What can I do with pumpkins in Minecraft?

Pumpkins are a useful item in Minecraft that can be used for decorating, crafting, and more. In this comprehensive 5000 word guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about pumpkins in Minecraft.

Quick Answers

Here are some quick answers to common questions about pumpkins in Minecraft:

  • Pumpkins can be found growing naturally in some biomes or can be crafted from pumpkin seeds.
  • Carved pumpkins can be worn as helmets to ward off endermen.
  • Pumpkins can be used to craft golems like iron golems and snow golems.
  • Jack o’lanterns can be made by combining a carved pumpkin and a torch.
  • Pumpkins can be used in recipes for pumpkin pie and other foods.

Finding and Gathering Pumpkins

Pumpkins can be found naturally generating across the Overworld in certain biomes. Here’s where you can find pumpkins spawning in the wild:

  • Plains – Pumpkins spawn occasionally on the surface in plains biomes.
  • The End – Pumpkins can spawn on Endermen-made grassy islands in The End.
  • Flower Forest – Pumpkins have a chance to generate in flower forests.
  • Taiga – In taiga biomes, pumpkins will occasionally generate on the mossy stone boulders.

The best way to collect pumpkins is to find one of these biomes and look around on the surface. Pumpkins generate naturally as a full block with the pumpkin face on all 4 sides. When you find one, dig it up with a pickaxe to add it to your inventory.

You can also craft pumpkin seeds by putting a carved pumpkin in the crafting grid. Then you can plant pumpkin seeds on farmland to grow your own pumpkins. Each seeded pumpkin takes around 10 Minecraft days to fully develop.

Crafting Uses for Pumpkins

There are a few handy items that can be crafted from pumpkins in Minecraft:

Carved Pumpkins

To carve a pumpkin, place a pumpkin on the ground and use shears on it. This will carve out the front face into a jack o’lantern style carving. Carved pumpkins can be worn as helmets to prevent endermen from becoming aggressive when looked at.

Jack o’Lanterns

A jack o’lantern can be crafted by combining a carved pumpkin and a torch. Place the carved pumpkin on the crafting grid and put a torch in the very center square. This will create a jack o’lantern which gives off light. Jack o’lanterns can be placed outside at night to illuminate areas.

Iron Golems

Iron golems can be built to defend against hostile mobs. Craft an iron golem by placing 4 iron blocks in a T shape on the crafting grid, then topping it with a pumpkin or jack o’lantern.

Snow Golems

Snow golems are friendly mobs that throw snowballs at hostile mobs. To build one, stack 2 snow blocks on top of each other, then place a pumpkin on top.

Pumpkin Pie

A delicious pumpkin pie can be crafted by putting 1 pumpkin, 1 sugar, and 1 egg into the crafting grid. Pumpkin pie restores 4 hunger points when eaten.

Decorating with Pumpkins

With their bright orange hue and carved faces, pumpkins are a fun item to use for decorating. Here are some ways to use pumpkins to decorate in Minecraft:

  • Line a path or garden with jack o’lanterns for spooky lighting.
  • Use pumpkins as fall-themed decoration on window sills or patchs of farmland.
  • Build pumpkin stacks on the corners of houses or barns.
  • Create a pumpkin patch in your yard using bone meal to grow pumpkins.
  • Use shears to carve patterns and designs into pumpkins to make unique decorations.
  • Build an iron golem and surround it with pumpkins to create a scarecrow-like statue.

Pumpkins pair nicely with many other fall-themed blocks like hay bales, leaf piles, and wood signs painted with spooky messages. Get creative with pumpkin decor to set the Halloween mood!

Farming Pumpkins

Setting up a pumpkin farm can provide you with a steady supply of this useful crop. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making your own pumpkin farm in Minecraft:

  1. Find and till open farmland – Use a hoe to till dirt or grass blocks into farmland.
  2. Plant pumpkin seeds – Craft seeds from carved pumpkins or find naturally spawned pumpkins.
  3. Add water – Pumpkins need hydrated farmland to grow. Place water near the farmland.
  4. Give the area light – Torches or other light sources are needed for pumpkins to grow.
  5. Wait – It takes around 10 Minecraft days for pumpkins to fully mature.
  6. Harvest pumpkins – Break the fully grown pumpkins to collect them.
  7. Replant – Till empty farmland and replant pumpkin seeds.

You can expand your farm with more rows of pumpkins as needed. Adding bone meal can speed up the growing process, but be conservative with bone meal to avoid wasting it.

Automated Pumpkin Farm

For large pumpkin farms, consider automating the harvesting process. Here are some tips for automated pumpkin farming:

  • Use pistons or sticky pistons to automatically break mature pumpkins.
  • Transport broken pumpkins with hoppers and chest minecarts to a storage area.
  • Use a daylight sensor to detect daytime and activate pistons.
  • Plant pumpkins in rows with observer blocks to detect growth.
  • Set up water channels to wash broken pumpkin blocks to a collection point.

With some redstone circuitry and pistons, you can engineer an automated pumpkin farm to conveniently collect pumpkins with minimal effort.

Using Pumpkins in Recipes

In addition to crafting pumpkin pie, there are a few other recipes that use pumpkins:

Fermented Spider Eye

The fermented spider eye is brewing ingredient made by combining a spider eye, brown mushroom, and sugar. It can reverse or corrupt potion effects and is used to brew potions like weakness potions and water breathing potions.

Super Fuel

You can craft super fuel by putting 8 pumpkins in the crafting grid in a ring shape, with a bucket in the center square. Super fuel powers a furnace for twice as long as other fuels like coal or logs.

Curing Zombie Villagers

Zombie villagers can be cured by using a splash potion of weakness on them, then feeding them a golden apple. The fermented spider eye needed to brew weakness potions requires a pumpkin.


Farmers and butcher villagers will buy pumpkins from you. Expert-level farmer villagers in Java Edition will sell pumpkin pie. Pumpkins can also be traded to wandering traders.

Pumpkin Trivia and History

Pumpkins have been an iconic part of Minecraft since their addition in Java Edition Alpha v1.2.0 Halloween Update on October 30, 2010. Here are some more fun facts about the history of pumpkins in Minecraft:

  • Initially, pumpkin vision when worn was very limited until an update expanded the viewing area.
  • Jack o’lanterns were added to Minecraft later in Beta 1.4.
  • Pumpkins were one of the first farmable crops added to the game.
  • The appearance of pumpkins has changed over time – originally they had a stem on all sides rather than just the top.
  • Beta 1.9 Prerelease introduced pumpkins naturally generating in the wild outside of farms.
  • A secret “Glistering Melon” Texture was added behind pumpkins in 2017 as part of an April Fools joke.

Pumpkins remain one of the most enjoyed items during the Halloween season. Their festive appearance and utility have made them a Minecraft classic.

Uses for Pumpkins in Each Minecraft Dimension

Pumpkins can be useful in every dimension of the game. Here’s how pumpkins can help you in the Overworld, Nether, and End:


  • Decorating homes and buildings for fall
  • Lighting up areas and builds with jack o’lanterns
  • Crafting golems to defend villages and bases
  • Farming pumpkins for trading and pumpkin pie


  • Wearing carved pumpkins to safely observe endermen
  • Bartering with piglins to get valuable loot
  • Crafting super fuel to power furnaces longer


  • Killing endermen safely by wearing carved pumpkins
  • Defeating the ender dragon and exploring end cities
  • Finding enderman-crafted grassy islands with naturally spawned pumpkins

No matter what dimension you’re exploring in Minecraft, pumpkins can prove handy for farming, crafting, fighting mobs, and decorating your builds.


Pumpkins are one of the most versatile items in Minecraft. From crafting jack o’lanterns to making iron golems, pumpkins have all kinds of uses.

Their unique carved appearance makes them perfect for Halloween-themed builds and spooky decorating. Carved pumpkins help ward off endermen, while pumpkin pie restores hunger points.

Setting up a pumpkin farm ensures you’ll have a steady supply of this orange crop for crafting and trading. With the right light and hydration, a pumpkin farm can yield stacks of pumpkins.

However you choose to use them, pumpkins add a splash of fall flavor to the blocky world of Minecraft. Their long history and nostalgic ties to the Halloween season cement pumpkins as one of the best crops in the game.

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