Is it rude to apply to the same job twice?

Quick Answer

It’s generally not considered rude to apply to the same job more than once, as long as some time has passed between applications and you have something new to offer the second time around. However, repeatedly applying to the same job opening with no changes may be seen as pestering the employer.

Is it ever acceptable to apply to the same job twice?

Yes, it can be acceptable to apply to the same job more than once in certain situations:

  • If your qualifications have improved since the first application. For example, if you have gained additional skills, training or certifications.
  • If the job posting has been relisted after already going through the recruitment process once. The company may be looking again to fill the role.
  • If you applied when the position first opened but believe your application got lost in the influx of applicants.
  • If you had progressed significantly through the interview stages on your first application and believe you now stand a good chance.

The key is making sure you have a valid reason for applying again beyond just desperately wanting the job.

When is it rude to reapply for the same job?

It’s generally considered rude to reapply if:

  • You just applied to the job posting very recently, like in the past few weeks.
  • You have applied multiple times already with no changes to your application.
  • You were already rejected for the role and do not have any new qualifications or experience to add.

Repeatedly applying for the same role when nothing has changed comes across as pestering the employer or disregarding the rejection. It’s best to wait and gain additional skills before reapplying down the road.

How long should you wait before reapplying?

As a general rule, wait at least 3-6 months before reapplying for a job you’ve been rejected for previously. This gives you adequate time to gain new skills and allows turnover in the company’s hiring staff, who may not remember rejecting you before.

Some additional tips on timing:

  • If you applied when the role first opened, wait a few weeks or months for the initial rush of applications to die down before reapplying.
  • If you made it far through the interview stages, you likely can reapply sooner as they already see you as a strong candidate.
  • Take into account the company’s hiring cycle and reapply when there is a new wave of openings.

You want enough time to pass so your new application gets a fresh look. But not so long that they no longer identify you.

How to reapply to a job politely

Here are some tips to reapply for a job tactfully:

  • Refresh your application materials. Update your resume, cover letter and portfolio with relevant new skills and achievements. Tweak your cover letter to reflect the time since your last application.
  • Note any new job requirements. If the job posting has been updated with new responsibilities, specifically showcase how you now meet the requirements.
  • Mention your previous application politely in your cover letter. “I previously applied for this role in January, and I believe the additional experience I have gained since then makes me a strong candidate.” This shows self-awareness.
  • If possible, apply through a referral or with an internal recommendation from someone at the company.
  • Follow up if you don’t hear back. Politely reiterate your interest 1-2 weeks after applying. But accept the rejection if you are turned down again for the same role.

The key is to make it clear you have new and relevant information worth their time reviewing again. You aren’t just stubbornly applying again.

What to do if they have a policy against reapplying

Some companies have formal policies that prohibit candidates from applying more than once for the same role. In these cases, you should respect their rules and not reapply in the future.

You can inquire if the policy allows you to:

  • Apply for a similar role at a higher level once you gain more experience.
  • Reapply after 12-24 months have passed.
  • Get reconsidered if you are referred by an employee.

But if they simply do not accept or consider repeat applicants, do not try applying again. Continuing to apply could get your profile or application blocked.

When to get help reapplying

If you are dead set on getting a job you have already been rejected for, get assistance to increase your chances with a subsequent application:

  • Employment agency – Signing with a recruitment firm allows a professional to reposition you as a candidate.
  • Hiring coach – Get advice on improving your application materials and interview skills.
  • Career counselor – Assess why you are fixated on one role and if reapplying makes strategic sense.
  • Networking – Leverage any connections at the company to get an internal reference.

Third-party assistance demonstrates you are serious about contributing your skills, not just vainly applying again and again.

When to move on

While reapplying can be appropriate in moderation, at a certain point, it makes sense to move on if:

  • You have applied for the role 3+ times with no success.
  • Less than 1 year of relevant experience has passed since your last application.
  • You were rejected after the final interview stage.
  • The company policy expressly prohibits repeat applications.

Continuing to fixate on one unattainable role wastes time you could spend seeking other opportunities. Be strategic about when reapplying is worthwhile versus when it makes sense to redirect your focus.


Applying for a job multiple times demonstrates persistence, but only if done properly. Allow enough time to pass, gain suitable new skills and experiences, and refresh your application each time to avoid coming across as disrespectful. With the right approach, reapplying can pay off, but be ready to move on once it is clear the role is not the right fit.

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