Is there a Mrs peanut?

Mr. Peanut, the iconic mascot of the Planters peanut brand, has been around since 1916. With his top hat, monocle, and fancy attire, Mr. Peanut has become a beloved advertising icon over the past century. But one question has puzzled peanut lovers for years: Is there a Mrs. Peanut?

The History of Mr. Peanut

Mr. Peanut was created in 1916 by 14-year-old Antonio Gentile for a contest to design an advertising icon for the Planters peanut brand. Gentile lived in Suffolk, Virginia, which was the site of some of the country’s major peanut farms and part of Planter Nut and Chocolate Company’s “Peanut Triangle.”

The original sketch of Mr. Peanut showed him with a cane and top hat but no monocle. Planters loved the design and purchased it for $5. Gentile later added the monocle after reading that it projected an air of gentility and confidence. The dapper peanut person mascot made his advertising debut in 1916.

Over the decades, Mr. Peanut became a popular mascot not just for Planters but for the peanut industry overall. He has appeared on Peanut Day at the World’s Fair, got drafted into World War II in promotional ads, and starred in Planters commercials. He received his own officially “stamp of approval” from the United States Postal Service in 1997.

Mr. Peanut also became well-known for his classy mannerisms like tipping his top hat, using his cane, cross his legs, and in general projecting an air of elegance and high status. His design has evolved over the years but remains recognizable as the famous Planters mascot with his signature top hat and monocle.

Does Mr. Peanut Have a Wife?

While Mr. Peanut has long been established as a peanut-related icon, fans have wondered whether he has a significant other. Does the elegant Mr. Peanut have a wife? Is there a Mrs. Peanut?

The official answer is that Mr. Peanut has remained single over the decades, with no established “wife” character or romantic partner in the Planters universe. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean he will stay a lifelong bachelor.

Mrs. Peanut Theories and Speculation

Fans have come up with various theories about who Mr. Peanut’s wife could be if he were to get married:

  • Mrs. Peanut – There could be an official Mrs. Peanut character created to be Mr. Peanut’s female counterpart and partner. She would likely wear feminine formalwear like a dress and hat to match Mr. Peanut’s classy style.
  • The Planters Peanut Lady – Some speculate that the Planters Peanut Lady from old-fashioned Planters packaging could be revealed as Mrs. Peanut. However, the two characters have never been linked romantically.
  • A celebrity wife – Mr. Peanut could marry a female celebrity as a publicity stunt, like Kim Kardashian or Beyonce.
  • Queen Pea – The character Queen Pea from the VeggieTales franchise has been proposed as a potential wife for Mr. Peanut.

While these theories about who Mr. Peanut’s wife could be are creative and fun, none of them are official canon. Mr. Peanut remains unhitched. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean things will stay that way forever.

Should Mr. Peanut Get Married?

There are arguments both for and against Mr. Peanut finally settling down with a wife:

Arguments For Mr. Peanut’s Marriage

  • It would give him a partner and add a new dimension to his character history
  • A marriage plotline could drum up fresh interest and attention for the character
  • Having a “Mrs.” could make Mr. Peanut appear more friendly and approachable
  • Brands like a good love story, and it could be a new marketing angle
  • A wife would silence all the speculation and give fans an official answer

Arguments Against Mr. Peanut’s Marriage

  • He’s an established bachelor and it could change his character too significantly
  • Mr. Peanut could lose some of his mystique and appeal by no longer being unattached
  • It risks changing a successful historic mascot and brand image
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peanut could be seen as just copying Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head
  • The marriage storyline could feel gimmicky or forced

There are good arguments on both sides as to whether giving Mr. Peanut a wife would be a clever brand move or an unnecessary disruption to a beloved icon. There is no definitively “right” answer.

Mr. Peanut’s Love Interests

While he does not have a solidified wife, Mr. Peanut has had some temporary love interests and romantic storylines over the years as part of Planters advertising and marketing campaigns.

Miss Salted Peanut

One of Mr. Peanut’s earliest potential love interests was Miss Salted Peanut, who made appearances in Planters ads in the early 1960s. She appeared as a female peanut in a skirt who caught Mr. Peanut’s eye.

Honey Roasted Peanut

When Planters introduced their new Honey Roasted Peanuts in 2010, commercials showed Mr. Peanut fawning over a female peanut named Honey Roasted. However, it was more of a temporary crush than an established romance.

The Peanut Princess

In 2013, a Planters ad showed Mr. Peanut as a storybook character trying to rescue a beautiful Peanut Princess from the evil Lord Nut-A-Lot. He won her affection after vanquishing the villain.

Wendy Walnut

Mr. Peanut took an interest in Wendy Walnut in a 2016 Super Bowl commercial for Planters. In the ad, he nearly ditched his “nut bride” to catch a bouquet Wendy tossed before being swarmed by female nut fans.

While Mr. Peanut has had flirtations with and taken an interest in other nut women over the years as part of promotions and campaigns, none have become permanent romantic partners.

The Death and Rebirth of Mr. Peanut

In 2020, Planters made the shocking decision to kill off Mr. Peanut in a dramatic Super Bowl advertising stunt. Mr. Peanut sacrificed himself to save his friends Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes by plunging to his death.

Mr. Peanut’s death sparked a wave of mourning and tributes from fans who had grown up with the iconic mascot. But his death was not permanent.

In a follow-up Super Bowl ad, the teardrop shed by Wesley Snipes over Mr. Peanut sprouted into a baby peanut sprout. Mr. Peanut was reborn as Baby Nut to live on a new generation of advertisements.

The brief demise and quick rebirth of Mr. Peanut could allow for new directions to be taken with the classic character, including giving him a wife and family. Only time will tell what Planters has in store for the next phase of Mr. Peanut’s history.

Is a Mrs. Peanut in His Future?

While Mr. Peanut has been a bachelor for the majority of his existence, that doesn’t rule out a Mrs. Peanut someday becoming part of the Planters world. There are a few scenarios in which Mr. Peanut could finally meet his match:

  • Mr. Peanut could wed in an upcoming ad campaign – Planters could launch a whole marketing blitz around a wedding for Mr. Peanut, complete with branded wedding dresses, tuxedos, toasting nuts, etc.
  • Mrs. Peanut could be introduced as a counterpart – She could be unveiled as his established “wife” without a whole wedding plotline.
  • A future rebranding could establish his family – Mr. Peanut could get a whole Peanut family as part of an effort to modernize his backstory.
  • Fan campaigns calling for a Mrs. Peanut partnership could coax Planters into pairing him up.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peanut could launch as a spin-off brand – A new brand of nut products marketed as from the Peanut family.

While Planters has stayed quiet about any definitive plans to give Mr. Peanut a wife or romantic partner, public appetite for knowing more about the iconic mascot’s personal life persists. Fans remain eager for any crumbs of information about the possibility of a real-life Mrs. Peanut someday.

Planters seems to enjoy drumming up interest in Mr. Peanut’s love life as an advertising tactic, given the various nut-related love interests he has pursued over the decades. As the brand plans future marketing strategies, a Mrs. Peanut could certainly remain a possibility they would consider to generate buzz.

The Verdict

While curious minds have wondered about and theorized over Mr. Peanut’s marital status for years, the official answer remains that he is an unmarried icon. There has never been a concrete Mrs. Peanut in terms of Planters brand canon.

However, the evolutions and reimaginings that brands undergo to stay modern and relevant leave the door open for Mr. Peanut’s bachelor status to change in the future. Whether he would tie the knot with an established female mascot like the Planters Peanut Lady or see a new Mrs. Peanut created as his partner is unclear.

For now, those hungering for definitive word on whether there is a Mrs. Peanut unfortunately must retain hope that Planters may one day provide an answer. Mr. Peanut’s marital status seems destined to continue intriguing peanut devotees in the years ahead.


Mr. Peanut remains an iconic albeit mysterious mascot who has captured public fascination for over a century. His polished, classy persona has made him a recognizable American pop culture symbol, yet details of his personal life remain limited. Fans have especially wondered whether there exists a Mrs. Peanut matching his refined style.

While Planters has never confirmed a permanent romantic partner for Mr. Peanut, temporary love interests and nut-based flings have arisen over the years in marketing efforts. The rebirth of Mr. Peanut in 2020 opens new potential avenues for where the character goes next, including possible introduction of a wife and family. Public appetite for learning the truth about Mr. Peanut’s marital status persists.

There are compelling arguments for and against giving an official Mrs. Peanut to the monocled icon. Ultimately the decision lies with Planters parent company Kraft Heinz in terms of what best serves their brand strategy going forward. Perhaps someday Mr. Peanut will don his top hat to take a bride. For now, the elegantly dressed peanut remains faithfully wedded to selling snack nuts.

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