Is it safe to eat Pillsbury cinnamon rolls after expiration date?

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Generally, it is safe to eat Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for 1-2 weeks after the expiration date printed on the package, as long as they have been stored properly in the refrigerator or freezer. The expiration date is more of a guide than a hard rule. As long as there are no signs of spoilage like mold, an off smell or texture, cinnamon rolls are likely still fine to eat. Storing them properly frozen can extend their shelf life for months past the date.

Looking at the Expiration Date

The expiration date printed on packages of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and other baked goods is more of a general guide than a strict rule. It is the manufacturer’s estimation of how long the product will remain at peak quality when stored properly.

Many foods like cinnamon rolls remain edible and safe for a time period after the printed expiration date. This is especially true if they have been kept frozen. The date does not indicate a point at which the food is no longer safe and suddenly goes bad.

With proper storage, Pillsbury cinnamon rolls should maintain quality and remain fresh for around 1-2 weeks past the printed date. However, the cinnamon rolls cannot be expected to be at peak freshness and flavor compared to a newly opened package.

How to Determine If Expired Cinnamon Rolls Are Still Good

Some signs that Pillsbury cinnamon rolls may not be good anymore when they have passed their date:

– Dried out, stiff, or hard texture
– Mold growth anywhere on the rolls or in the packaging
– Off smell that is sour, unpleasant, or yeasty
– Discoloration of the dough or filling

As long as the cinnamon rolls still appear and smell normal, they should still be safe to eat. Make sure to inspect them closely. The date can serve more as a benchmark than a definitive rule.

Proper Storage Extends Their Shelf Life

Storing Pillsbury cinnamon rolls properly is key to getting the longest shelf life and extending the period you can still consume them past the printed expiration date. Here are some storage guidelines:

– Keep unopened packages at room temperature in a pantry away from direct sunlight and sources of humidity or heat. Avoid storing cinnamon rolls on top of the refrigerator or stove as the extra heat can accelerate staling.

– Once opened, re-wrap them tightly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil and store in the refrigerator. Cold temperatures keep them fresh and slow down bacterial growth. Use opened cinnamon rolls within 3-7 days.

– For longest viability, store Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in the freezer. Place unopened packages directly in the freezer. Frozen, the cinnamon rolls can maintain quality and safety for 1-3 months past the printed date.

Best Practices When Eating Expired Cinnamon Rolls

If properly frozen, Pillsbury cinnamon rolls should still taste pleasant and be good to eat for weeks or months past the date on the package. Here are some tips when consuming them past their date:

– Defrost frozen cinnamon rolls overnight in the refrigerator instead of the countertop. This helps prevent any bacterial growth.

– Check thoroughly for signs of mold. Do not eat cinnamon rolls that have developed mold spots or an off smell. Discard the entire package.

– Warm or toast expired cinnamon rolls before eating for best flavor and texture.

– Be aware that expired cinnamon rolls will not be as fresh. The dough and filling can dry out over time. They are best served warm with butter or icing.

– Do not eat cinnamon rolls past the expiration date if you have a compromised immune system or food sensitivity. Only consume them if they appear totally normal.

What About Dough That Comes in a Tube?

Pillsbury also sells refrigerated cinnamon roll dough that comes in a tube, which has a shorter shelf life than the frozen packaged ones. Here are some guidelines for the refrigerated tubes:

– Unopened tubes last 5-7 days past the printed date if continuously refrigerated.

– An opened tube should be used within 1-2 days. Wrap tightly with plastic wrap before storing back in the fridge.

– Properly frozen dough tubes can last 1-2 months past the date. Thaw overnight in the fridge before using.

– Check for any mold on opened refrigerated dough before use. Do not eat if mold is present.

Follow the same methods of inspecting for mold or off smells. Refrigerated dough that is past date can still be safe to bake and consume as long as it appears normal.

Can Expired Cinnamon Rolls Make You Sick?

Eating Pillsbury cinnamon rolls even weeks or months past the date is unlikely to cause foodborne illness, as long as you inspect them closely and watch for signs of spoilage.

Some potential risks of eating expired cinnamon rolls include:

– Increased risk of foodborne illness if rolls are moldy or contaminated. Look closely for visible mold and do not eat cinnamon rolls with mold.

– Off-flavors, stale or dry texture. Expired rolls lose freshness and quality over time.

– Upset stomach if heavily expired and spoiled. Discard cinnamon rolls that smell unpleasant or are discolored.

In most cases, eating cinnamon rolls just past their date should not cause major issues provided they were stored properly frozen or refrigerated. However, it is not worth getting sick over, so inspect carefully and stick to eating fresh when possible.

How to Store Cinnamon Rolls for Maximum Freshness

To get the longest shelf life out of your Pillsbury cinnamon rolls:

– Leave unopened packages at room temperature away from direct light, heat, or moisture. Avoid setting directly on hot appliances.

– Opened packages should be re-wrapped tightly in plastic wrap or foil and refrigerated. Use opened rolls within 3-7 days.

– For the longest viability, store unopened packages in the freezer. Frozen they can last 1-3 months past printed date.

– Thaw frozen cinnamon rolls overnight in the refrigerator before use for food safety. Do not thaw at room temperature.

– Check refrigerated dough tubes use-by date and use within 5-7 days of it. Discard if mold appears.

– Bake refrigerated dough within 1-2 days of opening the tube. Re-wrap and refrigerate after opening.

Proper freezing and refrigeration is key to maximizing how long Pillsbury cinnamon rolls stay fresh and usable!


Can you get food poisoning from expired cinnamon rolls?

It is unlikely you will get food poisoning from eating expired cinnamon rolls, unless they are heavily spoiled with mold growth. Consuming rolls within 1-2 weeks past the date poses a very low risk if they have been continuously refrigerated or frozen.

Do cinnamon rolls last longer than the expiration date?

Yes, cinnamon rolls can be safe to eat for 1-2 weeks past the printed expiration date if they have been properly stored. Frozen cinnamon rolls can last months past their expiration date and still be edible. The date is more of a guideline than a hard rule for cinnamon rolls.

What happens if you eat expired Pillsbury cinnamon rolls?

Eating expired Pillsbury cinnamon rolls that still look and smell normal is unlikely to make you sick. The main risks are staling, off-flavors, and poor texture. At worst, heavily spoiled rolls could potentially cause minor stomach upset in sensitive individuals.

How can you tell if Pillsbury cinnamon rolls are bad?

Signs that Pillsbury cinnamon rolls have gone bad include mold growth, a dried out or discolored appearance, an unpleasant sour smell, or a hard texture. Expired rolls may still be fine to eat if they still appear moist and smell pleasant.

Should you throw away refrigerated cinnamon roll dough if past expiration date?

It is not strictly necessary to throw out refrigerated cinnamon roll dough tubes once past the expiration date. Inspect carefully for any mold growth or off odors. If it still looks normal, refrigerated dough can still be safely baked even 1-2 weeks past the date.


Pillsbury cinnamon rolls tend to remain fresh and edible for up to 2 weeks past the printed expiration date. When properly frozen, their shelf life extends for months after the date. While the date can serve as a helpful guideline, it does not mark when cinnamon rolls suddenly become unsafe to eat.

As long as Pillsbury cinnamon rolls are not moldy, dried out, or foul smelling, they pose very low foodborne illness risk even past date. Storing cinnamon rolls appropriately frozen and refrigerated is the key to maximizing how long they will keep. With proper handling, expired Pillsbury cinnamon rolls can still be delicious to enjoy.

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