Is there a season 3 coming out of Blood and Water?

Blood and Water is a popular South African teen drama series that premiered on Netflix in 2020. The show follows the story of Puleng Khumalo, a 16-year-old girl who transfers to an elite private school to investigate the cold case of her abducted-at-birth older sister. With its exciting plot, relatable characters, and talented young cast, Blood and Water quickly became a hit among viewers around the world.

The first season debuted in May 2020 and introduced audiences to Puleng’s search for her long-lost sister. It ended on a cliffhanger, with Puleng believing she has found her sister but unsure if it’s really her. This left fans eagerly awaiting a second season to continue the story.

Blood and Water Season 2

Due to the huge success of season 1, Netflix renewed Blood and Water for a second season in September 2020. Season 2 premiered in September 2021, continuing Puleng’s journey to uncover the truth about her family’s past.

The second season saw Puleng growing suspicious that a new student at the school, Zama Bolton, may actually be her long-lost sister rather than her original suspect. The season followed Puleng as she worked to find proof that Zama is really her sister Khumalo, while also dealing with typical teen drama like romantic relationships and school politics.

The new season provided more twists and turns as Puleng got closer to the truth. But the ending left viewers once again on the edge of their seats, as Puleng discovered evidence confirming Zama is her sister but struggled whether to reveal the truth. Meanwhile, Zama learned she was adopted as a baby and began questioning her own identity.

Will There Be a Season 3 of Blood and Water?

With two thrilling and emotional seasons now streamed, the biggest question on fans’ minds is will there be a third season? Unfortunately, Netflix has not yet officially announced whether Blood and Water will return for season 3.

However, there are reasons to be optimistic that the show could be renewed:

  • Cliffhanger ending – Season 2 concluded with major unresolved questions, like will Puleng tell Zama they are sisters and how will Zama react to the truth about her family?
  • Strong viewership – According to Netflix’s top 10 data, Blood and Water has been a hugely popular title worldwide.
  • Critical acclaim – The series has been praised for its gripping storytelling, social commentary, and performances.
  • Cast enthusiasm – The show’s cast have expressed interest in returning for a third season.

Based on these factors, a third season seems very feasible. Netflix typically makes renewal decisions within a few months after a season drops, so fans may hear concrete news about season 3 in late 2021 or early 2022.

Potential Season 3 Plot

If Blood and Water is renewed for season 3, what might viewers expect storywise? Here are some possible plot directions:

  • Puleng telling Zama the truth about their relationship, and Zama’s reaction
  • The sisters navigating their new dynamic and bond as a family
  • More reveals about what happened when the sisters were babies
  • Zama exploring her adoptive vs. birth family identities
  • The return of Winston, Puleng’s season 1 love interest
  • New romantic relationships, friendships, and feuds between characters
  • The classmates graduating and moving on to new chapters in their lives

There are still many unanswered questions about Puleng and Zama’s backstories, so a third season could provide more flashbacks revealing what happened to them as infants. More twists regarding their biological parents are also likely.

Beyond the main mystery, season 3 could also focus on the sisters just getting to know one another and building a relationship. And typical teen show elements – romance, ambition, school drama – would still be part of the mix. The cast and creators clearly have lots of creative avenues to explore in a potential next season.

Why Fans Want a Season 3

Blood and Water enthusiasts have made it clear on social media that they are eager for the show to continue. There are several key reasons fans are hoping for a season 3 renewal:

  • Invested in relationships – Fans are invested in the relationships, both romantic and platonic, between the characters.
  • Talented cast – The show features up-and-coming talented South African actors that fans want to see more of.
  • Diverse representation – Viewers are thrilled to see a predominately Black cast in a high school drama.
  • Addictive mystery – Fans are hooked on the central mystery and want to see it through to a resolution.
  • Slick production – The fashion, music, and overall stylish production aesthetic are major draws.
  • Social commentary – The show insightfully tackles topics like wealth inequality, adoption, and gender-based violence.

Judging by social media posts, Blood and Water has clearly resonated with its audience. Fans are clamoring to spend more time with these characters and further explore the show’s powerful themes.

Will the Cast Return for Season 3?

If Blood and Water snags a third season, fans would certainly hope to see the main cast members reprise their roles. This includes:

  • Ama Qamata as Puleng Khumalo
  • Khosi Ngema as Fikile Bhele
  • Gail Mabalane as Thandeka Khumalo
  • Thabang Molaba as Karabo “KB” Molapo
  • Dillon Windvogel as Wade Daniels
  • Ryle De Morny as Chad Morgan
  • Natasha Thahane as Wendy Dlamini
  • Arno Greeff as Chris Ackerman
  • Mekaila Mathys as Tahira Kahn

The main teen cast have indicated they would be excited to continue Puleng and Zama’s story in a potential third season. And with so many loose ends in the plot, it’s likely any renewal would see the return of fan favorites like Qamata and Ngema.

There is a chance scheduling conflicts could prevent a cast member or two from returning. The young actors’ careers are accelerating quickly. But the core cast remaining would go a long way towards keeping fans happy.

Some new faces could also join a hypothetical season 3, as new characters often enter the mix in subsequent seasons of high school shows. But the familiar faces of the main ensemble would be expected back to pick up where season 2 left off.

Season 3 Predictions and Theories

In the absence of official season 3 news, Blood and Water fans have plenty of theories and predictions about what could happen next.

Here are some popular fan theories if the show continues:

  • Zama’s birth father will be revealed – Fans speculate he could be a powerful political figure.
  • Puleng and Zama’s moms were more than just friends – There may have been a romantic history that’s uncovered.
  • Wade and Puleng will get back together – Fans are divided on whether this popular season 1 couple will reconcile.
  • Karabo and Wendy will grow closer – The exes show signs of still having feelings for one another.
  • A new mystery will emerge – Some think the sisters’ birth story can’t stretch across a whole season, so new drama will arise.

A season 3 renewal would no doubt inspire even more fascinating fan theories. With so many threads left dangling and new ones likely to be introduced, speculation will run rampant.

Many fans also think season 3 will be the final season, allowing the show’s central mystery to be resolved while going out on a high note. But others are hoping for 4 or 5 seasons of the popular series.

Release Date Speculation

If Blood and Water is renewed for a third season, when could viewers expect to see it released on Netflix?

Looking at the timeline for seasons 1 and 2 provides clues on potential season 3 timing:

  • Season 1 – Released May 2020
  • Season 2 – Released September 2021

With about 16 months between the first two seasons, a similar timeframe would put season 3 arriving sometime in early 2023.

However, reports indicated production delays related to COVID-19 pushed back the release of season 2. So if season 3 faces fewer pandemic disruptions, it could potentially arrive a little earlier in late 2022.

The teen cast’s rising profiles could also make scheduling a bit trickier this time around. But a release window from fall 2022 to early 2023 seems a reasonable prediction.

Of course, this is still speculative until Netflix confirms a season 3 renewal and provides an official release date. But this projection lines up with past scheduling, and when fans could realistically hope to see new episodes.

How Fans Can Help Renewal Chances

Eager viewers wondering how they can help tip the scales in favor of Netflix ordering a third season have several options:

  • Watch and re-watch season 1 and 2 – Strong viewership metrics increase renewal odds
  • Leave positive reviews – Feedback matters to streaming services
  • Get active on social media – Tweet, post, and help trend hashtags like #RenewBloodAndWater
  • Suggest to friends – Word of mouth from fans influences new audiences

The more fans can do to show Blood and Water has an invested audience, the more incentive Netflix has to greenlight a third installment. While Netflix keeps much of their data private, mobilizing to boost viewership, engagement, and buzz can’t hurt renewal chances.


Blood and Water has emerged as one of Netflix’s most compelling YA dramas, thanks to its addictive mystery, socially relevant commentary, and breakout cast. While season 3 hangs in limbo awaiting Netflix’s decision, the story lends itself perfectly to a new chapter. And fans around the globe are keeping their fingers crossed for a renewal.

Though the wait for official news is difficult, the fantastic reviews and fan enthusiasm make a third season seem likely. The story could easily continue exploring Puleng and Zama’s relationship while introducing new twists and character journeys. And audiences are invested in spending more time with these multi-dimensional characters.

Hopefully Netflix will reward Blood and Water’s passionate fandom with a season 3 pickup announcement in the coming months. The creative team certainly has lots of options to keep building out the show’s brooding, fashionable, mystery-driven world. Fans remain hopefully they will get to see more of this thrilling story brought to life onscreen soon.

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