Is Smoothie King giving out free smoothies?

Smoothie King is a popular smoothie franchise with over 1,000 locations across the United States and internationally. There has been some buzz online lately about Smoothie King possibly giving away free smoothies. In this article, we’ll take a look at the facts and see if there is any truth to the rumors.

The Rumors

Rumors started swirling on social media and deal sites in 2022 that Smoothie King would be giving away free 12 oz. smoothies on certain days. Some posts claimed the freebies would occur on National Smoothie Day, which is typically in June. Other reports indicated free smoothies would be given out on the anniversary of Smoothie King’s founding in 1973.

Additionally, Smoothie King occasionally offers free smoothies through promotions with sports teams they sponsor. For example, they’ve previously offered free smoothies to fans if a sponsored team won a championship. However, these type of promotions are limited to select markets and games.

Free Smoothie Offers Directly From Smoothie King

On their website and in their stores, Smoothie King does advertise several ongoing ways to get free or discounted smoothies.

  • First-time app users get a free 20 oz. smoothie
  • Referring a friend through the app gets you a free 20 oz. smoothie
  • Students get a free 20 oz. smoothie for joining Healthy Rewards
  • Signing up for a birthday reward gets you a free 20 oz. smoothie
  • Using points from the Healthy Rewards program can earn you free smoothies

They also occasionally send out coupons via email for free or discounted smoothies. So there are ways to get free smoothies directly through Smoothie King’s rewards programs and promotions. But they don’t seem to offer completely free smoothies to all customers on certain days nationwide.

Limited Time Offers

Smoothie King does sometimes run limited time offers that provide free smoothies under certain conditions at participating locations. Here are some examples:

  • In 2021, they offered customers a free 12 oz. smoothie if they purchased a smoothie & supplement combo.
  • For their 40th birthday in 2013, some locations gave away free 12 oz. smoothies from 11 am – 1 pm.
  • On National Smoothie Day 2019, some locations offered $0.40 smoothies with purchase.

So while Smoothie King has run occasional limited free smoothie offers tied to a timed promotion or holiday, they don’t seem to have had any ongoing nationwide free smoothie giveaways.


Based on Smoothie King’s website, promotions, and limited time offers, it does not appear they regularly give out free smoothies system-wide every day or on certain annual days. The rumors circulating online about free smoothies for all seem unfounded. However, customers can get free smoothies through Smoothie King’s rewards program terms, limited time deals, and sports team promotions in select markets. But Smoothie King has not promoted any recurring national days where they offer free smoothies to all customers.

Smoothie King Company Background

Here is some background on Smoothie King to provide context on their company model and approach to promotions:

  • Founded in 1973 in Kenner, Louisiana by Steve Kuhnau and Cindy Kuhnau
  • Headquartered in Dallas, Texas
  • Specializes in smoothies made with real fruits and vegetables
  • Over 1,000 locations across the U.S. and Asia
  • Ranked on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list since 2010
  • Sponsorships with sports teams and athletes used for promotional giveaways in local markets

Smoothie King is a well-established smoothie franchise built around a health-focused mission. They strategically use promotions to attract new customers and reward existing ones through the Healthy Rewards program and referrals. But their business model does not appear to include system-wide free smoothie giveaways for all customers on a recurring basis.

Smoothie King’s Promotional Strategies

Here is some more detail on Smoothie King’s usual promotional strategies:

  • Loyalty program rewards – Points earned through Healthy Rewards can be redeemed for free smoothies.
  • Referral rewards – Referring friends earns points for free smoothies.
  • App discounts – New users get a free smoothie and existing users get periodic discount offers.
  • Birthday rewards – A free smoothie coupon is sent for your birthday.
  • Occasional free samples – Free 2-3 oz. samples of new products.
  • Local sports team giveaways – Free smoothies awarded for team victories in sponsored markets.
  • Holiday offers – Limited free or discounted smoothies on holidays like National Smoothie Day.
  • Student discounts – Occasional free smoothie with valid student ID.

Smoothie King uses the above promotional methods to attract new customers, retain existing ones, and reward loyalty. But they seem to limit free smoothie giveaways to new app users, referrals, sports team markets, and occasional small holiday offers.

Why Free Nationwide Smoothies Don’t Align With Smoothie King’s Business Model

While giveaways generate buzz, frequently offering free products system-wide does not tend to be sustainable or profitable for franchise chains. Here are some reasons why Smoothie King is unlikely to offer ongoing free smoothies nationwide:

  • Lost sales – Giving away too many free smoothies reduces paying sales.
  • Costs money – Ingredients, labor, and operating costs are incurred to make smoothies.
  • Devalues brand – Overuse of giveaways can make brand seem less premium.
  • Angers franchisees – Corporate promotions cut into franchise profits.
  • Encourages waste – People may claim free smoothies and not consume them.
  • Hard to execute – Complex to organize frequent free giveaways across 1,000+ locations.

Smoothie King focuses its promotions on driving incremental sales through new customer acquisition and incentivizing existing buyers. The occasional small free smoothie offers they run are likely manageable system-wide. But providing free smoothies nationwide on a regular basis does not align with Smoothie King’s business model and promotional strategy.

The Verdict

Based on Smoothie King’s website, promotions, offers, and business model, the rumors that they regularly give away free smoothies to all customers nationwide appear to be unfounded. However, consumers can periodically get free smoothies through limited time offers, loyalty program rewards, and local sports team promotions when Smoothie King chooses strategic promotional opportunities. But their promotions seem focused on acquisition and rewards, not system-wide free giveaways on an ongoing basis. So while it’s possible to get an occasional free smoothie from Smoothie King, they are not giving them out to everyone for free on a recurring schedule.

In summary, while occasional free smoothie promotions do occur, Smoothie King does not appear to be offering any recurring nationwide free smoothie giveaways for all customers on annual National Smoothie Days or their founding day anniversary. Their model involves using strategic discounts to drive targeted sales objectives, not giving core products away for free regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Smoothie King giving away free smoothies for their 50th anniversary?

No, there is no indication that Smoothie King is offering free smoothies system-wide for their 50th anniversary in 2023. They gave away free 12oz smoothies for their 40th anniversary in 2013 at participating locations from 11am-1pm. But they have not announced any upcoming nationwide free smoothie promotions for their 50th anniversary.

When is National Smoothie Day and will Smoothie King have free smoothies?

National Smoothie Day is typically in June each year. In 2019, some Smoothie King locations offered $0.40 smoothies with purchase on this day. However, Smoothie King has not announced free smoothies across all locations for National Smoothie Day 2023.

How can I get a free smoothie from Smoothie King?

Options to get a free smoothie from Smoothie King can include:

  • Using points from their Healthy Rewards loyalty program
  • Referring a friend through their mobile app
  • Getting an offer through the Smoothie King app as a new user
  • Redeeming a birthday reward sent via email
  • Taking advantage of an occasional limited time offer
  • Winning a promotion tied to a local sports sponsorship

But Smoothie King does not appear to be offering completely free smoothies system-wide on an ongoing basis.

Does Smoothie King offer free samples of their smoothies?

Yes, Smoothie King locations sometimes offer free 2-3 oz samples of new products so customers can try them. However, these are just small sample sizes, not full free smoothies. Samples help promote new menu items.

Can students get free smoothies from Smoothie King?

Smoothie King sometimes offers students a free 20oz smoothie for joining their Healthy Rewards program. They may also run other student discount offers periodically. Checking their app or website for limited time student deals can reveal if they are running any current free or discounted smoothie promotions for students.

Does Smoothie King have any deals for first-time app users?

Yes, Smoothie King currently offers a free 20oz smoothie reward for downloading their app and registering for the first time. This offer is only for new app users.

The Bottom Line

While Smoothie King runs occasional free and discounted smoothie offers, they do not appear to give out free smoothies system-wide on any regular schedule or annual holidays. Their promotional strategy involves using targeted giveaways and loyalty programs to attract new customers and reward existing buyers. But unfounded rumors claiming they regularly give away free smoothies seem to stem from misunderstandings around their limited time offers. Smoothie King’s model involves strategic promotions to drive incremental sales, not free products for all on a recurring basis.

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