What color is wheat blonde?

Wheat blonde is a light golden blonde hair color that resembles the color of wheat. It’s a natural looking blonde shade that falls somewhere between platinum and dirty blonde on the spectrum of blonde hair colors.

What are the different shades of blonde hair?

There are many different shades of blonde hair, from very light platinum and icicle blondes to medium golden and strawberry blondes to darker sandy and honey blondes. Some of the most common blonde hair color shades include:

  • Platinum blonde – A very pale, almost white blonde. Platinum is the lightest blonde hair color.
  • Icicle blonde – Acool-toned icy pale blonde.
  • Wheat blonde – A warm golden blonde, like the color of wheat fields.
  • Honey blonde – A golden blonde with warm undertones, like the color of honey.
  • Strawberry blonde – A blonde with reddish tones.
  • Golden blonde – A rich, golden yellow blonde.
  • Butter blonde – A pale creamy yellow blonde.
  • Sandy blonde – A light brownish blonde.
  • Dirty blonde – A dark golden blonde with warm brownish tones.

What are the characteristics of wheat blonde hair?

Some key characteristics of wheat blonde hair include:

  • Golden tone – Wheat blonde has a warm, golden yellow undertone, like the color of a wheat field on a sunny day.
  • Natural look – Wheat blonde appears soft and natural, not brassy like some golden blondes.
  • Medium lightness – Wheat blonde is lighter than dirty blonde but not as pale as platinum. It falls somewhere in the middle of the blonde spectrum.
  • Minimal red tones – Wheat blonde tends to have very subtle warm red undertones, unlike strawberry blonde.
  • Sun-kissed look – The warm golden tone gives wheat blonde a soft sun-kissed look, as if the hair has been naturally lightened by the sun.
  • Pairs well with warm complexions – The golden warmth of wheat blonde is particularly flattering on those with warm skin tones and undertones.

How does wheat blonde compare to other blonde shades?

Here’s how wheat blonde compares to some other common blonde shades:

  • Lighter than: Sandy blonde, honey blonde, dirty blonde
  • Darker than: Platinum blonde, icicle blonde
  • Warmer than: Platinum, icicle, strawberry blondes
  • Cooler than: Golden blonde, honey blonde
  • More natural looking than: Platinum, icicle blondes
  • More sun-kissed than: Sandy, dirty blondes

So in summary, wheat blonde is lighter than most warmer golden blondes but not as pale as icy platinum blondes. It has subtle warm undertones but doesn’t veer into the reddish tone of strawberry blonde. The soft golden hue appears natural and sun-kissed rather than brassy yellow.

What colors is wheat blonde closest to?

Wheat blonde is closest in color to:

  • Wheat – Wheat blonde mimics the golden color of wheat, hence the name.
  • Honey – It has similar warm golden tones to honey.
  • Toast – The light brownish warmth is reminiscent of toasted bread.
  • Sand – Wheat blonde has the soft golden color of fine sand at the beach.
  • Hay – Freshly cut and dried hay has a similar golden blonde hue.
  • Daffodil – The bright yet soft yellow tones are comparable to a daffodil flower.

Wheat blonde also closely resembles the following colors:

HTML Color Code Color Name
#f1e398 Wheat
#f7f6e7 Buttermilk
#f5f5dc Beige
#fff9e6 Almond
#fffdd0 Cream

How is wheat blonde different from dirty blonde?

While both are warm, golden blonde shades, wheat and dirty blonde have some key differences:

  • Wheat blonde is lighter while dirty blonde is darker.
  • Wheat blonde has golden yellow tones while dirty blonde has brownish golden tones.
  • Wheat blonde looks natural while dirty blonde can sometimes appear brassy.
  • Wheat blonde has subtle warm undertones while dirty blonde has more prominent ones.
  • Wheat blonde pairs well with warmer complexions while dirty blonde flatters cooler ones better.

In summary, wheat blonde has a lighter, brighter, and more natural golden color compared to the darker, browner, and sometimes brassy tone of dirty blonde hair.

What colors complement wheat blonde hair?

Certain clothing and makeup colors can really complement wheat blonde hair and make the warm golden tone stand out. Ideal color pairings include:

  • Neutrals like beige, cream, tan, and light brown
  • Light pinks, peaches, corals
  • Sky blue, seafoam green
  • Moss and olive greens
  • Blue-toned reds like burgundy
  • Navy blue
  • Pastels like lavender, buttercream, baby blue

Avoid pairing wheat blonde hair with harsh or jewel-toned colors like electric blue, neon orange, or bright purple which can clash with the warmth of the hair.

Makeup colors for wheat blonde hair

The best makeup shades to complement wheat blonde hair include:

  • Peach, pink, bronze, and coral blushes
  • Neutral tan, beige, and brown eyeshadows
  • Black, brown, navy blue eyeliners
  • Peach, rose gold, and nude lipsticks
  • Warm bronzers

Makeup with cool undertones like berry lipstick and gray eyeshadow can sometimes wash out wheat blonde hair. Warm makeup shades enhance the golden tone.

Clothing colors for wheat blonde hair

Ideal clothing colors to make wheat blonde hair pop include:

  • White, ivory, cream
  • Camel, tan, khaki, stone
  • Soft pink, peach, coral
  • Olive green, moss green, sage green
  • Pale blue, lilac purple, orchid purple

Avoid orange and yellow clothing as it can blend in too much with wheat blonde hair. However, blue-toned shades of orange like rust, spice, and terracotta can work well.

What hair colors can you get from wheat blonde?

Wheat blonde hair can be easily adjusted into other natural blonde and brown shades. Here are some options:

  • Lighter blonde – Wheat blonde can be lightened into more platinum or icy shades of blonde.
  • Darker blonde – It can be toned down into more sandy or honey blonde shades.
  • Golden blonde – More golden and brassy toner can create a brighter golden blonde.
  • Strawberry blonde – Adding subtle warm coppery tones results in strawberry blonde.
  • Bronde – Adding lowlights and a neutral brown toner achieves the trendy bronde look.
  • Caramel brown – All over color in a warm brown shade creates caramel brown hair.
  • Chestnut brown – Using an ashy brown color with wheat blonde highlights achieves a rich chestnut brown.

Since wheat blonde is natural and warm, it can blend easily into many different blonde and brown shades by adjusting the tone and depth of color.

What celebrities have wheat blonde hair?

Many celebrities have rocked the golden wheat blonde hair color. Some examples include:

  • Jennifer Aniston – Her iconic “Rachel” haircut from Friends was a beautiful wheat blonde shade.
  • Michelle Williams – She often wears her blonde hair in soft waves in a wheat blonde hue.
  • Jessica Biel – She has gone between wheat blonde and dark brunette over the years.
  • Kate Hudson – She rocks wheat blonde hair in romantic loose curls and waves.
  • Reese Witherspoon – She has shifted between brighter blonde and more muted wheat blonde.
  • Sarah Hyland – The Modern Family star has sported golden wheat blonde locks.
  • Taylor Swift – She has worn her hair wheat blonde quite a few times over her career.

These celebrities showcase how wheat blonde hair can be adapted into various styles while looking natural and sun-kissed.

How can I get wheat blonde hair?

There are a few techniques for achieving wheat blonde hair:

  • Highlight natural hair – Adding fine wheat blonde highlights throughout brown hair creates a dimensional bronde look.
  • All-over dye – Coloring all of the hair wheat blonde works well if your natural base is light to medium blonde.
  • Bleach and tone – Lightening very dark hair to pale yellow, then applying a wheat blonde toner.
  • Balayage – Using a balayage hand-painting technique with wheat blonde lightener creates soft sun-kissed results.

It’s best to get wheat blonde hair color at a salon, even if you’re just using temporary boxed dyes. Professional stylists can expertly blend and tone the shades to get a natural, multidimensional look. Ask for golden blonde shades with an emphasis on warmth, buttery hues, and softness.

To maintain wheat blonde hair, opt for shampoos and conditioners tailored to color-treated and blonde hair. Use purple shampoo sparingly to neutralize any brassiness. Avoid direct hot sun exposure and chlorine to keep the shade from fading or turning brassy.

What skin tones does wheat blonde hair flatter?

Wheat blonde is most flattering on warmer skin tones with yellow, peach, or golden undertones. Specifically it complements those with:

  • Fair or light skin with warm undertones
  • Medium skin with golden undertones
  • Olive and darker complexions

Those with cool pink or red undertones in their fair skin can sometimes look washed out with wheat blonde hair. The golden warmth emphasizes any yellow in the skin which is unflattering on cooler complexions. But those with medium to deep warmer skin tones can shine with wheat blonde locks.


Wheat blonde is a gorgeous warm golden blonde hair color that mimics the soft hue of wheat fields. It falls between platinum and dirty blonde on the spectrum of blonde shades. The golden tone appears natural and complements those with warm complexions. Achieving wheat blonde works best by highlighting, dyeing, or toning at a salon. With proper maintenance, wheat blonde hair looks healthy, shiny, and beautifully sun-kissed.

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