Is vodka lime and soda good for you?


Vodka lime and soda is a popular low calorie alcoholic drink. It is essentially a vodka soda with added lime juice. While it is lower in calories than other mixed drinks, the alcohol content means it should still be consumed in moderation. Vodka lime and soda has around 100 calories per standard drink compared to 150 for regular vodka soda. The lime adds flavor and vitamin C. However, the alcohol content remains the same, so vodka lime and soda provides no nutritional benefits over regular vodka sodas. Enjoyed occasionally and in moderation, vodka lime and soda can be part of a healthy lifestyle. But be mindful of the alcohol content and calories which can add up quickly.

What is vodka lime and soda?

Vodka lime and soda is a simple mixed drink made by combining vodka, fresh lime juice, and sparkling soda water. It emerged as a lower calorie alternative to more sugary vodka mixed drinks.

The standard recipe for a vodka lime soda is:

– 1 1/2 oz (1 shot) vodka
– 1/2 oz fresh lime juice
– Top up with chilled soda water
– Garnish with a lime wedge

The lime adds a citrus flavor that enhances the vodka and soda. The lime also adds a touch of sweetness without adding substantial calories or sugar. The drink is crisp, refreshing, and easy to adjust to taste preferences by modifying the vodka-to-lime ratio.

Vodka lime and soda is essentially a skinny version of a vodka soda with added lime. The lime adds only minimal calories, while providing bright flavor.

Calorie and nutrition content

The main nutritional benefit of vodka lime and soda is it has a lower calorie count compared to many other mixed drinks.

Here is the calorie breakdown for a standard vodka lime soda:

– 1 1/2 oz vodka = around 97 calories
– 1/2 oz fresh lime juice = around 3 calories
– 1 oz soda water = 0 calories

Total = 100 calories

This compares favorably to a vodka and regular soda, which provides around 150 calories per serving.

The lime juice adds only minimal nutritional value. Per ounce, lime juice contains:

– 3 calories
– 0.5 g carbohydrates
– 0.2 g protein
– 40mg vitamin C (44% DV)
– 2mg calcium (0% DV)
– 1mg iron (4% DV)

While the lime adds a bit of vitamin C, a vodka lime soda is still relatively devoid of nutrients compared to natural juices and sodas.

The vodka itself is fat free and carbohydrate free, but provides pure alcohol calories at around 97 per shot.

So the main benefit of vodka lime soda is the lower calorie count, not added nutrition.

Alcohol content

Despite having fewer calories than other mixed drinks, a vodka lime soda still contains a full shot of 80 proof vodka.

This equates to:

– 17.5ml or 0.59oz of pure alcohol

The alcohol content provides significant calories, but no nutrition. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines a standard alcoholic drink as containing 14g of pure alcohol.

So even though a vodka lime soda has 35% fewer calories than a vodka soda, it contains the same amount of alcohol.

The lime juice does not reduce the alcohol content in any way. The vodka remains intact.

This means the regular alcohol safety guidelines apply:

– No more than 1 drink per day for women
– No more than 2 drinks per day for men
– Do not drive or operate machinery if consuming alcohol

While lower in calories, vodka lime soda has the same intoxicating effects as any other vodka drink. The lime simply adds flavor, not reduced alcohol strength.

Is vodka lime and soda healthy?

Despite having fewer calories than some other mixed drinks, vodka lime and soda is not an inherently “healthy” beverage due to the alcohol content.

Here are some key considerations:

Alcohol calories – While lower in calories than sugary cocktails, vodka lime soda still provides nearly 100 calories just from the alcohol alone. This can add up quickly. Consuming multiple vodka lime sodas equates to hundreds of empty alcohol calories.

Nutritional value – The lime juice adds a bit of vitamin C and flavor, but a vodka lime soda is still nutritionally devoid compared to natural juices and sodas. It should not be considered a healthy replacement for non-alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol effects – The alcohol causes intoxication and impairs judgement and motor skills. Long term excessive alcohol use is linked to liver disease, cancers, mental health issues, and addiction.

Low sugar – While not healthy per se, vodka lime soda is lower in sugar than many cocktails. This makes it a better option for managing calories and blood sugar compared to sugary mixed drinks.

So vodka lime and soda is a relatively low calorie alcoholic beverage. But it should still be consumed in moderation due to the alcohol content and lack of nutritional value.

Potential benefits in moderation

When consumed occasionally and in moderation, vodka lime soda can offer some potential benefits:

Low calorie – At around 100 calories per drink, vodka lime soda fits into a moderate calorie diet better than higher calorie alcoholic drinks.

Low sugar – The lime adds flavor without sugar, so vodka lime soda may be preferred by those managing blood sugar.

Hydration – The soda water provides hydration similar to regular water. Vodka has a diuretic effect, so the soda water may help counteract dehydration.

Antioxidants – The lime juice provides some antioxidant vitamin C.

Gluten free – Vodka and soda are naturally gluten free, making vodka lime soda a gluten free drink option.

So while not “healthy” per se, enjoying vodka lime soda occasionally in lieu of higher calorie alcoholic drinks can fit into an overall healthy lifestyle for some. Moderation is key.

Potential downsides

There are also some potential downsides to consider:

Alcohol effects – Impaired judgement and motor skills, intoxication, addiction risk.

Empty calories – The alcohol provides calories without nutrition, so it can contribute to weight gain.

Dehydration – Alcohol acts as a diuretic, so it can leave you dehydrated if consuming multiple drinks.

Blood sugar – While lower in sugar than some cocktails, alcohol can affect blood sugar management.

Health conditions – Alcohol may worsen conditions like digestive issues or mental health conditions for some people.

Medication interactions – Alcohol interacts negatively with many medications.

For those with certain health conditions or taking medications, it’s best to avoid alcohol including vodka lime sodas. For healthy adults, moderation is key.

Making a Healthier Vodka Lime Soda

If you want to enjoy vodka lime soda while limiting negative effects, here are some tips for making a healthier version:

– Use reduced calorie vodka – Some brands make vodkas with around 70 calories per shot vs. the typical 97.

– Use fresh lime juice – For the most flavor and vitamin C compared to bottled juices.

– Use seltzer water – Seltzer provides the same bubbly refreshment as soda water without the sodium content.

– Add extra lime – Stack your glass with lime slices to increase the flavor and vitamin C.

– Avoid sugary mixers – Skip flavored syrups or juices to keep calories and sugar low.

– Drink over ice – Adding ice will dilute the alcohol a bit to moderate intoxicating effects.

– Limit to 1 drink – Stick within recommended limits for your gender to minimize health risks.

– Stay hydrated – Drink water between vodka lime sodas to stay well hydrated.

– Eat healthy foods – Pair your drink with nutritious complex carbs and proteins to mitigate effects on blood sugar and metabolism.

Is vodka lime soda keto-friendly?

Vodka lime soda can fit into a ketogenic or low carb diet since it contains minimal carbs and sugar.

A standard recipe contains around 2-3 grams of carbs from the lime juice. This fits comfortably within keto’s typical limit of 50 grams of carbs per day.

However, alcohol itself can indirectly affect ketosis:

– Alcohol is metabolized preferentially over fat – so alcohol pauses fat burning until it’s processed.

– Alcohol lowers inhibitions – which may make you more likely to cheat and eat non-keto foods.

So while vodka lime soda won’t kick you out of ketosis due to carb content, overdoing it can stall progress. Stick to 1-2 drinks max to minimize effects on ketosis.

Low calorie vodka lime soda recipes

Here are some tasty ways to keep your vodka lime soda low in calories:

Skinny Vodka Lime Soda

– 1 oz vodka (70 calories)
– 1 oz fresh lime juice (6 calories)
– 1 lime wedge
– Seltzer water
– Ice

Squeeze the lime wedge into a glass over ice, then add vodka and lime juice. Top with seltzer and stir. Garnish with the squeezed lime wedge.

Per serving: 76 calories

Light and Zesty Vodka Lime Soda

– 1 1/2 oz vodka (105 calories)
– 1 oz fresh lime juice (6 calories)
– 2 lime slices
– 2 oz seltzer water
– Ice

Muddle 1 lime slice in a glass, then fill glass with ice. Add vodka, lime juice and remaining lime slice. Top with seltzer.

Per serving: 111 calories

Low Cal Lime Drop

– 1 oz vodka (70 calories)
– 0.5 oz fresh lime juice (3 calories)
– 0.25 oz agave nectar (60 calories)
– Seltzer water
– Lime wedge

Combine vodka, lime juice and agave nectar in an ice filled glass. Top with seltzer, stir, and garnish with a lime wedge.

Per serving: 133 calories

Mocktail alternatives

For a zero-proof lime soda, try these refreshing mocktail (non-alcoholic cocktail) recipes:

Lime Bubbly

– 1 oz fresh lime juice
– 2 oz seltzer water
– Lime wedge
– Ice

Squeeze the lime wedge into a glass over ice, then add lime juice and seltzer. Garnish with the squeezed lime wedge.

Virgin Mojito

– 10 mint leaves
– 1 oz lime juice
– .5 oz agave nectar
– Seltzer water
– Lime wedge
– Ice

Muddle the mint leaves and lime wedge in a glass. Add lime juice, agave, and ice. Top with seltzer and garnish with a lime wedge.

Sparkling Limeade

– 1 oz fresh lime juice
– 1 tbsp honey
– Seltzer water
– Lime slice

Stir honey into lime juice in a glass until dissolved. Fill glass with ice. Top with seltzer and garnish with a lime slice.


While vodka lime soda is one of the lower calorie alcoholic drink options, it still contains alcohol and should be enjoyed in moderation. The lime adds antioxidants and flavor, but does not reduce the effects of the alcohol itself. If consuming vodka lime sodas, be mindful of your overall calorie and alcohol intake. Alternating with non-alcoholic drinks can allow you to enjoy the flavor while limiting health risks and calorie load. For the lightest versions, use reduced calorie vodka, fresh lime juice, and seltzer water. Overall, vodka lime soda can be part of a balanced diet if consumed sensibly, but is not healthy enough to replace beneficial non-alcoholic beverages.

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