Is Nutrisystems gluten-free?

Nutrisystem is a popular diet program that provides pre-packaged, portion-controlled meals to help people lose weight. With the rise in gluten sensitivities and celiac disease diagnoses in recent years, many dieters wonder if Nutrisystem meals are gluten-free. The short answer is that some Nutrisystem plans and meals are gluten-free, but not all of them. Keep reading for a detailed overview of which Nutrisystem plans and foods contain gluten, tips for customizing a gluten-free Nutrisystem diet, and comparisons to other gluten-free weight loss programs.

Nutrisystem Plans and Foods with Gluten

Here is a breakdown of which Nutrisystem plans and foods contain gluten:

Nutrisystem Plans with Gluten

The following Nutrisystem plans contain foods with gluten:

– Basic Plan: Contains pasta, cereals, and other glutenous items. Not recommended for gluten-free diets.

– Uniquely Yours Plan: Contains glutenous foods like pizza, sandwiches, cereals, and more. Not gluten-free.

– Uniquely Yours Ultimate Plan: Also includes gluten-containing foods. Not gluten-free.

– Vegetarian Plan: Includes soy, tofu, cereals, whole grains and other gluten-containing vegetarian options. Not gluten-free.

Nutrisystem Foods with Gluten

Many Nutrisystem foods contain gluten. Here are some examples:

– Breads and baked goods: Bagels, muffins, rolls, granola bars, brownies, and more. These contain gluten from wheat flour.

– Pastas: Nutrisystem pastas and noodles made from wheat flour contain gluten.

– Pizzas and sandwiches: The crust and bread contain gluten.

– Breakfast cereals: Most Nutrisystem cereals contain gluten from wheat, barley, rye or oats.

– Snack foods: Many Nutrisystem snack foods like pretzels, crackers and cookies have gluten.

– Soy foods: Soy snacks, tofu and edamame contain gluten from soy sauce and ingredients derived from wheat.

– Beer: Malt beverages contain gluten.

So in summary, many of the most popular Nutrisystem foods contain gluten. The plans that provide general pre-selected package meals are not suitable for a gluten-free diet.

Tips for Following a Gluten-Free Nutrisystem Diet

While Nutrisystem does not offer an exclusively gluten-free plan, the good news is that they offer enough variety that you can customize gluten-free meals by making careful selections. Here are some tips:

Choose the Basic Plus or Uniquely Yours Plus Plans

While the regular Basic and Uniquely Yours plans contain gluten, the “Plus” versions of these plans allow you to handpick your foods off a menu of over 160 options. This makes it possible to avoid glutenous items.

Pick Gluten-Free Breakfasts

Nutrisystem offers various gluten-free breakfast options like eggs, omelets, Greek yogurt and cottage cheese. Their “Harvest Wheat Free” cereals are also gluten-free.

Select SmartCarbs Carefully

Many of Nutrisystem’s SmartCarbs contain gluten, but they offer gluten-free potatoes, brown rice, bulgur and quinoa that you can choose instead.

Load up on Produce

Nutrisystem allows unlimited fresh fruits and veggies – great gluten-free options. Load up your plan with produce.

Pick Gluten-Free Proteins & Desserts

Proteins like meats and seafood are gluten-free on Nutrisystem. For desserts, you can choose ice cream, gluten-free cookies and brownies.

Avoid Glutenous Sides & Snacks

Avoid pastas, pizza, sandwiches and soy snacks. Instead, pick sides like bean soup and salads, and snacks like nuts, yogurt and veggies.

Use Condiments Sparingly

Be careful with condiments like soy sauce and malt vinegar that could contain gluten. Stick to oils, vinegars, mustard and other safer bets.

Check Labels Carefully

Carefully read Nutrisystem food labels, which indicate gluten or wheat for foods that contain them. Avoid anything made on shared equipment.

Following these guidelines can help you safely eat gluten-free on Nutrisystem. Consult a doctor to ensure this is adequate for your gluten needs.

Comparison to Other Gluten-Free Diets

How does Nutrisystem compare to other popular gluten-free weight loss programs? Here’s a quick rundown:

Jenny Craig’s Gluten-Free Options

Jenny Craig does not offer an exclusively gluten-free menu, but provides over 50 gluten-free entrees, snacks and desserts that allow you to customize a gluten-free plan.

Medifast Gluten-Free Choices

Medifast offers over 50 gluten-free options across all their meal types. You can handpick gluten-free foods or work with a coach.

Bistro MD’s Gluten-Free Meals

Bistro MD offers certified gluten-free meals that are prepared in a gluten-free facility. Their plans provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Gluten-Free Weigh Down Diet

The Weigh Down Diet takes a gluten-free, grain-free approach to encourage eliminating processed foods and eating more natural fats and proteins.’s Gluten-Free Diet

This plan provides gluten-free recipes, meal plans and coaching to support a gluten-free diet for weight loss or medical needs.

Is Nutrisystem Right for You?

In the end, Nutrisystem can be customized into a gluten-free diet, but requires careful food selections. For 100% gluten assurance, diets like Bistro MD with certified gluten-free meals prepared separately may be a better fit. Discuss your needs with a doctor or dietitian to decide if Nutrisystem meets your gluten and weight loss needs.


While Nutrisystem is not an entirely gluten-free program, it provides enough variety that you can hand-pick gluten-free menu items for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. By choosing the Basic Plus or Uniquely Yours Plus plans, avoiding common pitfalls like breads and soy, and reading labels carefully, you can follow Nutrisystem while adhering to a gluten-free diet. For greater assurance, explore nutritionally balanced gluten-free plans from Jenny Craig, Bistro MD or specialized sites like Consult a professional to decide if a customized gluten-free Nutrisystem plan is right for you.

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