What brand of blueberry syrup does Dunkin use?

Dunkin’ Donuts is one of the most popular coffee and donut chains in the United States. Known for its wide variety of donuts, Dunkin’ also offers a range of hot and iced coffee beverages that can be customized with different flavors, including blueberry. But what brand of blueberry syrup does Dunkin’ use in their blueberry coffee drinks?

Dunkin’s Blueberry Flavored Coffee

Dunkin’ offers several coffee and espresso drinks that feature blueberry flavoring, including:

  • Blueberry Coffee – Hot or iced coffee with blueberry flavor swirl
  • Blueberry Latte – Espresso with steamed milk and blueberry flavor
  • Blueberry Matcha Latte – Matcha green tea blended with milk and a blueberry flavor swirl
  • Frozen Blueberry Coffee – Frozen coffee with blueberry flavoring

The blueberry syrup provides a sweet, tangy fruit flavor that complements the coffee. Customers can choose from whole, skim, soy, almond, or coconut milk varieties. The blueberry swirl or flavoring can be added to hot, iced, frozen, and espresso drinks in any size.

Monin Blueberry Syrup

After some investigation, it appears that Dunkin’ uses Monin brand blueberry syrup to flavor its blueberry coffee and espresso beverages.

Monin is a French company that manufactures premium syrups, sauces, fruit purees, and fruit blends for baristas, mixologists, and food service professionals. The company has a range of over 140 different flavors of syrups for coffees, lemonades, cocktails, and other beverages.

Some key facts about Monin Blueberry Syrup:

  • Made with natural blueberry puree, filtered water, sugar, and natural flavors
  • Provides a sweet, tangy, natural blueberry taste
  • Free of high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and colors
  • Caffeine-free, gluten-free, Kosher, Halal certified
  • Comes in a large 34 oz squeeze bottle for easy use

According to Monin, their blueberry syrup contains real blueberry puree to provide an authentic, high-quality blueberry flavor. The syrup can be used in a variety of beverages, dessserts, and other applications.

Why Dunkin’ Uses Monin Blueberry Syrup

There are several reasons why Dunkin’ Donuts has chosen Monin blueberry syrup as the brand for flavoring its blueberry coffee and espresso drinks:

  • Quality – Monin is known for making high quality, natural flavored syrups with real fruit purees. This provides a better blueberry taste compared to artificial syrups.
  • Consistency – Using one brand of syrup helps ensure a consistent blueberry flavor quality across all Dunkin’ locations.
  • Flavor Variety – Monin offers over 140 flavors, so Dunkin’ can get other specialty syrups from one supplier.
  • Easy to Use – The Monin syrup bottles are optimized for easy use by baristas to quickly pump syrup into beverages.
  • Trusted Brand – Monin is used by many food service retailers like Starbucks, so it is a trusted, proven brand.

By choosing a leading syrup brand like Monin for its blueberry flavor, Dunkin’ can ensure a delicious taste experience for its customers. The natural blueberry flavor of Monin syrup matches well with hot and iced coffees.

Monin Blueberry Syrup Ingredients

Monin blueberry syrup contains the following key ingredients:

  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Natural blueberry puree – provides real fruit flavor
  • Natural flavors – enhances the blueberry taste
  • Fruit and vegetable juice (for color)
  • Citric acid
  • Sodium benzoate (preservative)
  • Potassium sorbate (preservative)

The main ingredients are blueberry puree and sugar. By using real fruit puree, Monin blueberry syrup delivers a natural, sweet blueberry flavor without any artificial additives. The natural flavors and fruit/vegetable juice enhance the flavor and color while keeping the syrup all natural. Preservatives like citric acid, sodium benzoate, and potassium sorbate allow the syrup to have a long shelf life after opening.

According to Monin, their blueberry syrup has a sugar content around 66 grams per 100mL. The nutrition facts show the syrup is high in natural sugars as expected, but low in fat, protein and sodium. It has 120 calories per 1 fl.oz (30mL) serving.

How Dunkin’ Uses Monin Blueberry Syrup

Dunkin’ locations use Monin blueberry syrup to add blueberry flavor to various hot, iced and frozen coffee beverages throughout the day. Here is how they typically use the syrup:

  • Add 1-3 pumps of blueberry syrup to iced/frozen coffee drinks
  • Mix 2-4 pumps of blueberry syrup into hot coffee orders
  • Combine 2-3 pumps blueberry and 1-2 espresso shots for blueberry lattes
  • Blend with milk and ice for blueberry Matcha green tea lattes
  • Top whipped cream with a drizzle of blueberry syrup

The standard is 1-2 pumps for a small, 2-3 pumps for a medium, and 3-4 pumps for a large drink size. Baristas may adjust the amount of syrup based on customer preference for stronger or lighter blueberry flavor.

The blueberry syrup is stored in refrigerated, ready-to-use containers at each Dunkin’ location. The barista simply pumps the pre-measured amounts of room temperature syrup directly into the beverage. Dunkin’ staff go through many bottles of Monin blueberry syrup each week to satisfy customer orders.

Buying Monin Blueberry Syrup for Home Use

For home use, Monin blueberry syrup can be purchased from several online retailers which sell the syrup in smaller 17 oz bottles up to 1 liter for about $7-$15 per bottle. Monin syrup is also available on Amazon.

The same Monin blueberry syrup used by Dunkin’ can be used at home to create blueberry versions of coffees, teas, shakes, lemonades, cocktails and more. The syrup stores well sealed in the refrigerator for months.

Here are some tips for buying and using Monin blueberry syrup at home:

  • Look for the signature Monin branding and blueberry label
  • Check the expiration date for freshness
  • Seal bottle tightly after each use
  • Store in refrigerator once opened
  • Start with 1⁄2 oz (1 Tbsp) syrup and adjust to taste preference
  • Measure using a measuring spoon or syrup pump dispenser
  • Mix into any beverage hot or cold

Using the actual Monin brand blueberry syrup allows you to achieve the same great flavor profile preferred by Dunkin’ Donuts. Enjoy making blueberry coffee drinks at home just like you get from your favorite Dunkin’ location.

Nutrition Facts for Monin Blueberry Syrup

Monin blueberry syrup has the following nutrition facts per typical 1 fl.oz (30mL) serving:

Nutrition Facts 1 fl.oz % Daily Value
Total Fat 0g 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carbs. 29g 10%
— Sugars 29g
Protein 0g

As the data shows, Monin blueberry syrup has 120 calories per serving, mainly from the 29g of natural sugar. It contains no fat, protein or sodium.

The % daily values are based on a standard 2000 calorie diet. Consuming one or two servings of the syrup per day should fit into a healthy diet without issue. Those limiting sugar intake may want to use less syrup per serving.

Alternatives to Monin Blueberry Syrup

While Dunkin’ uses Monin brand, there are some other good blueberry syrup options consumers can use at home. Here are a few alternatives:

  • Smucker’s – Makes a sugar free blueberry syrup from real blueberries
  • Torani – Popular brand with natural blueberry or wild blueberry syrup varieties
  • DaVinci – Offers a sugar free blueberry flavor syrup
  • Starbucks – Sells its own Signature Blueberry syrup bottles
  • Make your own – DIY blueberry syrup using fresh or frozen berries

These brands offer different size bottles, flavors like sugar free options, and prices points for consumers to choose from. Making homemade blueberry syrup is also an option using simple syrup and blueberry puree.

While not exactly matching the Monin product, these provide blueberry flavoring options for coffee drinks and baking at home for variety.

Tips for Making Blueberry Drinks with Syrup

Here are some tips for making great tasting blueberry coffee drinks at home using Monin or another blueberry syrup:

  • Start with 1⁄2 to 1 oz (1-2 Tbsp) syrup per 8-12 oz drink
  • Add syrup to taste preference for lighter or bolder blueberry flavor
  • Mix syrup thoroughly into hot coffee to disperse evenly
  • For iced coffee, mix syrup with milk/cream before pouring over ice
  • For lattes, blend syrup with espresso shots before adding milk
  • Use syrup in moderation so blueberry doesn’t overpower other flavors
  • Try syrup in green tea lattes, milkshakes, lemonade and other drinks too

Experiment with the amount of blueberry syrup depending on the beverage type and size. Adjust to your personal taste buds for just the right sweet, fruity flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common frequently asked questions about Dunkin’s blueberry syrup brand:

What brand of blueberry syrup does Dunkin use?

Dunkin’ uses Monin brand blueberry flavored syrup to add blueberry taste to their hot, iced, and frozen coffee beverages.

Why does Dunkin use Monin brand?

Dunkin’ chooses Monin for its high quality natural blueberry flavor, consistency, variety of flavors, easy use bottles, and trusted reputation.

What ingredients are in Monin blueberry syrup?

Monin blueberry syrup contains sugar, water, natural blueberry puree, natural flavors, fruit/vegetable juice, citric acid, and preservatives.

Where can I buy Monin blueberry syrup?

Monin blueberry syrup can be purchased online from retailers like Webstaurant Store, Amazon, Target, and Walmart ranging from 17oz to 1 liter bottles.

Is Monin blueberry syrup healthy?

Monin syrup is high in natural sugar but low in fat, carbs, protein and sodium. Consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet, it can fit into a healthy lifestyle.


Dunkin’ Donuts uses Monin brand premium blueberry flavored syrup in its blueberry coffee and espresso drinks. This provides a delicious, natural tasting blueberry flavor from real fruit puree.

Monin blueberry syrup can also be purchased for home use allowing you to recreate Dunkin’-style beverages. While sugary, enjoying Monin syrup moderately can add sweet blueberry goodness to your diet. Sip and savor blueberry coffee drinks just like you get from your local Dunkin’ shop.

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