What countries is Smoothie King in?

Smoothie King is an American smoothie company and health food cafe franchise founded in 1973. It is one of the largest smoothie companies in the world, with over 1,000 locations across the United States and internationally. Some key questions readers may have include:

– How many countries is Smoothie King in?
– What countries outside the US does Smoothie King operate in?
– Where are the largest concentrations of Smoothie King locations internationally?

Smoothie King currently operates in 4 countries outside of the United States: South Korea, Canada, China, and the United Arab Emirates. The company continues to expand globally, bringing its smoothies and health foods to new markets.

Countries with Smoothie King Locations

Here is a full list of countries where Smoothie King has franchise locations as of 2023:

United States

The United States is Smoothie King’s largest market, with over 900 locations across the country. Smoothie King is located in over 40 U.S. states, with high concentrations in Texas, Florida, and Louisiana where the company was founded.

South Korea

South Korea is Smoothie King’s second largest market with over 100 locations. The company entered the South Korean market in 2004 by partnering with franchiser Se Seam. Smoothie King has seen rapid growth in South Korea and continues to expand there.


Smoothie King opened its first Canadian location in 2017 and now has over 20 Smoothie King shops across 5 provinces. Major Canadian markets include Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary. Smoothie King sees room for over 300 locations in Canada long-term.


Smoothie King entered mainland China in 2019 through a partnership with AEON China. There are currently around 10 Smoothie King locations in Shanghai and Guangdong. The brand aims to reach over 2,500 stores in China by 2025.

United Arab Emirates

The company opened its first Middle East location in the UAE in 2019. There are around 5 Smoothie King shops across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The UAE serves as Smoothie King’s gateway to the Middle East and Northern Africa.

International Locations by Concentration

Looking at where Smoothie King has the most international locations, here is a ranking:

1. South Korea – Over 100 locations
2. Canada – Around 20 locations
3. China – Around 10 locations
4. United Arab Emirates – Around 5 locations

South Korea is by far Smoothie King’s largest international market. The brand’s rapid growth there demonstrates the appetite for smoothies and health foods in the Korean market. Canada and China follow as Smoothie King’s next largest international markets today, but with big room for growth in the future. The UAE currently has the fewest Smoothie King shops, but serves as the brand’s entry point to the wider MENA region.

Plans for Further International Expansion

While Smoothie King is currently in just 4 countries outside the US, the company has big plans to expand globally. Some key international growth plans include:

Asia Pacific

South Korea, China, and Southeast Asia remain major growth areas for Smoothie King in Asia. The company aims to build up its presence in major markets like Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia.


Smoothie King plans to open its first European locations within the next 2 years. Target countries include the UK, Spain, Germany, and France. Europe is a wholly untapped market for Smoothie King with huge potential.

Middle East and Africa

The UAE provides Smoothie King’s foothold in the Middle East. The company aims to expand in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Egypt. There is also interest in entering markets like South Africa.

Latin America

Smoothie King has not yet entered Latin America but sees it as an important long-term growth market. Countries like Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina with rising middle classes could prove lucrative.

Table of Smoothie King International Locations

Country Number of Locations
United States 900+
South Korea 100+
Canada 20+
China 10+
United Arab Emirates 5+

This table summarizes the number of Smoothie King locations in each international market where they operate. The United States remains the dominant market with over 900 shops. South Korea follows with over 100 locations as Smoothie King’s most established international market. Canada, China, and the UAE make up the remainder of Smoothie King’s international presence.

Notable International Location Milestones

Here are some key milestones for Smoothie King’s international expansion:


– Opened 1st location in South Korea in partnership with Se Seam International


– Launched 1st location in Canada in Toronto


– Opened 1st location in Shanghai, marking entry into China
– Opened 1st location in UAE at Dubai Mall, entering the Middle East market


– Expanded to 20 locations in Canada, reaching provinces like Alberta and Manitoba


– Reached 100th store in South Korea
– Entered partnership with AEON China to accelerate mainland China expansion

South Korea marked Smoothie King’s first step outside the US in 2004. Canada followed over a decade later as the next international market. In recent years, the pace of global growth has quickened with launches in China in 2019, the UAE in 2019, and rapid expansion in Canada. With new partnerships like AEON China, Smoothie King’s international growth continue to accelerate.

Countries Where Smoothie King Products Are Sold

In addition to Smoothie King locations, the company sells its products like smoothies, supplements, and snacks in certain international markets through retail distribution partnerships. This further expands their global reach.

Some countries where Smoothie King products are available through retail, despite no permanent locations, include:

– Mexico
– Taiwan
– Philippines
– Singapore
– Malaysia
– Indonesia

Consumers in these markets can find certain Smoothie King branded smoothies, protein powders, supplements, and food products on shelves in stores and markets. This provides a cost-effective avenue for Smoothie King to gain brand awareness and test demand before committing to full-scale locations.

Global Brand Positioning and Adaptation

As a U.S. brand, Smoothie King has had to tailor parts of its branding, products, and store experience to succeed in new cultures:


Smoothie King adapts its smoothie and food menus regionally based on local tastes. In Asia, taro and matcha flavors cater to local preference. The Korean menus offer unique items like the YogurBerry smoothie.

Store Design

While keeping its core orange and green colors, Smoothie King modifies in-store layouts and branding aesthetics to align with regional sensibilities. Larger table space in Asian locations accommodates social gatherings.


Smoothie King translates its branding, marketing, and in-store materials into the local language whether Korean, Chinese, or Arabic. This fosters better customer engagement.


Smoothie King relies on local franchise partners like Se Seam International and AEON China that understand the culture, supply chains, and regulations in each market.

Adapting judiciously has enabled Smoothie King to gain acceptance in diverse international markets as both a global and local brand depending on the location.


In summary, Smoothie King has establishments in 4 countries outside the U.S. today: South Korea, Canada, China, and the UAE. South Korea is the largest international market with over 100 locations. But Smoothie King is now accelerating global growth through partnerships in emerging markets like China. It tailors products and branding locally where needed to succeed across Asia, the Middle East, and beyond. With a growing global appetite for smoothies and healthier fast food, expect Smoothie King’s international reach to continue expanding in the years ahead.

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