Is Moon Dragon related to Drax?

Moon Dragon and Drax are both fictional characters that appear in Marvel comics. At first glance, they seem quite different – Moon Dragon is a powerful telepath with ties to various cosmic Marvel teams, while Drax is a super-strong alien driven by a desire for vengeance against Thanos. However, despite their differences, the two characters do have some interesting connections that have led fans to speculate about a possible relationship between them.

Who is Moon Dragon?

Moon Dragon, also known as Heather Douglas, first appeared in Marvel comics in the mid-1970s. She is a human-looking woman, but is actually a second-generation member of the long-lived Kree race. Moon Dragon has a range of abilities including powerful telepathic and telekinetic powers, flight, and the ability to project energy blasts. She has been affiliated with various Marvel teams over the years including the Avengers, the Defenders, and more recently, the Guardians of the Galaxy. Across her many appearances, she has played both hero and villain roles.

Who is Drax the Destroyer?

Drax first appeared in Marvel comics in the early 1970s. He was originally a human named Arthur Douglas whose family was killed by Thanos. The being known as Kronos then took Arthur’s spirit and placed it in a powerful new body, transforming him into Drax the Destroyer with the purpose of killing Thanos. Drax possesses superhuman strength, durability, and the ability to project energy blasts. He is driven by an all-consuming desire to destroy Thanos. Drax has been affiliated with various cosmic Marvel teams over the years, including the Infinity Watch and the modern Guardians of the Galaxy.

Connection #1: Origins with Kronos

The first connection between Moon Dragon and Drax lies within their origins. Both characters have origins that involve the cosmic being known as Kronos. In Drax’s case, Kronos directly transformed Arthur Douglas into Drax by placing him in a new powerful body. In Moon Dragon’s case, Kronos is not directly involved, but her father Mentor was one of the Eternals created by Kronos. So while Kronos did not create Moon Dragon, he is still part of her origins from the generation prior.

The Kronos connection establishes that Drax and Moon Dragon come from similar cosmic corners of the Marvel universe. Kronos is an ancient cosmic entity with great powers, and the fact that both Drax and Moon Dragon have origins tied to him suggests some grand design and shared destiny between the two characters. Their paths coming from the same cosmic being cannot be mere coincidence.

Kronos’s influence

Beyond just being created by Kronos, both Drax and Moon Dragon have had their powers and purpose influenced by this cosmic entity. Kronos created Drax to be a very physical powerhouse designed specifically to destroy Thanos. On the other hand, while Kronos did not directly empower Moon Dragon, her telepathic abilities stem from her father Mentor, one of Kronos’s Eternals. So Kronos is still behind the source of her powers.

Additionally, both characters have played the role of pawn for Kronos at different times. Kronos seems to have a grand plan for both of them, manipulating events to steer them along certain paths. While they have exercised free will, ultimately their major life events tie back to the cosmic designs of Kronos. This suggests a shared destiny that yokes them together.

Connection #2: Guardians of the Galaxy

The second connection between Moon Dragon and Drax is their shared membership on the Guardians of the Galaxy team. In the early 2000s, both characters were part of the roster during a newly reformed version of the team. This version was led by Star-Lord and brought together a ragtag group of cosmic heroes.

Shared missions

As teammates on the Guardians, Moon Dragon and Drax directly fought alongside each other on many adventures. They shared numerous battles against cosmic threats like the Phalanx. This shows they can work together and complement each other, with Moon Dragon providing psychic abilities while Drax supplies the brawn.

Beyond fighting, they also went on investigative missions together, following leads and learning more about mutual enemies like Thanos. These shared experiences brought them closer together and gave them reason to be invested in each other’s stories. Being on a team forms strong bonds, so it’s likely their time as fellow Guardians strengthened any connection between the two.

Personality clashes

That said, Drax and Moon Dragon’s personalities often clashed while on the team. Drax is stubborn and headstrong, while Moon Dragon can be aloof and morally ambiguous. There were times when Moon Dragon’s willingness to bend rules annoyed the straightforward Drax. Additionally, Drax’s single-minded focus on Thanos led to conflict with Moon Dragon over priorities.

Still, even if they didn’t always get along perfectly on the Guardians, the fact they put up with each other shows a mutual respect. Over time, their personality differences could have matured into an opposites-attract dynamic. Their frictions were likely just the growing pains of two unique souls learning to understand each other while united against cosmic threats.

Connection #3: Romantic Possibilities

Fans have often speculated about a possible romantic connection between Moon Dragon and Drax. This is due to some suggestive comments and moments between the two characters across their various interactions over the years.

Flirtatious banter

Even when they were just teammates, Drax and Moon Dragon occasionally had playful exchanges with each other. Drax would make an offhand complementary remark about Moon Dragon’s appearance, for instance. And Moon Dragon was known to good-naturedly tease Drax when he became especially headstrong. These kinds of lighthearted moments suggest a budding mutual affection.

Moon Dragon’s attraction

More substantial than the playful banter, Moon Dragon has directly commented on finding Drax attractive. In a conversation with Adam Warlock while both were members of the Infinity Watch, she admitted to having a bit of a crush on Drax, even if his single-mindedness frustrated her at times. She seemed to harbor romantic interest that went beyond merely teammates or friends.

Drax’s protective instincts

For his part, Drax has shown protectiveness towards Moon Dragon that could hint at deeper feelings. When fighting off an attack by the Phalanx, for example, Drax became enraged at the thought of the Phalanx assimilating or harming Moon Dragon. He desperately fought them off to keep her safe, despite the risk to himself. It showed how much she meant to him.

Moon Dragon calms Drax

Another example of possible mutual attraction came up during a tense standoff between Drax and other Guardians. Drax’s rage nearly spiraled out of control, but Moon Dragon was able to calm him with her psychic abilities. The fact she could exert such influence over his mind demonstrates the depth of their connection. Drax trusted her to help stabilize his chaotic emotions.


While Marvel comics have never overtly made Moon Dragon and Drax a romantic couple, the signs of their burgeoning mutual affection are there for fans to see. Their shared origins with Kronos, time together on the Guardians of the Galaxy, and multiple instances of seeming attraction all point to a budding relationship, even if it has not been fully realized.

Perhaps future writers will decide to bring this simmering dynamic to the forefront. For now, readers are left to speculate if there is something deeper bonding the two cosmic warriors across time and space. Their fated paths seem intrinsically intertwined, and the depths of their true connection have yet to be revealed.

Moon Dragon Drax the Destroyer
Powerful telepath Superhuman strength
Second-generation Kree Created to kill Thanos
Member of the Guardians of the Galaxy Member of the Guardians of the Galaxy
Has shown attraction to Drax Has shown protectiveness towards Moon Dragon

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