Is there sugar free rainbow sherbet?

There is sugar free rainbow sherbet available on the market. Sugar free versions use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar to provide the sweetness without the calories and carbohydrates of regular sugar. Popular sugar substitutes used in sugar free ice cream and sherbet include aspartame, sucralose, stevia, and sugar alcohols like erythritol. The sugar free versions allow people with diabetes, gluten intolerance, or those following low-carb or ketogenic diets to still enjoy the colorful rainbow sherbet flavor.

What is Sherbet?

Sherbet is a frozen dessert that has some similarities to ice cream but a lighter texture. Sherbet contains 1-2% milkfat, versus the minimum 10% milkfat required for ice cream. The lower milkfat content gives sherbet a more icy, flaky, and fluffy consistency compared to rich, creamy ice cream. Sherbet also contains sweeteners, flavorings, and sometimes egg whites or gelatin to provide structure. Fruit purees are often used in sherbets like raspberry, lemon, or rainbow flavors. Rainbow sherbet in particular features a colorful mix of fruit flavors like cherry, orange, lime, raspberry, and lemon. The sugary sweetness balances the tangy fruit flavors.

Nutrition Facts for Regular vs Sugar Free Rainbow Sherbet

Nutrition Facts Regular Rainbow Sherbet (1/2 cup) Sugar Free Rainbow Sherbet (1/2 cup)
Calories 140 60
Total Fat 2g 2g
Sodium 65mg 75mg
Total Carbohydrate 33g 12g
Sugars 27g 2g
Protein 2g 2g

The main difference nutrition-wise is in the total carbohydrates and sugars. Regular rainbow sherbet gets most of its carbohydrates from sugar. The sugar free version uses artificial sweeteners instead, reducing the carb and sugar content significantly. The sugar alcohol erythritol is commonly used because it provides sweetness but with minimal calories or glycemic impact.

Benefits of Sugar Free Rainbow Sherbet

Some benefits of choosing sugar free rainbow sherbet include:

  • Lower in carbohydrates and calories – The sugar free version cuts the carb content by over half compared to regular sherbet.
  • Doesn’t spike blood sugar – The artificial sweeteners used do not cause blood sugar spikes like regular sugar does.
  • OK for diabetics and prediabetics – The reduced carb and sugar content makes it a better choice for people with diabetes.
  • Less likely to cause sugar crashes – No added sugar means no energy crash after eating it.
  • Won’t disrupt ketosis – People on low-carb, keto, or paleo diets can eat it without kicking themselves out of ketosis.
  • No “added sugar” – Sugar free avoids the WHO recommendation to limit added sugar intake to 25 grams per day.
  • Satisfies sweet cravings – The sweetness satisfies cravings and feels like a treat without derailing your diet.

For people monitoring carbs or sugar for health or dietary reasons, sugar free rainbow sherbet lets them enjoy the classic sherbet flavors guilt-free. The rainbow colors and fruity flavors make it feel festive.

Where to Find Sugar Free Rainbow Sherbet

Here are some places to find sugar free rainbow sherbet options:

Grocery Stores
Many major grocery store chains will carry sugar free sherbet varieties, often near the regular ice cream section. Read nutrition labels to confirm it is sugar free and low carb. Popular brands like Breyer’s, Edy’s, and So Delicious offer sugar free lines.

Specialty Ice Cream Shops
Some ice cream parlors and yogurt/gelato shops will have sugar free sherbets on their menus. Check nutrition info online or ask at the counter. They may let you sample flavors too. Local shops sometimes have unique sugar free flavors beyond the standard grocery selection.

Online Shopping
Searching “sugar free sherbet” on Amazon, Instacart,, etc yields several sugar free rainbow sherbet options available for delivery. Searching “keto sherbet” will also turn up sugar free results. Compare ingredients, price, delivery fees, and minimum order size.

DIY at Home
Adventurous types can try making their own sugar free sherbet at home. Replace sugar with erythritol or stevia in any rainbow sherbet recipe. Use powdered sugar substitute to minimize texture differences. Getting the right creamy-icy balance may require some trial and error.

With the popularity of low-carb diets and diabetes, finding sugar free sherbet keeps getting easier. Be sure to check the nutrition labels closely, as some products labelled “no sugar added” still contain natural sugars. The best options will have under 5g net carbs per serving.

Taste and Texture of Sugar Free Sherbet

How does sugar free rainbow sherbet compare to the sugary original when it comes to taste and texture? Here’s a rundown:

Sweetness: Sugar free sherbets use combinations of different artificial sweeteners to replicate the sweetness intensity of sugar. Brands try to get the flavoring balanced spot-on. Some consumers report a mild aftertaste from certain sweeteners, though this varies by individual and product. If a brand uses sugar alcohols, look for erythritol, as it causes less gastrointestinal issues than ones like maltitol.

Fruit Flavors:
The fruit flavors tend to be bright and noticeable in sugar free sherbets. With less sugar overwhelming the tastebuds, the citrusy orange, tart raspberry, and other fruit flavors come through clearly. The flavors may taste slightly more artificial without as much sugar rounding them out.

Sugar free sherbets have a lighter, more icy texture versus heavier creaminess. Some chalkiness may be noticeable depending on the sugar substitute used. Without sugar’s bulk, the body is thinner. Look for options using cream or egg whites to improve the mouthfeel.

The icy crystals tend to be smaller and fluffier in sugar free sherbets. Less sugar content means faster freezing to smaller ice crystals. The frostiness makes the scoops light yet flaky.

While the sugar free version tastes different than the original, many find the tradeoff acceptable for the dietary benefits. Adding your own fresh fruit as a topper can also help enhance the flavors.

Tips for Serving Sugar Free Rainbow Sherbet

Here are some serving tips to enjoy sugar free rainbow sherbet at its best:

  • Soften slightly – Let the container sit at room temperature 5-10 minutes to soften scooping.
  • Smaller scoops – Use a smaller ice cream scoop since sugar free sherbet is denser.
  • Toppings! – Fresh fruit, sugar free chocolate or caramel sauce, crushed nuts or mini chocolate chips make tasty toppers.
  • Pie or parfait – Layer sugar free sherbet in parfaits or use as the filling for a no-bake pie.
  • Fruit salad – Mix rainbow sherbet with fresh berries or diced peaches, pineapple, oranges, etc for a colorful treat.
  • Floats – Combine sugar free sherbet with diet soda, sparkling water, cold brew coffee, etc to make fun floats.
  • Blends – Whirl into a fruit smoothie bowl or milkshake (use carb-friendly milk).

Feel free to get creative with serving methods – sugar free sherbet works in many desserts, snacks, and beverages. The light, fruity flavor profile complements both sweet and savory additions.

Potential Downsides of Sugar Free Sherbet

While sugar free rainbow sherbet has its perks, a few potential downsides exist as well:

  • Artificial sweeteners – Some people prefer to avoid artificial sweeteners. The long-term health effects of different sweeteners are still under investigation.
  • GI issues – Sugar alcohols like erythritol may cause bloating or diarrhea if eaten in large amounts, especially for first-time consumers.
  • Higher cost – Specialty sugar free items tend to cost more than regular versions. Watch for sales and deals.
  • Harder to find – Not all stores carry sugar free options, so search may be required.
  • Formula tweaks – Makers may reformulate at any time, changing the carb and sugar content.
  • Less filling – The lighter body provides smaller portion sizes versus sugar-laden versions.

These drawbacks come down to personal preference. The key is finding a brand you enjoy that fits your dietary needs and budget. As demand increases, costs should decrease and availability should increase.

Beneficial Uses for Sugar Free Rainbow Sherbet

Beyond just an occasional treat, sugar free rainbow sherbet offers some beneficial uses for health-conscious consumers:

Boosts fat burning – The combination of protein, fat, and sugar substitute may give metabolism and fat burning a slight boost compared to sugary ice cream.

Post-workout recovery – The carbs (without spiking blood sugar), fluids, and electrolytes in sugar free sherbet can help replenish the body after a tough workout session.

Provides antioxidants – The fruit flavors provide antioxidant power to help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body.

Hydration – The icy texture makes fluid intake more fun when you want to increase hydration levels.

Healthy gut bacteria – Sugar free sherbets sweetened with erythritol may provide prebiotics to feed beneficial gut microbiome bacteria strains.

Curbs cravings – The sweet flavor and creaminess help curb sugar cravings and sweet tooths for dieters.

So in moderation, sugar free rainbow sherbet can be part of an overall healthy lifestyle, providing a sweet treat that nourishes the body too.


Sugar free rainbow sherbet offers a flavorful frozen dessert option for people monitoring their carb and sugar intake. Brands make it easy to find in stores and online now, with minimal searching required. The rainbow color and fruity flavors appeal to both kids and adults. While it tastes different from the sugary original, the sugar free versions provide a comparable creamy-icy texture and sweetness. Caution is still advised for people sensitive to sugar alcohols. But overall, sugar free rainbow sherbet enables frozen treat lovers to indulge guilt-free and health-conscious consumers to satisfy their cravings. With some clever serving methods like fruit toppings or floats, sugar free sherbet can be a fun and versatile dessert addition. Thanks to artificial sweeteners, even people with dietary limitations can now join in on enjoying this colorful classic sherbet flavor.

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