Was Paige part of A?

No, Paige was not part of A. A was a secret society at Rosewood High, founded by Mona Vanderwaal. Paige was never formally a part of A, but she was involved in the group’s activities and actively monitored the Liars.

She eventually joined forces with Mona and the Liars in their mission to take down Charlotte DiLaurentis, the second leader of A, and also revealed her knowledge of A in Season 3. Paige showed support for the Liars when she gave them her blessing to search for Mary Drake and Charles DiLaurentis.

In the end, although Paige was never an official member of A, she proved to be a loyal ally to the Liars and Mona in their fight against A.

Who was the OG A in PLL?

The original “A” in Pretty Little Liars was Mona Vanderwaal. Mona was first introduced as a friend of lead character Hanna Marin in the first season. As the series progresses, it is later revealed that Mona was the one who created the A group and took on the identity of “A” to torment the main characters, known as the Liars.

Mona’s main motivation for becoming “A” was to prove to the Liars and the rest of the high school that she was smarter and more socially savvy than Hanna. Throughout Season 2 and the first half of Season 3, Mona was the main antagonist of the show, who worked to torment the Liars and keep them from discovering her identity as “A”.

Eventually, however, she was found out and it was revealed that she had been working with another “A” to accomplish her goals, who was revealed to be the real mastermind behind the A game.

Who was A in season 1?

A in season 1 of the popular TV show, Pretty Little Liars, was revealed to be Mona Vanderwaal. The viewers are initially led to believe Mona was just an unlikely ally of the Liars who was helping them track down the mysterious “A” who had been terrorizing them.

However, as the show progresses, it is revealed that Mona was actually the one behind “A. ” Throughout the first season, Mona portrayed herself as their friend and confidante while at the same time targeting and manipulating them.

In the season one finale, Mona reveals that she became “A” because she was jealous of how close the Liars had become and how they were popular while she was not. Ultimately, she wanted to ruin the Liars’ lives, but after a few months realized she had made a mistake and revealed the truth in order to save them.

How does Paige betray Emily?

Paige betrays Emily in a few ways. Firstly, she starts dating Emily’s ex-boyfriend, Toby, behind her back, even though she knows it will hurt Emily, and even though Emily had asked her not to. She also secretly gave Emily’s diary to Jenna who uses it to blackmail her and emotionally manipulate her.

In addition to that, when Emily is trying to make the squad, Paige lies to her and tells her the tryouts were cancelled, when they weren’t. This delay ultimately costs Emily a spot on the team. Lastly, in season 3, she gives Emily’s phone number to criminals and drug dealers, which puts her in danger.

All of these are examples of ways in which Paige betrays Emily.

Is Mr Fitz A in PLL?

No, Mr Fitz is not A in Pretty Little Liars.

Throughout the show, it is revealed that the main antagonist, referred to as ‘A’, is in fact two people – Mona Vanderwaal and Charlotte DiLaurentis (aka CeCe Drake). Mona is the one who began the ‘A’ game, and Charlotte is the one who ultimately takes over, with the help of a new group of allies.

The two are revealed to be ‘Red Coat’ and ‘Black Widow’.

Although Mr Fitz is a recurring character throughout the show, he is never mentioned as being involved in any of the ‘A’ activities and he does not have any connection to the ‘A’ Team. He does become involved in a relationship with one of the Liars, Aria Montgomery, which becomes a source of conflict within the show but his involvement in the show is purely in a personal capacity and not as part of the ‘A’ Team.

Do we find out who A is in season 1?

No, unfortunately we do not discover who ‘A’ is in season 1 of Pretty Little Liars. ‘A’ is a major mystery throughout the entire series, and who they are is not revealed until season 6. The anonymous ‘A’ who is first believed to be tormenting the Liars with A’s “games” seems to have all the answers, and only teases the Liars with taunting text messages, emails, and clues.

The mystery of who ‘A’ is remains unsolved throughout the first 5 seasons, making viewers curious and intrigued as the show progresses.

Why did Mona become A?

Mona became A because she wanted to seek revenge on the Liars who, in her opinion, had wronged her. After Mona was exposed as the Queen of Hearts and humiliated by the Liars at the masquerade ball, she felt betrayed and humiliated.

She wanted to exact revenge by making their lives a living nightmare as payback. Mona became A so she could issue threats and blackmail them, manipulating them and causing havoc in their lives. This is also why Mona often took on the persona of characters from the TV show Pretty Little Liars.

She wanted to show that she not only had control over them, but was also one step ahead of them throughout their investigating.

Who found out Ezra is A?

The identity of “A” was confirmed to be Ezra Fitz in Season 6A of Pretty Little Liars by Toby Cavanaugh. With the help of Caleb Rivers and Mona Vanderwaal, Toby was able to track Ezra’s past and uncover the fact that Ezra was “A”.

Caleb found a recorder and laptop, which revealed Ezra’s connection to a group known as the “A-Team”. The laptop also included surveillance footage which showed Ezra helping Charlotte DiLaurentis out of Radley Sanitarium.

This coupled with his own suspicions of Ezra, heavily implied that he was in fact “A”. Toby then revealed this information to the Liars, who were caught off guard and had a hard time accepting the truth.

Despite the initial shock, they eventually came to terms with the fact that Ezra was indeed “A”.

What episode is A’s identity revealed?

The identity of “A” is finally revealed in the Season 6 finale of Pretty Little Liars titled, “A-X-T-C”. In this episode, the Liars each receive a text from “A” asking them to meet up at the Lost Woods Resort and they discover the “A” they have been looking for the past five years is none other than Charlotte DiLaurentis – the presumed dead sister of Alison DiLaurentis.

The shock of this revelation is further compounded by the fact that Charlotte has been playing a master game against the Liars, in which she orchestrated every “A” move from behind the scenes and was even the one who initially decided to involve them in the Search for Alison.

Seeing that the Liars have been taken aback by the revelation, Charlotte then reveals the reasons behind her vendetta, citing her multiple trauma’s as her primary motivator and her desire for revenge against her family for the way they had treated her when she was younger.

Charlotte further explains that, in her mind, by making the Liars suffer, she was making her family suffer and pay for the wrongs of the past. In the end, the Liars are able to forgive Charlotte, in spite of all the terrible things “A” had done to them.

This forgiveness would ultimately pave the way for Charlotte’s eventual redemption.

What episode do they find out who the first A is?

They find out who the first A is in the Season 3 finale episode of Pretty Little Liars, titled “A Dangerous GAme”. In the episode, the main characters are finally able to put the pieces together and figure out the identity of their tormentor, revealing that Mona Vanderwaal was the mysterious “A”.

Mona reveals that she was the one sending them threatening messages, as revenge for all the times they had wronged her, and continuously scared and manipulated them. She goes on to explain how she had gathered all their secrets, knew their every move and basically had absolute control over their lives.

This reveal finally brings to light the mystery of “A”, something that had been kept a secret for a number of seasons.

What episode do they reveal who A?

The answer to who “A” is revealed in the Season 6 Finale of Pretty Little Liars, titled “Game Over, Charles”. As the title would suggest, it is revealed that CeCe Drake (AKA Charlotte DiLaurentis) is the infamous “A” that has been tormenting the Liars since the beginning of the show.

In the finale, CeCe finally reveals herself as “A” and explains her motives. She says she had created the game of terror to play against her friends because, after being placed in a mental facility since she was a teenager, she wanted to be taken seriously and prove how smart and cunning she was.

By the end of the episode, the Liars realize that CeCe was driving the action behind the scenes for almost 4 seasons and that she was responsible for all of the wrongdoings. This includes CeCe killing Mrs.

DiLaurentis and trying to drive the Liars apart in order to protect herself. The reveal of CeCe being “A” marks the culmination of the Liars’ journey and puts a full stop to the drama and mystery that has been a major part of the series.

Who is part of the A team in PLL?

The entirety of the “A-Team” in Pretty Little Liars can be hard to keep track of, since it has changed throughout the series. Here is a list of the core members of the A-Team:

• Mona Vanderwaal – Mona is the first member of the A-Team. She initially set out to teach the Liars a lesson but was eventually revealed to be working with another “A”,whose identity remains a mystery.

• Alison DiLaurentis – Alison became part of the A-Team during the time she was presumed dead in order to monitor the Liars and protect herself from “A”.

• Jenna Marshall – Jenna was a loyal member of the A-Team for some time, even helping Mona and Alison with various tasks and spying on the Liars.

• Melissa Hastings – Melissa Hastings was coerced by “A” into joining the A-Team and helping them in their scheme.

• Wren Kingston – Wren was a trusted member of the A-Team, helping Mona and Alison with tasks, though his ultimate goals with the A-Team remain uncertain.

• CeCe Drake (also known as Charlotte DiLaurentis) – CeCe was revealed to be the ultimate “A”, though she was not part of the A-Team for long as she was locked up for a brief time.

• Sara Harvey – Sara Harvey was initially part of the A-Team, but eventually switched sides to help the Liars.

• Noel Kahn – Noel was recruited by Jenna and Melissa, and his true intentions remain a mystery.

Why does Aria join the A-team?

Aria joins the A-Team because she is looking for a way to make a real difference in her community. She sees the A-Team as a powerful tool to bring awareness to social issues that she feels strongly about.

She also has a deep admiration for the work the A-Team does and wants to be a part of the mission. She sees the opportunity to make a real impact on people’s lives and as a way to learn more about the world and inspire others to take action.

She believes in the power of people and that by working together and collaborating, real change can be made.

Was Ezra on the A Team?

No, Ezra was not on the A Team. The A Team was a legendary television show that followed the exploits of a group of criminals-turned-mercenaries, who were pursued by the military for a crime they didn’t commit.

The team consisted of Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith, Lieutenant Templeton “Face” Peck, Captain H. M. “Howling Mad” Murdock, and Sergeant Bosco Albert Baracus. Some fans have speculated that Ezra belongs to the A Team due to his background as a mercenary and the mafia association he has, but there is no indication that he was ever part of the team.

Additionally, the A Team is a four-person group, while Ezra has no other known partners.

Is Spencer A villain in PLL?

No, Spencer is not a villain in Pretty Little Liars (PLL). Throughout the series, Spencer is a good-natured and intelligent girl who is often the voice of reason among the four main Liars. While Spencer’s personality does change as the series progresses, she never becomes a villain.

At times, she acts selfishly when it comes to competing with her sister and other various romantic interests, but she is never villainous. At heart, Spencer is a supportive friend who is determined to do the right thing for her and her friends.

She’s devoted to her family and will go to great lengths to protect them. Above all, Spencer is fiercely loyal – she’s the one who stands by the Liars no matter what. As the series progresses, Spencer is often thrown into difficult situations and forced to make tough decisions, but her fundamental goal is always to do what’s right.

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