Was Chobani complete discontinued?

Chobani Complete, a product line of protein-packed Greek yogurt made by the popular yogurt company Chobani, has generated some buzz lately around whether or not it has been discontinued. The confusion stems from changes to Chobani’s product lineup over the past couple of years that have seen some flavors and varieties discontinued. However, while certain Complete products may no longer be available, the Complete line itself remains in production.

The Origins of Chobani Complete

Chobani first launched its Complete line of Greek yogurt in early 2016. What set Complete apart was its high protein content, typically ranging from 15-25g per serving, achieved by straining out more liquid whey. This gave it a thicker, creamier texture than regular Greek yogurt. The protein amounts rivaled that of many protein shakes and powders.

The Complete line was designed to be a protein-packed snack or light meal, satisfying hunger while providing a protein boost. Initially it was available in four flavors: Blueberry Power, Strawberry Power, Peach Power, and Vanilla Power. The flavors were later expanded to include selections like Mixed Berry Power and Triple Chocolate Power.

The high protein content quickly earned Complete a following among athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and health-conscious consumers looking to increase daily protein intake. However, the thick, decadent textures and sweet fruit flavors also appealed to mainstream yogurt lovers.

Discontinued Complete Flavors

Over the next several years following Complete’s launch, Chobani experimented with different flavors, formulations, and packaging. Some varieties were clearly more successful than others.

In 2019, Chobani streamlined its Complete offerings down to 5 flavors: Blueberry Power, Strawberry Power, Peach Power, Vanilla Power, and Plain Power. Noticeably absent were former flavors like Triple Chocolate, Mixed Berry, and Banana. Select package sizes were also discontinued, like the 16oz cups.

Further flavor eliminations came in early 2022, when Chobani discontinued 3 more Complete options: Plain Power, Peach Power, and Strawberry Power. This left just two flavors, Blueberry Power and Vanilla Power.

The shrinking Complete selection led many to speculate online whether Chobani was phasing out the Complete line altogether, especially with the loss of what had been a core flavor in Strawberry Power.

The Complete Line Remains

However, despite dropping several flavors and sizes, Chobani has confirmed that Complete remains an active part of its product lineup. As of late 2022, Complete is still listed and promoted on Chobani’s website.

Blueberry and Vanilla Complete can be found in many grocery stores, showing the line has staying power. The two flavors cover basic yogurt tastes, though fans of the retired flavors undoubtedly miss those options.

The simplified flavor selection may come down to production efficiency and profitability. Limiting Complete to only the top-selling flavors streamlines manufacturing and inventory demands. Focusing on core flavors that have wide appeal makes sense from a business perspective.

Why Did Chobani Likely Retire Some Complete Products?

Chobani has not provided official reasons for retiring many Complete items, but several factors likely influenced the decisions:

  • Sales performance – Flavors and packs that simply weren’t selling well or profitable enough were removed.
  • Consumer trends – Demand may have declined for thicker, high protein yogurt as consumer preferences changed.
  • Manufacturing costs – Producing the extra-strained Complete yogurt is more complex and expensive.
  • Inventory management – Reducing sku’s simplifies inventory and production.
  • Product evolution – Chobani evaluates and tweaks its selections over time.

By focusing on top-performing options, Chobani can allocate resources to its best Complete products. Still, fans understandably miss the discontinued flavors and packs.

How Does Complete Fit in Chobani’s Current Lineup?

The Complete yogurt line remains a key part of Chobani’s overall brand and portfolio. Though the selection is reduced, it provides a distinct high protein, satisfying option versus Chobani’s regular yogurts.

Complete yogurt helps Chobani appeal to protein-focused consumers in the Greek yogurt category while also competing with protein shakes and other high protein snacks. Complete differentiates itself by delivering protein nutrition through yogurt’s inherent benefits like live cultures, calcium, and real fruit flavors.

The thicker, creamier texture of Complete also attracts buyers desiring a more indulgent, decadent yogurt experience compared to Chobani’s standard chalkier Greek yogurts. Yet it achieves this while keeping protein counts high and using low-fat milk. This balances nutrition with enjoyment.

Complete’s importance is evident in it still being one of the few yogurt lines featured on Chobani’s home page. It sits alongside mainstays like Chobani Flip, Oat, and Zero Sugar. So while Complete’s offerings have contracted, Chobani clearly still values it as part of its brand identity and portfolio strategy.

Chobani Yogurt Product Lines

Line Description
Complete High protein Greek yogurt
Flip Greek yogurt with mix-in toppings
Oat Greek yogurt blended with oats
Zero Sugar Greek yogurt with no added sugars
Coffee Coffee-infused Greek yogurt
Kids Greek yogurt tailored for kids
Drinks Greek yogurt-based drinks

The Future of Complete

It remains to be seen whether Chobani will continue to trim Complete’s product selection further or perhaps re-introduce flavors that were previously cut. Discontinued flavors conceivably could be rotated back in for limited runs based on consumer response and market conditions. Chobani has demonstrated a willingness to evolve its offerings over time to match demand.

Development work likely continues on potential new Complete formulations, flavors, and packaging. Yogurt makers face fierce competition and must continuously innovate to attract buyers. The high protein craze shows little sign of slowing, so Complete provides a way for Chobani to tap into this demand by delivering extra protein content in a yogurt form consumers love.

Retail distribution for Complete may also expand, as Chobani recently gained authorization to sell its yogurts in certain Walmart locations. Increased retail presence for Complete could help sales velocity.

Barring major strategic changes, Complete seems poised to remain in Chobani’s lineup long-term. It fills an important role as the company’s high protein yogurt. And as long as consumer appetite persists for Greek yogurt and protein-rich foods, Complete caters squarely to these trends while leveraging Chobani’s brand equity.

The Takeaway on Chobani Complete

In summary, while Chobani Complete has undergone product contraction over the past couple years, key facts indicate the Complete line itself remains a steady part of Chobani’s overall brand lineup:

  • Two core Complete flavors, Blueberry and Vanilla, are still widely available at retail.
  • Complete has a dedicated presence on Chobani’s website.
  • It fills the important role of high protein Greek yogurt in Chobani’s portfolio.
  • Discontinued flavors could potentially return in the future.
  • Ongoing innovation will likely yield new Complete offerings.

So for fans wondering “was Chobani Complete discontinued?” – the answer appears to be no. While the product selection has changed, Complete remains a key part of the Chobani brand. The high protein yogurt line continues satisfying fans looking for extra protein punch from their yogurt.

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