What can you pay with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that was created in 2009. It operates on a peer-to-peer network, meaning transactions take place between users directly without an intermediary. Payments are recorded on a public ledger called the blockchain. Bitcoin can be used to pay for goods and services from any merchant that accepts it.

Can I use Bitcoin to shop online?

Yes, there are many online merchants that accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Some popular online retailers that accept Bitcoin include:

  • Overstock.com – A major American internet retailer that sells furniture, decor, rugs, bedding and more.
  • Newegg – A large online electronics retailer with everything from TVs and laptops to gaming accessories and smart home devices.
  • Namecheap – A domain registrar and web hosting company.
  • eGifter – An online service for purchasing gift cards using cryptocurrencies. eGifter offers gift cards from over 200 major brands.
  • PureVPN – A virtual private network service provider.

In addition, there are services like BitPay that make it easy for merchants to accept Bitcoin payments. Popular online shopping platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce also offer Bitcoin integration options.

Can I use Bitcoin at retail stores?

There are a growing number of major retail stores that accept Bitcoin in-store or online. Some notable examples include:

  • Microsoft – The technology giant accepts Bitcoin for content in its Xbox and Windows stores.
  • Whole Foods – All U.S. stores accept Bitcoin payments for groceries through Flexa’s Spedn app.
  • Nordstrom – The upscale fashion retailer takes Bitcoin through a partnership with BitPay.
  • Starbucks – Customers can load Starbucks card balances using Bitcoin through Bakkt’s digital wallet app.
  • Crate & Barrel – The home furnishings retailer accepts Bitcoin online through BitPay.

There are also thousands of small independent retailers, cafes, restaurants and other local businesses accepting Bitcoin in-store, especially in major cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Search directories like Coinmap or BitcoinRestaurants can help you find brick-and-mortar places accepting cryptocurrency near you.

Can I pay bills with Bitcoin?

Yes, there are services that allow you to pay your bills using Bitcoin and cryptocurrency:

  • BitPay – Allows bill payment in Bitcoin for select services including AT&T, Dish Network, HBO, and in some U.S. municipalities for paying property taxes or utility bills.
  • Bylls – A service enabling bill payments to thousands of merchants and service providers including insurance companies, tuition, utilities, taxes, phone/internet, and more.
  • Coinsfer – Supports bill payment and bank transfers in Bitcoin to thousands of companies and merchants in Europe.
  • Living Room of Satoshi – An Australian-based bill payment service to pay any Australian biller direct from a Bitcoin wallet.

So whether it’s electricity, phone, internet, or other routine bills, there are now options to pay your monthly expenses directly with Bitcoin.

Can I donate to charities with Bitcoin?

Yes, many charities and non-profits accept cryptocurrency donations. Bitcoin provides an efficient way for charities to receive international donations and avoid some of the fees and friction of traditional wire transfers.

Some major charities that take Bitcoin donations include:

  • Wikipedia
  • United Way
  • Greenpeace
  • The Water Project
  • Save the Children

There are also charities specifically dedicated to cryptocurrency fund raising and philanthropic efforts, such as the Pineapple Fund which donated over $55 million in Bitcoin to various non-profits.

Bitcoin charity platforms like The Giving Block also help hundreds of organizations worldwide accept tax-deductible crypto donations.

Can I use Bitcoin at restaurants?

As Bitcoin acceptance grows, more restaurants and cafes around the world are now allowing customers to pay for meals and drinks with cryptocurrencies.

There are directories that list local restaurants that accept Bitcoin:

  • BitcoinRestaurants.net
  • Yelp.com (filter by ” accepts cryptocurrency”)
  • HappyCow.net (vegan/vegetarian restaurants)

Additionally, major fast food and casual dining chains that accept Bitcoin include:

  • Burger King – Select locations in Germany
  • KFC – Canada locations
  • Pizza Hut – Locations in Venezuela
  • Subway – Some restaurants worldwide
  • Starbucks – Bakkt mobile app loads Starbucks card balance

So the next time you want to grab a quick bite or go out for dinner and drinks, consider paying your bill with Bitcoin.

Can I use Bitcoin for transportation and travel?

Bitcoin can be used for various transportation and travel expenses:

  • Flights – CheapAir, Destinia, and Xcoins accept Bitcoin for flight bookings.
  • Hotels – Major chains like Holiday Inn, Best Western, and Magnuson Hotels allow Bitcoin bookings through intermediaries. There are also travel sites like Expedia, CheapBizClass, and TravelBYBit that accept Bitcoin.
  • Trains – Amtrak tickets can be purchased with Bitcoin through a third party partnership with eGifter.
  • Ridesharing – The ridesharing app Arcade City accepts payment in Bitcoin.
  • Taxis – The cab hailing app CarpeHoras allows users to select Bitcoin as a payment option.
  • Buses – Bus companies like Megabus accept Bitcoin payments in select locations.
  • Car rentals – Some major rental companies including Budget, Dollar, and Payless Car Rental accept Bitcoin through a partnership with BitPay.

So whether booking travel in advance or paying on the spot, Bitcoin is becoming a viable payment option for transportation.

Can I pay for entertainment with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is accepted at a growing number of entertainment, recreation, and media outlets. Some examples include:

  • Movie tickets – Major cinema chains like AMC and Regal allow online ticket purchases with Bitcoin.
  • Sports tickets – The NBA’s Sacramento Kings and Dallas Mavericks accept Bitcoin for tickets and merchandise.
  • Gaming – Popular online game platforms like Steam, Twitch, anddiscord accept Bitcoin payments.
  • Gambling – Many online casino, poker, sportsbook and lottery sites use Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Music – The record label E-Girl Records accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash for merch and music sales.
  • Newspapers – Major publications like Chicago Sun Times andOrange County Register allow purchasing subscriptions with Bitcoin.
  • Books – Courier Dover Publications, a popular book publisher, accepts Bitcoin payments.

Whether going to concerts, movies, amusement parks or sporting events, Bitcoin is becoming a viable option for paying for entertainment.

Can I use Bitcoin at grocery stores?

Grocery shopping is one area where Bitcoin adoption is still relatively low, but there are some stores accepting cryptocurrency:

  • Whole Foods – All U.S. stores via Flexa’s Spedn app.
  • Safeway – Select locations through Coinstar kiosks.
  • Bubba’s Fresh Seafood – A fish market in Eastern Tennessee accepts Bitcoin.
  • Pralines Country Store – A specialty food store in South Carolina takes Bitcoin.

There are also delivery services like Takeaway.com which allow customers to pay with Bitcoin for groceries and other items delivered from local stores.

While still not widely accepted at supermarkets and grocery chains, Bitcoin can be used at a growing amount of specialty food stores and markets.

Can I shop for clothes and accessories with Bitcoin?

Many clothing and accessory retailers accept Bitcoin as a form of payment:

  • Overstock – Major retailer that offers a large selection of clothing, shoes, watches, bags, and jewelry.
  • Shopify merchants – As an integrated payment option, shoppers can pay with Bitcoin at many of the over 1 million Shopify online stores.
  • Reeds Jewelers – America’s largest jewelry retailer accepts Bitcoin both online and in-store.
  • Luxury Watches of Houston – Sells high-end Swiss timepieces and accepts Bitcoin.
  • Etsy sellers – Many sellers on the popular handmade item marketplace accept Bitcoin.

There are also websites like Cryptwerk and UseBitcoins that list hundreds more clothing boutiques and merchants accepting Bitcoin worldwide.

Can I pay for gifts and gadgets with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin makes an interesting gift itself, but it can also be used to purchase all kinds of gift cards and physical gifts.

  • eGifter – The largest virtual Bitcoin gift card marketplace with over 300 popular brands.
  • Gyft – Allows Bitcoin users to purchase and redeem gift cards from over 200 merchants.
  • Newegg – Large online retailer of tech gadgets, electronics, and computing devices.
  • Overstock – Major home goods and decor retailer that offers free shipping on Bitcoin purchases.
  • Etsy – Handmade artisan goods can be purchased with Bitcoin from thousands of Etsy sellers.

There are endless possibilities for holiday shopping, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and every other gifting occasion imaginable.

Can I get jewelry with Bitcoin?

For those looking to buy nice jewelry, watches, diamonds, gold, and more, many jewelers accept Bitcoin:

  • Reeds Jewelers – America’s largest jewelry retailer accepts Bitcoin online and in their stores.
  • Samer Halimeh New York – A luxury diamond dealer specializing in diamonds, engagement rings, and necklaces.
  • Tiffany Worth – A family-owned business selling custom luxury jewelry and watches.
  • Lustig Jewelry – A jewelry retailer specializing in diamonds and engagement rings.
  • Diamond District Blockchain Alliance – Over 100 jewelry businesses located in New York’s Diamond District accept crypto.

There are also marketplaces like Bidali that allow making jewelry purchases from online sellers accepting Bitcoin.

Can I pay my mortgage with Bitcoin?

Paying a mortgage with Bitcoin is possible, though limited. There are some crypto and Bitcoin-specific mortgage lending companies that accept Bitcoin payments:

  • SALT Lending
  • Bitbond
  • Toba Capital
  • Milhouse

However, traditional banks and mainstream mortgage lenders do not accept direct Bitcoin payments for mortgage installments. This means Bitcoin would need to be converted to fiat currency such as dollars first before making regular mortgage payments.

Can I use Bitcoin at Amazon or Walmart?

Unfortunately Amazon and Walmart currently do not directly accept Bitcoin payments. However, there are a few workarounds that allow you to spend Bitcoin at these retailers:

  • Purchase an Amazon eGift card with Bitcoin through eGifter or Bitrefill.
  • Buy an Amazon gift card at Coinstar kiosks in select supermarkets using Bitcoin.
  • Purchase discounted Walmart gift cards on Bidali using Bitcoin and use for online or in-store purchases.
  • Sign up for a Fold debit card which converts your Bitcoin balance when making purchases at Amazon, Walmart or anywhere that accepts Visa.

So while not directly accepted, with just a few extra steps you can unlock spending Bitcoin at the world’s largest retailers.

Can I pay my taxes with Bitcoin?

There are a couple ways you can pay taxes with Bitcoin:

  • Cryptocurrency tax services like CoinTracker offer IRS/CRA compliant tax payments. You can pay your tax bill directly from your CoinTracker wallet.
  • Some State Treasury Departments and municipalities like the State of Ohio and City of Richmond, VA partner with BitPay to accept Bitcoin tax payments.
  • The Swiss municipality of Zermatt allows residents to pay taxes in Bitcoin via Bitcoin Suisse which converts to Swiss Francs.

However, directly paying the IRS or federal taxes with Bitcoin is not possible at the moment in the U.S. Taxes owed must be paid in USD fiat currency.

Can I pay rent with Bitcoin?

Paying rent with Bitcoin is becoming more common as some property management and real estate companies now accept it as a payment option:

  • Luxury Property Listings – A real estate advertising website where landlords and tenants can use Bitcoin for rental payments on listed properties.
  • BitRent – An international property portal for listing and advertising properties for Bitcoin rent payments.
  • PayRentWithBitcoin.com – Provides Bitcoin payment and cash settlement services for real estate owners, managers, and landlords.
  • SwiftFin – A payment platform and mobile app enabling rent payments in Bitcoin.

Tenants can also negotiate Bitcoin payment arrangements directly with private landlords willing to accept crypto. Peer-to-peer rent payment apps like PayIm allow direct rent payments in Bitcoin.

Can I pay off my loan with Bitcoin?

There are a growing number of lenders that allow using Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to pay off an existing loan or line of credit:

  • YouHodler – Platform for loans, credit lines, and buying crypto with fiat using Bitcoin as collateral.
  • Salt Lending – Cryptocurrency backed lending and cash loans paid directly to your bank account.
  • Unchained Capital – Bitcoin native financial services including collateralized lending.
  • BlockFi – Crypto lending platform for holding or trading assets and earning interest.
  • CoinLoan – Allows paying loan obligations using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

This provides liquidity to pay off debt without having to sell your Bitcoin holdings. Make sure to evaluate risks, loan terms, and tax implications first when borrowing against Bitcoin.

Can I shop at eBay with Bitcoin?

eBay currently does not allow direct payments with Bitcoin. However, there are still a couple options for spending Bitcoin on eBay purchases:

  • Purchase an eBay gift card with Bitcoin through eGifter or Bitrefill and then make purchases on eBay with your gift card balance.
  • Connect a third party debit card like Wirex, BitPay or ShakePay to your eBay account. These cards convert your crypto balance when making purchases.
  • Withdraw cash at a Bitcoin ATM and then connect your debit card to eBay.
  • Buy eBay gift cards at select Coinstar kiosks in supermarkets using Bitcoin.

So while eBay doesn’t directly take Bitcoin, you can still purchase almost anything on eBay without converting your Bitcoin to traditional currency first.


While still maturing, Bitcoin is increasingly accepted as payment for a diverse range of goods and services both online and in-store. From retail shopping to travel, hospitality, entertainment, and bills, Bitcoin provides an efficient peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

Bitcoin enables permissionless global commerce and gives consumers more choice to pay with privacy and without hidden fees. As the infrastructure and accessibility improves over time, expect the list of what you can buy with Bitcoin to continue growing.

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