What can I say instead of sober?

There are a variety of expressions that can be used to describe a state of sobriety, depending upon the context. These can include a variety of more mild terms, such as “sober-minded,” “clear-headed,” “level-headed,” or “steady-minded.

” For a milder term for a state of mild intoxication, “buzzed” is often used. Other various expressions for inebriation, including those that are a bit more extreme, can be “tipsy,” “intoxicated,” “drunk,” or “inebriated.

” Lastly, a more extreme and inappropriate term for extreme intoxication is “wasted. “.

What is a better word for sober?

Abstinent is a better word for sober, as it generally refers to abstaining from an activity or behavior, especially the consumption of alcohol or other recreational drugs. Abstinence is often used as a form of self-discipline, particularly in a religious or medical context.

Abstinence can also be seen as a form of self-restraint, or a sign of respect for one’s body and health. Additionally, abstaining from certain activities may also be a form of protest or a way of expressing solidarity with a particular cause.

What is sober in slang?

In slang, the term “sober” is usually used to refer to a person who is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This term is often used in a negative way to refer to someone who is not engaging in the social activities revolving around the use of mind altering substances.

However, it can also be used positively as an adjective to describe someone who is in control of their mental and physical faculties. Ultimately, the use of the term “sober” is largely contextual and dependent on personal experience.

What’s another way to say clean and sober?

Another way to say “clean and sober” is “abstinent from drugs and alcohol”. Abstinence from drugs and alcohol is often described as a way of life and is the path to living a more fulfilling, healthier and enjoyable life.

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