Is Ulta Beauty gluten-free?

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Ulta Beauty carries many gluten-free beauty products, but not all items are guaranteed to be gluten-free. When shopping at Ulta Beauty, check product labels and descriptions for “gluten-free” claims. Certain brands at Ulta specifically offer gluten-free makeup, skincare and haircare options. Ulta Beauty also sells some snacks and treats that are labeled gluten-free. Overall, Ulta Beauty has good gluten-free options, but products containing gluten are also sold. Customers need to read labels and product details carefully.

About Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty is a major American beauty retailer that carries cosmetics, fragrances, skincare, bath and body products, haircare, salon services and more. Ulta operates over 1,300 retail stores across the United States, plus an e-commerce website. The company stocks over 25,000 products from various brands, ranging from drugstore classics like L’Oreal and Maybelline to high-end names like Lancôme and Clinique. Ulta also has its own private label brand.

Gluten Information at Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty does not make any claims to be a gluten-free store overall. There is no guarantee that all products sold at Ulta Beauty are gluten-free. The company does not have a standard policy regarding gluten and does not label products as gluten-free across the board.

However, many individual brands stocked at Ulta do label their products gluten-free or offer gluten-free lines. Ulta gives each brand the responsibility of listing ingredients and making any gluten-free claims. It is up to the customer to check each product for gluten information.

Finding Gluten-Free Products

The best way to identify gluten-free products at Ulta Beauty is to carefully read all product labels, lists of ingredients and product descriptions. Here are some tips:

– Look for the words “gluten-free” clearly stated on the label or in the product details. This is the most reliable indicator.

– Check the list of ingredients. If wheat, barley, rye or malt are listed, the product contains gluten.

– Search for gluten-free brands or product lines you recognize. Then browse the selection available at Ulta.

– Search for “gluten-free” on the Ulta website when shopping online. This will return results of products marked gluten-free.

– Ask customer service or staff members for recommendations of gluten-free products.

– Contact the manufacturer directly if you cannot find information.

Gluten-Free Brands at Ulta

Many brands available at Ulta Beauty offer gluten-free options:

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills – offers gluten-free makeup and beauty products
  • Juice Beauty – uses many gluten-free ingredients and labels gluten-free items
  • Kopari – has coconut-based body care products that are gluten-free
  • Green Goo – sells plant-based skincare labeled gluten-free
  • Jane Iredale – makes gluten-free mineral makeup
  • Pureology – has gluten-free shampoos, conditioners and styling products
  • Living Proof – labels gluten-free hair products
  • DevaCurl – specializes in curly hair care with gluten-free options
  • Acure – natural, gluten-free skincare products

This is not a complete list, but highlights some major gluten-free brands carried at Ulta. Be sure to check individual product details.

Gluten-Free Makeup at Ulta

Many makeup items at Ulta Beauty are labeled gluten-free:

Face Makeup

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills foundations, concealers, primers, setting sprays, setting powders, highlighters
  • Juice Beauty CC creams, foundations, tinted moisturizers, powders, blushes, bronzers
  • Jane Iredale liquid minerals, pressed powders, bronzers, blushes
  • W3LL People foundations, concealers, CC creams, powders

Eye Makeup

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows, mascaras, eyeliners, brow products
  • Jane Iredale eyeshadows, mascaras
  • W3LL People eyeshadow sticks, eyeliners, mascaras
  • Purely Inspired fruit pigmented mascaras

Lip Makeup

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Glosses, Matte Lipsticks, Liquid Lipsticks
  • Juice Beauty Lip Glosses, Lipsticks, Lip Tints
  • W3LL People Bio Tints, Nudist Lipsticks
  • Jane Iredale lip glosses

Again, double check labels for “gluten-free” confirmation when purchasing.

Gluten-Free Skincare at Ulta

Many skincare brands at Ulta offer gluten-free products:

  • First Aid Beauty – cleansers, moisturizers, masks, treatments
  • Juice Beauty – cleansers, moisturizers, oils, mists, exfoliators, masks
  • The Body Shop – cleansers, lotions, scrubs, masks
  • Acure – cleansers, serums, moisturizers, oils
  • Derma E – cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers, masks
  • Mad Hippie – serums, creams, oils
  • Pacifica – cleansers, mists, moisturizers, lip care

Focus on brands that specifically label products “gluten-free” when possible.

Gluten-Free Haircare at Ulta

Numerous hair styling products at Ulta are marked gluten-free:

  • Pureology shampoos, conditioners, treatments
  • Living Proof shampoos, conditioners, styling products
  • DevaCurl shampoos, conditioners, styling products
  • Briogeo shampoos, conditioners, treatments
  • Carol’s Daughter shampoos, conditioners, masks, oils
  • Alterna shampoos, conditioners, styling products
  • Number 4 shampoos, conditioners, styling products

Again, check the product details and labels to be sure. Also look for gluten information on any at-home hair coloring kits purchased at Ulta.

Gluten-Free Body Care and Hygiene at Ulta

Many body washes, lotions, deodorants and oral care items at Ulta are gluten-free:

  • Acure body lotions, body washes, deodorants
  • Mad Hippie deodorants, body lotions, body oils
  • Pacifica body washes, lotions, perfumes, deodorants, lip balms
  • Schmidt’s deodorants
  • Hello oral care products – toothpaste, mouthwash
  • The Body Shop body butters, hand creams, body scrubs

Read those labels closely and contact brands to confirm gluten status if unsure.

Gluten-Free Snacks and Food at Ulta

In addition to beauty products, Ulta Beauty sells a variety of snacks and treats. Some items labeled gluten-free include:

  • Enjoy Life cookies, chocolate bars, snack bars
  • MadeGood granola bars
  • Annie’s Homegrown bunny crackers
  • SkinnyPop popcorn
  • Snack Factory pretzel crisps
  • Whole Foods Market chocolate chip cookie thins
  • Sasha’s baked goods mixes

Always verify gluten-free status of any food products purchased.

Tips for Avoiding Gluten at Ulta

Here are some other tips for shopping gluten-free at Ulta Beauty stores:

  • Wipe down tester products before trying them to avoid cross-contamination
  • Request sanitized, unused makeup brushes and applicators for testers
  • Check at salon stations that tools are cleaned between clients
  • Inform hair stylists about needing gluten-free shampoos and conditioners
  • Make sure manicure/pedicure stations disinfect tools and use fresh buffers
  • Ask about potential gluten ingredients in skin or hair treatments
  • Consider purchasing your own testers of products to apply safely at home

With extra care taken, Ulta Beauty offers many gluten-free shopping options. Just be vigilant in checking product details.

Should Ulta Label Gluten-Free Products?

Some customers believe Ulta Beauty could do more to help gluten-free shoppers by implementing a store-wide labeling system for gluten-free items. However, since Ulta sells products from hundreds of outside brands, this would require coordinating with each manufacturer. It may not be feasible for the retailer to independently test and certify items as gluten-free. Brands themselves would need to label products or provide the “gluten-free” designation to Ulta.

Until there is a labelling system in place, customers bear the responsibility of carefully reading ingredient lists and product details. Ulta provides the information made available from brands. Shoppers can also give feedback to Ulta customer service on the need for more clarity around gluten-free offerings. This may prompt further action in the future.

Should Ulta Prohibit Gluten Products?

Some customers believe Ulta Beauty should sell only gluten-free products, removing items with wheat, barley, rye and malt. However, this is unrealistic given Ulta’s business model. As a major beauty retailer, Ulta caters to diverse customers with different product needs. Eliminating major brands and best-selling items that contain gluten would significantly reduce choices and profitability. It does not seem economically viable for Ulta to be a 100% gluten-free store based on consumer demand. Instead, Ulta opts to offer options by stocking some gluten-free brands and items. Customers avoiding gluten can shop these selections while others can purchase the products they need and want.


Ulta Beauty has good variety of gluten-free beauty, skincare, haircare and snack options for customers seeking to avoid gluten. However, not every product is guaranteed gluten-free. Shoppers need to carefully check item labels, ingredients and descriptions for “gluten-free” designations when purchasing at Ulta. While it would be easier if Ulta implemented store-wide tagging of gluten-free products, this currently seems infeasible and cost-prohibitive. For greater assurance, Ulta shoppers should focus purchases on brands that voluntarily label items gluten-free. With extra care reading labels, most customers can find high-quality, gluten-free selections at Ulta Beauty stores and online to meet their needs.

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