Is Pink Whitney High sugar?

Pink Whitney is a flavored vodka made by collaboration between New Amsterdam Vodka and Barstool Sports. It’s described as having hints of vanilla and pink lemonade flavors.

Many flavored vodkas contain added sugar to enhance the flavor profile. So an important question consumers may have is: Is Pink Whitney high in sugar content?

Pink Whitney Nutrition Facts

To determine the sugar content of Pink Whitney, we need to examine the nutrition facts label.

According to the official nutrition facts for a 1.5 oz serving (one shot) of Pink Whitney:


– Total calories: 96
– Calories from fat: 0
– Calories from carbs: 96


– Total carbohydrates: 5g
– Sugars: 5g

So a 1.5 oz serving contains 5g of sugar.

Daily Value Analysis

To determine if 5g of sugar is considered high, we need to compare it to the daily recommended intake values.

The American Heart Association recommends the following daily sugar intake limits:

– Men: No more than 36 grams or 150 calories from added sugars
– Women: No more than 25 grams or 100 calories from added sugars

When examining the percentage daily values on a food label, 5% or less is considered low while 20% or more is considered high.

For a 2000 calorie diet:

– 5% of daily sugar = 25 grams
– 20% of daily sugar = 100 grams

So compared to the daily recommendations, 5g of sugar per shot would provide:

– Men: 5g is 14% of 36g recommendation
– Women: 5g is 20% of 25g recommendation

This means a single shot of Pink Whitney provides around 14-20% of the recommended daily added sugar intake.

Verdict: Moderately High in Sugar

While 5g of sugar per shot is not extremely high, it does represent a moderate amount of added sugar.

Consuming multiple shots or drinks made with Pink Whitney could easily surpass the recommended daily limits for added sugars.

So the verdict is that Pink Whitney is moderately high in sugar compared to the average flavored vodka. It does contain more added sugar than unflavored vodka.

However, from a cocktail perspective the sugar content is comparable to other liqueurs and ingredients commonly used in mixed drinks.

Comparisons to Other Flavored Vodkas

To further understand Pink Whitney’s sugar content, it’s helpful to compare against other popular flavored vodkas:

Pinnacle Whipped Flavored Vodka

– 1.5 oz serving: 9g sugar

UV Blue (Raspberry) Flavored Vodka

– 1.5 oz serving: 7g sugar

Absolut Mango Vodka

– 1.5 oz serving: 7g sugar

Svedka Strawberry Lemonade Vodka

– 1.5 oz serving: 5g sugar

Pink Whitney has the same 5g of sugar as Svedka Strawberry Lemonade, but less than the 9g in Pinnacle Whipped. So it’s around average in terms of sugar content compared to other popular flavored vodkas.

Sugar Content of Common Cocktail Ingredients

It also helps to compare Pink Whitney’s sugar content to other liquors and ingredients used in cocktails:

Ingredient Sugar per 1.5 oz
Pink Whitney 5g
Cranberry Juice Cocktail 15g
Orange Juice 15g
Pineapple Juice 21g
Grenadine 18g
Sweet & Sour Mix 15g
Triple Sec 12g

Looking at these numbers, Pink Whitney is on the lower end of sugar content compared to other common cocktail mixers and liqueurs.

Standard juices, sweet & sour, grenadine, and triple sec all contain significantly more sugar per ounce.

So while Pink Whitney does contain some added sugars, it’s not an extremely high amount compared to other cocktail ingredients.

Tips for Reducing Sugar Intake

Here are some tips if you want to enjoy Pink Whitney but reduce your sugar consumption:

Drink in Moderation

Limit yourself to 1-2 servings max to keep added sugars low.

Drink with Sugar-Free Mixers

Use low-calorie or sugar-free versions of juices, sodas, lemonade, etc when making cocktails.

Switch Up Flavors

Try mixing Pink Whitney with unsweetened tea, seltzer, or club soda to lower the sugar content.

Water It Down

Add ice or water to dilute the sweetness.

Compensate With Exercise

Balance out the added sugars by increasing exercise for the day.

The Bottom Line

Pink Whitney vodka does contain a moderate amount of added sugar at 5g per serving.

This represents 14-20% of the recommended daily limit for added sugars. Consuming multiple servings could lead to exceeding the recommended amount.

However, Pink Whitney is average in sugar content compared to other flavored vodkas and common cocktail ingredients. It’s not an extremely high amount.

If you want to enjoy Pink Whitney but reduce sugar, opt for moderation, sugar-free mixers, diluting with water, or balancing with exercise.

Overall, while Pink Whitney is moderately high in sugar compared to unflavored vodka, it’s not drastically higher than other liqueurs used in cocktails. Enjoying it occasionally or in moderation can be part of an otherwise balanced diet.

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