes and buttons in compartments or baggies.
  • Start small – Begin with an inexpensive solution like jars and upgrade as your collection expands.
  • Add cushioning – Line storage containers with fabric or paper to prevent dents and damage.

Most Popular Places to Store Cookie Cutters

When organizing your cookie cutters, you’ll have several furniture pieces to choose from. Here are some of the most popular cookie cutter storage locations:

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets provide convenient, close-at-hand storage for frequently used cookie cutters. Options include:

  • Cabinet shelf – Line up smaller jars or baskets.
  • Drawer – Use drawer dividers or trays to separate.
  • Lazy susan – Spinning tray keeps all cutters accessible.
  • Wall-mounted rack – Install rack on inside cabinet door.


The pantry is a great spot to store overflow cookie cutters that don’t fit in the kitchen cabinets. Pantry storage ideas include:

  • Wall-mounted racks
  • Freestanding racks
  • Tiered racks on shelves
  • Storage tins or jars

Craft Room

For hobby bakers with large collections, the craft room provides ample storage. Options include:

  • Wall-mounted racks
  • Pegboards
  • Tiered racks and shelves
  • Storage furniture with drawers and compartments


The garage can house overflow cookie cutters if space is tight inside. Consider:

  • Utility shelving units
  • Wall-mounted slatwall panels with hooks
  • Sturdy storage totes

Creative Cookie Cutter Storage Solutions

For easy access to your cookie cutters, get creative with your storage. Here are some unique ideas:

Magnetic Strip

Adhere cookie cutters to a magnetic strip on the wall. Use magnetic putty to attach cutters.


Mount a pegboard and use S-hooks to hang cutters vertically or horizontally.

Wall Grid

Install a grid of clips or rails on the wall to hang cutters by their holes.

Drawer Organizer

Repurpose a drawer organizer, mesh basket, or utensil tray to hold cutters.

Shower Caddy

Hang an over-the-door shower caddy and slip cutters into the pockets.

Magnetic Spice Rack

Adhere cookie cutters to the base of a magnetic spice rack using magnets or putty.

DIY Cookie Cutter Storage Solutions

You can also make customized cookie cutter storage on a budget with these DIY ideas:

Dowel Rod Rack

Adhere dowel rods horizontally to a board. Hang or stand cookie cutters on the rods.

Picture Ledge

Mount a picture ledge and stand cutters up vertically in the trough.


Make a freestanding pegboard rack by attaching pegboard to a wooden frame. Use hooks to hang cutters.

Drill Bit Organizer

Screw a drill bit organizer case to the wall and store cutters in the hollow sections.

Magnetic Knife Strip

Adhere a magnetic knife strip to the wall and attach cookie cutters for easy grabbing.

Factors for Choosing Cookie Cutter Storage

When selecting the best storage solution for your cookie cutters, consider these factors:

Collection Size

If you only have a few cutters, compact solutions like jars work well. For large collections, choose tiered racks or a pegboard system with room to expand.

Frequency of Use

If you bake often, opt for convenient access like wall-mounted racks or magnetic strips. For infrequent baking, closed containers like bins or jars suffice.

Display Preferences

Do you want to show off your cutters for decor? Choose open racks, pegboards, or clear jars. If display is unimportant, closed cabinets or opaque containers work.

Available Space

Make sure your storage system fits in your available kitchen, pantry, or craft room space. Measure the area before purchasing.

Portability Needs

If you transport your cutters, prioritize light, compact, and durable options like plastic organizing cases.


Assess how much you want to spend. Repurposed jars are inexpensive. Commercial racks range from cheap bamboo to pricey stainless steel.

Creative Uses for Extra Cookie Cutters

Once you’ve organized your collection, you may end up with duplicate cutters or shapes you never use. Rather than throwing extras out, upcycle them with these clever ideas:


Glue magnets to the back of cookie cutters and hang them on the Christmas tree as ornaments.


Use cookie cutters as pendants by gluing bail pieces to the tops or drilling small holes near the edge.


Adhere felt furniture pads to the bottom of metal or wood cutters to create decorative, custom trivets.

Votive Holders

Tealight or votive candles nest neatly inside the center of oversized cookie cutters.


Apply non-slip mats, cork, or felt to the bottom of cutters to make shaped drink coasters.

Home Accents

Paint or decouage cookie cutters and prop them on shelves as decorative objects.

Memo Boards

Cover a cookie cutter with fabric or chalkboard vinyl to create a small message board for the wall or fridge.


With so many creative storage solutions available, every baker can find an organizational method that fits their lifestyle, space, and budget. The key is to think about how frequently you use cookie cutters, how you want to display them, and how portable the storage should be. Customize your own solutions with DIY racks, magnets, and repurposed household objects. Pretty soon, you’ll have cookie cutter storage that makes baking a breeze.

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