What are UPS overnight options?

UPS offers several overnight shipping options for getting packages delivered by the next business day. The main overnight services offered by UPS include Next Day Air, Next Day Air Early, Next Day Air Saver, and UPS Worldwide Express Plus.

The choice between these options depends on factors like cost, delivery time, and availability to different destinations. This article will provide an overview of the different UPS overnight shipping options, their delivery times, availability, and costs so you can select the best choice for your needs.

What is UPS Next Day Air service?

UPS Next Day Air is the fastest overnight shipping option offered by UPS. With Next Day Air service, packages are delivered by 10:30 AM to most addresses and by noon, 4:30 PM or 5:00 PM in remote areas the next business day.

Some key facts about UPS Next Day Air service:

  • Guaranteed delivery by 10:30 AM the next business day for most deliveries
  • Delivery by noon, 4:30 PM or 5:00 PM in remote areas
  • Covers delivery to all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico
  • Also available for delivery to Canada
  • Highest cost overnight shipping option from UPS

UPS Next Day Air provides the fastest possible delivery time for overnight packages through UPS. The drawback is it also has the highest cost compared to other UPS overnight services.

What is the difference between UPS Next Day Air Early vs regular Next Day Air?

UPS offers an early morning delivery variation of Next Day Air known as Next Day Air Early. As the name implies, Next Day Air Early provides even earlier delivery times than regular Next Day Air service.

The main differences between regular UPS Next Day Air vs. Next Day Air Early are:

  • Next Day Air Early delivers by 8:00 AM or 8:30 AM in most areas
  • Regular Next Day Air delivers by 10:30 AM in most areas
  • Next Day Air Early has an earlier shipment cutoff time
  • Next Day Air Early has a higher cost than regular Next Day Air

So in summary, UPS Next Day Air Early guarantees earlier morning delivery by 8:00 or 8:30 AM at an extra cost compared to regular Next Day Air service which delivers by 10:30 AM. Shippers who need the very earliest delivery time would benefit from using Next Day Air Early.

What is UPS Next Day Air Saver?

UPS Next Day Air Saver is a lower cost overnight service offered by UPS with a longer delivery time than regular Next Day Air or Next Day Air Early.

Here are some key facts about Next Day Air Saver:

  • Delivers by end of day (3:00 PM to 7:00 PM) the next business day
  • Offers lowest cost overnight shipping from UPS
  • Only available to contiguous 48 states
  • Cannot deliver to PO boxes or rural areas
  • Does not have delivery guarantees

The main benefit of UPS Next Day Air Saver is the lower cost. The tradeoff is packages may be delivered later in the day and do not come with a delivery time guarantee. Shippers who want the lowest overnight pricing but can accept end of day delivery can use Next Day Air Saver.

What delivery speeds does UPS Worldwide Express Plus provide?

UPS Worldwide Express Plus provides urgent overnight delivery for international shipments sent via UPS. This service offers the following delivery speeds:

  • Guaranteed next business day delivery by 10:30 AM to major cities in Canada
  • Delivery typically within 1-3 business days between the US and Mexico
  • Shipments reach Europe and Asia within 1-3 business days on average

UPS Worldwide Express Plus offers faster delivery speeds than regular UPS Worldwide Express service but at a higher cost. It provides a reliable option for overnight and urgent international courier services when speed is a priority. However, delivery times beyond Canada vary depending on the destination country.

How much does UPS Next Day Air shipping cost?

UPS Next Day Air has the highest cost among the UPS overnight delivery options. Shipping rates are based on the weight and size of the package, the origin and destination zip codes, and additional services added.

Some example costs for UPS Next Day Air shipping:

  • 5 lb package from Florida to New York: $60-$90
  • 10 lb package from Texas to California: $120-$180
  • 25 lb package from Illinois to Washington: $240-$400
  • Larger packages generally over $200+

Rates are highest for longer distances and heavier packages. UPS provides an online Rate Calculator to estimate the cost for Next Day Air and other services based on details for your specific shipment.

How much does UPS Next Day Air Early cost?

UPS Next Day Air Early generally costs around 20-30% more than regular UPS Next Day Air shipping. The premium is to guarantee even earlier delivery by 8:00 or 8:30 AM instead of 10:30 AM.

Some sample costs for Next Day Air Early:

  • 5 lb package from New York to Florida: $75-$115 (Regular Next Day Air would be $60-$90)
  • 15 lb package from California to Kansas: $250-$350 (Regular Next Day Air would be $180-$280)

The exact premium over regular Next Day Air varies by factors like package weight, distance, origin/destination and additional services. In general, expect to pay around 20-30% more to get the earlier delivery time guarantee.

What are the shipping rates for UPS Next Day Air Saver?

UPS Next Day Air Saver provides the lowest cost overnight shipping from UPS. Some example rates for Next Day Air Saver:

  • 5 lb package from New York to Florida: $45-$70
  • 10 lb package from Illinois to Texas: $80-$140
  • 20 lb package from California to Ohio: $150-$260

These rates reflect around a 25-35% discount versus regular UPS Next Day Air rates. However, packages may not be delivered until late afternoon. UPS Next Day Air Saver only covers the contiguous 48 states.

How much does UPS Worldwide Express Plus cost?

UPS Worldwide Express Plus has significantly higher costs than domestic overnight shipping due to the international delivery distances. Some sample UPS Worldwide Express Plus rates:

  • 2 lb package from US to Canada: $100-$200
  • 5 lb package from US to Europe: $200-$400
  • 10 lb package from US to Asia: $500-$800+

Rates vary widely based on the destination country. In general, Worldwide Express Plus costs around 25-50% more than regular UPS Worldwide Express service. UPS provides online tools to estimate the cost for international shipments.

Does UPS charge extra fees for overnight delivery?

UPS does charge some additional fees that can add to the cost of overnight shipping, including:

  • Residential surcharge – $3.80 extra for delivery to a home instead of commercial address
  • Delivery Area Surcharge – $13.50 extra for delivery to remote ZIP codes
  • Oversize Pallet Charge – Varies based on size for pallet shipments exceeding size limits
  • Peak Surcharges – Extra fees during the holiday peak delivery season in December

Knowing any applicable surcharges for your shipment can prevent surprise charges on your UPS invoice. The main fees to watch out for are residential delivery and remote area surcharges.

What is the maximum weight and size for UPS Next Day Air shipments?

UPS imposes some limits on the maximum weight and dimensions for packages shipped via Next Day Air. These include:

  • Maximum weight – 150 lbs
  • Maximum length – 108 inches
  • Maximum size – 165 inches combined length and girth [(2 x width) + (2 x height)]

Larger and heavier packages may still ship but cannot be guaranteed for next day delivery. UPS Worldwide Express Plus for international shipments has lower size and weight limits that vary by destination. Checking UPS packaging guidelines is advised when shipping oversize or heavy Next Day Air packages.

What is the latest pickup time for UPS Next Day Air?

To provide overnight delivery, UPS has cutoff times for latest package pickup and drop-off. Among the UPS Next Day Air options:

  • Next Day Air – Pickup by 7:00 PM, Drop off by 8:30 PM
  • Next Day Air Early – Pickup by 6:00 PM, Drop off by 7:30 PM
  • Next Day Air Saver – Pickup by 4:30 PM, Drop off by 6:30 PM

Times vary depending on the shipper’s location and destination. Ensure packages are ready for pickup before the listed cutoff times to avoid delays. UPS offers later pickup for an extra fee in some areas.

Can UPS deliver overnight packages on weekends or holidays?

UPS does not offer delivery of Next Day Air or other overnight services on weekends or major U.S. holidays. Some limitations to be aware of:

  • No delivery on Saturdays or Sundays
  • No delivery on major holidays like Christmas, New Years Day, Memorial Day, etc.
  • Packages shipped on Fridays deliver on Monday, unless a holiday
  • Packages shipping around holidays may require extra transit day

UPS observes all major U.S. holidays. When shipping around holidays, check the UPS holiday schedule and account for no weekend or holiday deliveries when selecting your service.

How can I track UPS Next Day Air packages?

UPS provides several ways to track Next Day Air and overnight packages in transit:

  • Online tracking by UPS.com or Tracking app by reference number
  • Email and text alerts for package status updates
  • Scan packages at UPS Access Point locations
  • Call UPS customer service to check status

Enter the shipment’s tracking number at UPS.com or in the app to see each step from pickup to delivery. Important status scans to watch for include origin scan, in transit, and out for delivery.

Can I change the delivery address for a UPS Next Day Air package?

UPS does allow delivery address changes for Next Day Air packages in some circumstances:

  • Requests must be made before the delivery commit time
  • New address cannot involve forwarding package to another city
  • Address change depends on timing and destination – may not always be possible
  • Requests can be made online, by phone, email, or at UPS facility

Changing the recipient address on short notice is difficult for overnight shipments. It is best to verify the delivery address when initially shipping the package.

What options exist if I missed the UPS driver?

If you miss the UPS driver during delivery of your Next Day Air or overnight shipment, you have some options:

  • Reschedule delivery online for the next business day
  • Pick up package at nearest UPS Access Point location
  • Have driver reattempt delivery on a future day
  • Request to hold package at UPS facility for pickup

Depending on your location, you may be able to request another delivery attempt same day if before the final cutoff time for your area. Convenient alternatives are having the package held at an Access Point location or the UPS facility for pickup.

Can I return a Next Day Air shipment to UPS if undeliverable?

If a Next Day Air package is unable to be delivered, UPS will return the shipment to the sender:

  • Shipper is notified if delivery is unsuccessful
  • UPS returns undeliverable Next Day Air packages to shipper
  • Refunds issued for prepaid shipping charges if requested
  • Shipper can submit claims for damage reimbursement

Returning the shipment allows the shipper to address any issues with the receiver’s address and resend if needed. UPS tracking should show the transit back and when the package is returned.


UPS Next Day Air provides the fastest possible delivery of overnight packages through UPS, while Next Day Air Early guarantees even earlier morning delivery at a premium cost. For lower overnight rates, Next Day Air Saver delivers by end of day with no guarantees.

Worldwide Express Plus offers urgent overnight transport for international shipments. Understanding the pricing, transit times, size/weight limits, shipping deadlines, weekend handling and tracking capabilities of UPS Next Day services enables selecting the right option to meet overnight delivery requirements.

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