What are the 5 most common Powerball numbers?

Powerball is one of the most popular lottery games in the United States, with millions trying their luck to win the multi-million dollar jackpot each week. With winning numbers drawn from two separate pools of numbers – five white balls numbered 1-69 and one red Powerball numbered 1-26 – the odds of winning the jackpot are incredibly slim at 1 in 292.2 million.

But that doesn’t stop hopeful players from looking for any advantage they can get to boost their chances, however small. One strategy is to look at statistics on the most frequently drawn Powerball numbers to see if any numbers stand out.

What are the Most Common Powerball Numbers?

Based on analysis of past Powerball drawings, these are the 5 most common white ball numbers:


The number 61 has been drawn the most, appearing in 142 Powerball drawings to date. The number 32 has appeared 137 times, 63 has been drawn 136 times, 21 has appeared 134 times, and the number 69 has come up 132 times.

As for the red Powerball, the most common Powerball numbers are:


The number 24 has appeared 64 times, while 18 and 4 have both appeared 62 times each. The number 21 has come up 60 times, and 10 has appeared 58 times.

Why Do Certain Numbers Appear More Frequently?

There are a few theories on why we see certain numbers drawn more often in the Powerball lottery.

One factor is pure coincidence and the random nature of lottery drawings. Over thousands of drawings, some numbers are bound to appear more frequently than others, simply by chance. So the most common numbers may be a result of randomness and luck, rather than any meaningful statistical trend.

Some people believe there could be biases or flaws in the lottery drawing system that cause some numbers to be selected more often. However, lottery officials assert that their drawing machines and lottery ball sets are meticulously tested and monitored to ensure proper randomness.

Another factor is the popularity of certain numbers among players. More players means more number combinations containing those popular numbers. And more combinations means more chances for those numbers to be drawn.

For example, numbers like 7, 3, and 21 are considered “lucky numbers” that many people play. Birthdays are also commonly played numbers. This can drive up the frequency that some numbers are selected.

Should You Play the Most Common Numbers?

Knowing the most frequently drawn Powerball numbers can lead some players to focus their number picks on those common numbers. However, there are a few reasons why playing the most common numbers may not be the best strategy.

First, the probability of winning Powerball is the same no matter what numbers you play. The odds are incredibly small for any combination. Playing the most frequently drawn numbers does not actually increase your chances of winning.

Also, when many people play those common numbers, it means you would have to share any prizes won with more winners. Jackpots and other big prizes are often split among multiple winning tickets.

Statistically speaking, your best strategy is to pick numbers randomly rather than based on hot numbers, birthdays, or other patterns. Every number combination has exactly the same chance of being drawn.

Can Hot Numbers Suddenly Turn Cold?

One risk of only playing the most common Powerball numbers is that history shows numbers that were once hot can suddenly turn cold.

Just because a number has appeared frequently in past drawings does not mean it will continue to be drawn at the same rate. In fact, improbable as it may seem, a number like 61 could go dozens or even hundreds of future drawings without being selected again.

Over time, the appearance rates of different numbers eventually evens out thanks to the randomness inherent to lottery drawings. So while some numbers may be hot for a period, that trend is likely to reverse at some point.

Rather than getting fixated on specific numbers, many experts suggest randomly selecting numbers from the whole pool of available numbers. This approach gives you the same odds as any other combination.

How Often Do the Most Common Numbers Get Drawn Together?

Seeing that certain numbers are drawn more frequently could lead some to play those numbers together in hopes of an even better chance of matching the winning combination.

But the Powerball drawing mechanism makes it highly unlikely for the top 5 most common white ball numbers to be drawn together in a single drawing. The same applies to the red Powerball numbers.

In the entire history of Powerball since 1992, the top 5 white ball numbers have never been drawn together in a single drawing. The same is true of the top 5 red Powerball numbers.

The chances of all five of the most frequently drawn numbers being selected together are minuscule. So it is not a sound strategy to play only the most common numbers and expect them to align.

Key Takeaways on the Most Common Powerball Numbers

Here are some key points to summarize the most frequently drawn Powerball numbers and things to know if playing those numbers:

– The most common white ball numbers are 61, 32, 63, 21, and 69. The top red Powerball numbers are 24, 18, 4, 21, and 10.

– Certain numbers may appear more often due to coincidences, player superstitions, or biases in the lottery system. But all number combinations have equal odds of being drawn.

– Playing only the most common numbers does not increase your overall odds of winning and may result in more shared prizes.

– Hot numbers can always turn cold unexpectedly. There are risks to focusing on past drawing frequencies.

– It is very rare for the top 5 most frequent numbers to all be drawn in the same Powerball drawing.

So while it can be fun to analyze the statistics, the randomness of the lottery means no numbers or combinations should be considered absolute best bets. A random assortment of numbers has the exact same mathematical chance of winning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the most frequent Powerball numbers:

Why do certain numbers get picked more often?

There are a few potential factors: coincidences from randomness, player number biases causing more combinations with those numbers, or flaws in the lottery system. Officials assert proper safeguards are in place for randomness.

Should I only play the most common numbers?

It does not improve your overall odds, since every combination has the same probability. And more shared jackpots could result. A random assortment of numbers is just as likely to win.

How can I increase my chances of winning?

There is no strategy to increase odds of winning, as all number combos have equal odds. Your best bet is random numbers to avoid shared prizes. You can increase chances by buying more tickets, but overall odds are still very small.

Can hot numbers suddenly turn cold?

Yes, historical trends can reverse and numbers that were once hot can go many drawings without being selected again. Relying solely on past frequencies is risky.

Do the hot numbers ever all get drawn together?

It is extremely improbable for the top 5 white numbers and top 5 Powerballs to align in one drawing. In Powerball history, this has never happened, underscoring the randomness at play.


While Powerball’s most frequent numbers offer an interesting statistical look at past drawings, they should not be your sole lottery number selection strategy. A random assortment of numbers has the exact same minuscule odds of winning the jackpot. And relying too heavily on hot numbers carries risks if those trends unexpectedly shift. For the best mathematical odds, a random combination of numbers is the safest play.

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