What are the Starbucks cup sizes?

Starbucks offers a variety of cup sizes for its hot and cold beverages. Understanding the different sizes and ounces can help customers order the right amount of coffee or tea for their preferences and needs.

Starbucks Hot Cup Sizes

For hot coffee and tea, Starbucks has four main cup size options:

  • Tall – 12 fluid ounces
  • Grande – 16 fluid ounces
  • Venti – 20 fluid ounces
  • Trenta – 31 fluid ounces (only for iced drinks)

The short size was discontinued in most stores in 2008. Here is a quick overview of the current Starbucks hot cup sizes:

Cup Size Fluid Ounces
Tall 12
Grande 16
Venti 20


The tall hot cup is the smallest size at 12 fluid ounces. It’s the perfect amount for a lighter coffee or tea drinker who wants a regular caffeinated beverage but doesn’t want a large cup. The tall size is also great for those who prefer to drink their coffee before it gets cold.


For a medium-sized hot drink, Starbucks offers the grande at 16 fluid ounces. This is their most popular hot cup size. The grande has four more ounces than the tall, making it better for those who want a regular medium-sized hot drink.


The largest hot size is the venti at 20 fluid ounces. This is ideal for coffee lovers who want the most caffeine in one cup. The venti size can hold extra shots of espresso in coffee drinks too. It’s also great for tea drinkers who want the biggest possible hot tea.

Starbucks Cold Cup Sizes

For iced coffee, tea, and other cold drinks, Starbucks offers three main cup sizes:

  • Tall – 12 fluid ounces
  • Grande – 16 fluid ounces
  • Venti – 24 fluid ounces
  • Trenta – 31 fluid ounces

Here is an overview of the Starbucks cold cup sizes:

Cup Size Fluid Ounces
Tall 12
Grande 16
Venti 24
Trenta 31


The Starbucks tall iced cup holds 12 fluid ounces, the same as the tall hot size. Going with a tall iced drink is great for lightly caffeinated, refreshing beverages. The smaller size prevents possible dilution from too much ice as the drink is consumed.


The grande cold cup clocks in at 16 fluid ounces, just like the grande hot size. The grande iced option allows for more ounces than the tall for moderate caffeine and hydration on hot days. It’s a happy medium between the smallest and largest iced sizes.


Starbucks venti cold drinks contain 24 fluid ounces of chilled coffee, tea, or other specialty beverages. The venti iced is larger than the venti hot since there is extra room from ice. It’s the ideal size for maximizing caffeine and enjoying cold drinks on extra hot days.


The trenta is Starbucks’ largest iced drink size at 31 fluid ounces. This massive plastic cup is perfect for sharing or keeping iced coffee or tea cold all day since the ice melts slowly. The trenta is only available for iced drinks, not hot beverages.

How to Order the Right Starbucks Cup Size

Here are some tips for ordering the best Starbucks cup size based on your needs and preferences:

  • Order a tall hot or iced drink if you want a smaller serving of caffeine.
  • Choose a grande hot or iced drink for a moderate, medium-sized beverage.
  • Get a venti hot coffee if you need the biggest, strongest cup of joe.
  • Opt for an iced venti or trenta to stay cool and hydrated with cold brew or tea.
  • Ask the barista for a sample or half-size if you’re not sure which size to get.
  • Feel free to customize your coffee or tea to the right strength regardless of cup size.
  • Consider your caffeine tolerance and drink preferences when deciding on size.

Keep in mind that Starbucks offers the same beverage in multiple sizes. You can order a tall, grande, or venti cappuccino. The only difference is the amount of fluid ounces between the short, tall, and large sizes. Pick what’s right for you based on the helpful tips above.

Does Cup Size Affect Caffeine Content?

Cup size alone does not affect caffeine content at Starbucks. Rather, it’s the number of espresso shots that determines caffeine strength. Here are some key facts on Starbucks cup sizes and caffeine:

  • Short and tall hot drinks get 1 espresso shot.
  • Grande hot drinks get 2 espresso shots by default.
  • Venti hot drinks get 2 espresso shots normally.
  • Order extra shots to add more caffeine regardless of cup size.
  • Caffeine varies by beverage, not just cup size. Lattes have less caffeine than brewed coffee.
  • Iced venti drinks get an extra shot since there is room for more liquid.

The amount of caffeine per ounce is generally consistent across short, tall, grande, and venti sizes. However, the venti has more caffeine overall since the actual volume and number of shots is greater.

Starbucks Cup Sizes for Specialty Drinks

Beyond regular coffee and tea, Starbucks serves a wide selection of specialty beverages. Many delicious drinks like lattes, macchiatos, and Frappuccinos can be ordered in the various Starbucks cup sizes. Here are some guidelines:

Hot Specialty Drinks

  • Tall – Cafe mocha, caramel macchiato, skinny vanilla latte, etc.
  • Grande – Flat white, cinnamon dolce latte, honey citrus mint tea, etc.
  • Venti – Peppermint mocha, chocolatey chai tea, eggnog latte (seasonal), etc.

Cold Specialty Drinks

  • Tall – Iced coffee, cold brew, iced chai tea, iced caramel macchiato, etc.
  • Grande – Nitro cold brew, iced cinnamon almondmilk macchiato, honey almondmilk flat white, etc.
  • Venti – Iced pineapple black tea, salted cream cold foam cold brew, pumpkin cream nitro, etc.
  • Trenta – Mocha cookie crumble Frappuccino, caramel ribbon crunch Frappuccino, etc.

Pretty much any hot, iced, or blended Starbucks drink can be ordered in a short, tall, grande, venti or trenta (for iced drinks only). Size up or down based on your preferences.


Starbucks offers short, tall, grande, venti, and trenta cup sizes to meet customer needs. The short and tall sizes are 12 ounces, while the grande is 16 ounces for medium drinks. Venti cups are 20 ounces for hot drinks and 24 ounces for iced drinks. Trenta cups are extra large at 31 ounces to keep iced beverages cold and refreshing. Cup size alone doesn’t change caffeine content – you have to adjust the number of shots. But in general, larger cups contain more caffeine. Consider your drink preferences and caffeine needs when choosing a Starbucks cup size. The helpful baristas can also provide recommendations to help you pick the perfect size.

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