Is Monster Energy Drink good for weight loss?

Monster Energy drink has become increasingly popular in recent years, marketed as an energy boosting beverage. With its energizing ingredients like caffeine, taurine, B vitamins and sugar, some people have started using it as a tool for weight loss. But is Monster Energy drink actually effective for losing weight? There are several factors to consider.

Calorie Content

One 16 oz can of regular Monster Energy drink contains about 200 calories. This calorie count is similar to other energy drinks as well as sodas.

For weight loss, it’s recommended to create a calorie deficit by consuming fewer calories than you burn. The USDA recommends a daily calorie intake of around 2000 calories for women and 2500 for men to maintain weight. Consuming an extra 200 liquid calories from Monster each day could make it more difficult to stay within your target calorie range for weight loss.

Some people do use low-calorie Monster options like Monster Absolutely Zero, Monster Lo-Carb and Monster Zero Ultra in hopes the energizing ingredients will boost metabolism and fat burning without all the added calories. While these drinks are lower in calories, their specific effects on weight loss have not been scientifically studied.

Overall, the regular calorie Monster drinks add extra calories which could counteract weight loss efforts. The low-calorie options may be a better choice if you’re aiming to lose weight while enjoying an energy boost from Monster.

Caffeine Content

Caffeine is the main energizing ingredient in Monster Energy drinks. Each 16 oz can contains 160 mg of caffeine, which is considered a high amount compared to other drinks.

Caffeine may help promote weight loss in several ways:

– Boosts metabolism and causes the body to burn slightly more calories
– Provides energy for improved exercise performance when working out
– Suppresses appetite and makes you feel fuller

However, these fat burning effects tend to be relatively modest. While caffeine can provide an energizing lift for workouts and temporarily suppress appetite, it likely won’t lead to significant weight loss on its own without other lifestyle changes.

It’s also possible to build up a tolerance to caffeine over time, making its impacts less effective. High caffeine intake can also cause side effects like jitteriness, trouble sleeping, anxiety and stomach upset in some people.

For those trying to lose weight, consuming Monster in moderation may provide a minor metabolism and appetite suppressing boost from its caffeine content. But don’t view it as a magic bullet for weight loss.

Sugar Content

Monster Energy drink contains 54 grams of sugar per 16 oz can. This is a high amount, comparable to drinking a 16 oz soda.

Consuming excess added sugars like those found in Monster is linked to weight gain over time. Sugar contains empty calories without nutrients. It also spikes blood sugar rapidly, causing a crash later on along with hunger and cravings. The blood sugar spike from sugary drinks signals the body to store more fat.

For those trying to lose weight, it’s best to limit added sugar intake, including from beverages. Consuming less sugar eliminates empty calories and can help control hunger and cravings.

People aiming for weight loss would be better off choosing lower sugar options like Monster Absolutely Zero, Monster Lo-Carb and Monster Zero Ultra, which contain minimal or no sugar.


Monster Energy drinks contain carbonated water, which causes bubbling and a fizzy sensation.

Some research has found carbonated beverages may increase feelings of fullness more than non-carbonated beverages due to the gas bubbles taking up more room in the stomach. This effect could potentially aid in weight loss.

However, more research is needed to directly link the carbonation in Monster to appetite and weight control effects. Any impact is likely minimal.


Monster Energy drinks contain the amino acid taurine, with a 16 oz can providing around 2,000 mg.

Taurine functions as an antioxidant and energizer. Some claim it may also help burn fat and promote weight loss. However, there is limited evidence to support these claims currently.

A few animal studies have found taurine supplements can decrease body weight and fat mass. But more human research is needed to determine if the amount of taurine found in Monster Energy drinks provides weight loss benefits.

For now, the impact of Monster’s taurine content on weight loss is inconclusive.

B Vitamins

Monster contains a blend of B vitamins including vitamin B3, B6 and B12. B vitamins help convert food into cellular energy.

Low levels of certain B vitamins like B12 have been linked to lower metabolism and fatigue. Restoring vitamin B levels can help increase energy. The B vitamins in Monster may provide an energy boost which could enhance exercise performance and metabolism.

That said, people following a healthy diet are unlikely to be deficient in B vitamins. The high vitamin B doses in Monster likely provide little additional weight loss benefit in most people.


Monster Energy drink contains glucose, which is a simple sugar and key source of energy for the body.

Consuming glucose may provide an energy boost. But as a simple sugar, excessive intake from Monster is still linked to weight gain rather than weight loss. Glucose spikes blood sugar and insulin levels, signaling the body to store more fat.

For those seeking to lose weight, it’s better to get natural glucose from fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The added glucose in Monster isn’t necessary and may counteract weight loss efforts.

Other Ingredients

Monster Energy drinks contain additional ingredients like ginseng, L-carnitine and inositol.

Ginseng is proposed to boost energy levels and metabolism. L-carnitine is involved in fat burning processes in the body. And inositol may have antioxidant and blood sugar lowering effects.

However, research is still inconclusive on whether these compounds directly impact weight loss in humans, especially at the doses found in Monster. While promising, more studies are needed before making conclusions.

The other ingredients in Monster Energy drinks besides caffeine and sugar are unlikely to be major contributors to weight loss currently based on the available evidence.

Effect on Appetite

How Monster impacts appetite could influence its effects on weight.

Caffeine tends to suppress appetite for a few hours after consumption. But the high sugar content may cause hunger and cravings to return later.

Carbonation can also increase feelings of fullness temporarily. However, Monster may displace intake of more filling foods and drinks.

Overall Monster likely provides a mild short-term appetite suppressing effect. But it should not be relied on long-term to reduce hunger and calorie intake for weight loss. The appetite suppressing benefits are temporary.

Effect on Metabolism

Metabolism refers to the rate at which the body burns calories for energy. Boosting your metabolic rate can promote weight loss.

Caffeine is known to increase metabolism by up to 11% for a few hours after consumption. Green tea extracts in some Monsters may also provide metabolism-enhancing effects.

However, tolerance can develop to caffeine over time. And the high sugar content may counteract and even slow metabolism.

While Monster may provide a modest metabolism boost short-term, this effect is unlikely to be pronounced or make a major difference in weight over the long run.

Effect on Energy and Exercise

Monster Energy drinks can boost perceived energy and mental alertness due to ingredients like caffeine.

This may help some people feel energized enough to get through strenuous workouts they’d normally skip. Exercise burns additional calories and is key for weight loss.

That said, the energy boost is temporary. Relying on highly caffeinated drinks is not as effective as developing lasting healthy habits around sleep, nutrition and physical activity.

For those already exercising, Monster before workouts may provide an extra push at times. But it’s likely not magic for motivation and energy around exercise for the purpose of weight loss.

Potential Downsides

While Monster may have some metabolism, appetite and energy altering qualities, potential downsides exist:

– High sugar content can cause fat storage and hunger/cravings later
– Caffeine can become less effective over time as tolerance develops
– Could displace intake of healthier beverages and foods
– May provide a “false” energy source instead of addressing root causes of fatigue
– Linked to side effects like anxiety, trouble sleeping, dental issues, and poor hydration

For these reasons, while Monster may provide a temporary energizing lift at times, it’s better not to rely on it as a daily habit, especially for those working to lose weight. Moderation is key.

Better Methods for Weight Loss

While Monster Energy drinks may help modestly with weight loss in some cases, they should not be your main strategy.

More effective, research-backed ways to lose weight include:

– Counting calories to ensure a daily deficit
– Eating more lean protein, fiber and vegetables
– Limiting added sugar and processed foods
– Drinking water instead of sugary drinks
– Exercising consistently – mix of cardio and strength training
– Getting enough sleep and reducing stress
– Being patient and making gradual lifestyle changes

Focusing on sustainable diet and lifestyle changes provides longer lasting weight loss results compared to quick fix products.

Is Monster Zero Ultra good for weight loss?

Of all the Monster Energy drinks, Monster Zero Ultra may be the best option for those trying to lose weight. Here’s why:

– Contains zero calories and sugar
– Has the energy and appetite suppressing benefits of caffeine (160mg per can)
– May increase metabolism slightly thanks to caffeine
– Provides an energizing lift for stronger workouts
– Contains antioxidants from green tea extracts
– Still offers flavor from artificial sweeteners

That said, even Monster Zero Ultra is not a magic solution for weight loss on its own. It simply lacks the high sugar content and calories of other Monsters that tend to counteract weight loss efforts.

For optimal results, Monster Zero Ultra is best paired with a consistent exercise routine, balanced diet, adequate sleep and stress management. Don’t rely on it as your sole strategy for losing weight. But it can be a healthier energizing drink choice for a modest metabolism and workout boost.

Other Low-Calorie Monster Options

Besides Monster Zero Ultra, some other lower calorie Monsters that may be better for weight loss include:

– Monster Absolute Zero – zero calories, sugar and carbs
– Monster Lo-Carb – 5 calories and 2g carbs per can
– Monster Zero – 10 calories and 3g carbs per can
– Monster Rehab Lemonade Tea – 80 calories and 21g carbs
– Monster Energy Zero Sugar – 10 calories and 5g carbs

These options have minimal calories and sugar content compared to original Monster, which may make them slightly better choices if trying to lose weight. But their actual impact is likely still minimal, so they should not be solely relied on.


Overall, consuming Monster Energy drinks in moderation can provide a temporary metabolism and energy boost, mainly thanks to ingredients like caffeine. However, the drinks are unlikely to directly lead to major weight loss.

Any potential benefits are counteracted by the high sugar and calorie content of most Monsters, which tend to contribute to fat storage over time. Relying on Monster alone is an unsustainable approach for losing weight.

People aiming for weight loss are better off focusing on overall healthy nutrition, managing stress, exercising consistently, and getting adequate sleep. If opting to drink Monster, the zero-calorie and low-sugar varieties are recommended for limiting calorie intake. Monster drinks are no substitute for discipline and healthy lifestyle habits. But they can be an occasional pick-me-up.

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