Is Bertucci’s Bread Vegan?

As a popular Italian restaurant chain on the East Coast, Bertucci’s offers a variety of pizza, pasta, and salad options for diners. With an increasing number of people adopting vegan diets for health, environmental, or ethical reasons, many customers wonder if Bertucci’s bread is vegan-friendly.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll examine the ingredients in Bertucci’s bread, look at how their bread is prepared, and determine if any menu items containing bread can be made vegan. We’ll also overview some of the top considerations for vegans dining at Bertucci’s.

Examining Bertucci’s Bread Ingredients

To evaluate if Bertucci’s bread is vegan, we need to closely examine the ingredients. According to the company’s online allergen information, the standard white and whole wheat rolls contain:

  • Enriched wheat flour
  • Water
  • Yeast
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Vegetable oil
  • Dough conditioner

None of these ingredients are animal-derived, so the bread appears to be vegan from that standpoint. There are no dairy, eggs, honey, or other animal products listed.

Enriched Wheat Flour

Enriched wheat flour contains added vitamins and nutrients like iron and B vitamins. This is a vegan ingredient.


The water used to make Bertucci’s bread is vegan. Water does not come from an animal source.


Yeast gives bread its airy, fluffy texture. The yeast used for baking is not derived from animals. It’s a vegan microorganism that eats sugar and releases carbon dioxide.


Salt is vegan and is often used in bread recipes for flavor. Table salt is not an animal product nor is it filtered using animal bones.


The sugar in Bertucci’s bread is vegan. Cane sugar and beet sugar, two common bread sugars, do not contain animal products or come from animal sources.

Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil can be derived from plants like soybeans, sunflower, canola, or others. As long as animal fat is not used, vegetable oil is vegan.

Dough Conditioner

Dough conditioners help create a better texture and rise. Common vegan options include ascorbic acid, enzymes, vinegar, and lecithin. There’s no evidence Bertucci’s uses a non-vegan dough conditioner.

How Bertucci’s Bread Is Prepared

In addition to the ingredients, we need to consider if there are any animal products used in the preparation process. According to Bertucci’s, their bread is made fresh daily in each restaurant.

The bread is prepared using traditional methods of mixing, kneading, proofing, shaping, and baking. Based on their public information, there is no indication that eggs, dairy, or other animal ingredients are used in making their bread.

Baking Process

The baking process at Bertucci’s involves:

  • Mixing – Combining the flour, water, yeast and other dry ingredients
  • Kneading – Kneading the dough to develop gluten
  • Proofing – Allowing the dough to rest and rise
  • Shaping – Forming the dough into loaf shapes
  • Baking – Baking the loaves in an oven

This standard bread baking process does not include any non-vegan ingredients.


Some Bertucci’s bread may be fried rather than baked, like their garlic knots. The website does not indicate what type of oil is used for frying. Many restaurants use vegetable oil, but others may use butter or animal-based shortening.

Vegans would need to inquire with their specific location if the frying oil is suitable for a vegan diet.

Use of Dairy Products

There are no dairy products like milk, butter, or cheese listed in Bertucci’s bread ingredients or preparation process. The breads appear to be dairy-free.

Use of Eggs

Likewise, eggs do not seem to be used in making Bertucci’s bread. Eggs are not listed in the ingredients, and egg wash on top of bread is not mentioned.

Use of Honey

Honey is not an ingredient in any of Bertucci’s bread options. While some bread recipes call for honey, Bertucci’s does not include it.

Is Bread Vegan at Bertucci’s?

Based on thoroughly examining the ingredients and preparation methods, Bertucci’s standard bread options appear to be vegan friendly. The white and whole wheat rolls served at dinner contain no discernable animal products or byproducts.

Vegans can feel comfortable eating the bread by itself with oil and balsamic vinegar or accompanying soup, salad, or pasta dishes.

What About Butter?

While Bertucci’s bread is vegan, their standard practice is to serve it with butter on the side. Vegans would simply need to request no butter or use oil instead.

Garlic Knots and Cheesy Bread

Some Bertucci’s locations offer additional bread choices like garlic knots and cheesy bread. The garlic knots would likely be vegan if fried in vegetable oil. However, the cheesy bread is topped with dairy-based cheese and would not be vegan.

Can Bertucci’s Menu Items Be Made Vegan?

Beyond the bread itself, many menu items at Bertucci’s can be prepared vegan by making modifications:

  • Salads – Ask for no cheese, meat, or eggs. Request oil and vinegar instead of creamy dressing.
  • Pizza – Choose vegetable toppings and no cheese with marinara sauce.
  • Pasta – Opt for vegetable primavera or marinara sauce instead of cream or meat-based sauces.
  • Soup – Order minestrone or another veggie soup and avoid cream-based options.

With these tweaks, vegans can find tasty Italian options at Bertucci’s. As always, confirm ingredients with your server when ordering.

Key Considerations for Vegans

Here are some key tips for vegans dining at Bertucci’s:

  • Ask about ingredients, preparation methods, and oil used for frying
  • Request no butter on bread and use oil instead
  • Avoid cheese and meat toppings on pizza and pasta
  • Opt for marinara sauce over cream-based sauces
  • Choose salads with oil and vinegar dressing instead of dairy-based dressing
  • Stick to vegetable soups and minestrone

With some modifications, Bertucci’s can be a vegan-friendly option for Italian cuisine. Their bread, pasta, salads, soups, and pizza can all be prepared animal product-free.

Is Bertucci’s Bread Healthy?

In addition to considering the vegan-friendliness of Bertucci’s bread, some consumers may wonder about the healthiness of their bread options:

  • Low in fat – Bertucci’s bread is low in saturated fat and cholesterol with no butter or oil in the dough.
  • High in carbs – The bread is high glycemic and packs over 50g of carbs per serving.
  • High in sodium – Each roll provides 250mg or more of sodium.
  • Enriched flour – Vitamins and iron are added to the refined white flour.
  • No whole grains – The standard Italian rolls do not contain nutrient-dense whole grains.

Overall, Bertucci’s bread would rate moderately on the healthy scale. While low in fat, it’s also low in fiber, vitamins, and minerals compared to 100% whole grain bread. Enjoying their bread in moderation is best.

Nutritional Information for Bertucci’s Bread

Here is the basic nutritional information for Bertucci’s bread (based on 1 standard roll):

Calories 210
Fat 2g
Carbs 42g
Protein 4g
Fiber 1g
Sodium 260mg

As you can see, the bread is low in fat and protein but provides a high amount of carbohydrates and sodium for one roll. The fiber content is also low at just 1 gram per serving.

Comparing Bertucci’s Bread to Other Restaurant Chains

How does Bertucci’s bread nutrition compare to other popular restaurant chains?

Here is a comparison of 1 standard bread roll or slice from 3 major chains:

Restaurant Calories Carbs Sodium
Bertucci’s 210 42g 260mg
Olive Garden 150 23g 370mg
Outback Steakhouse 120 21g 160mg

Bertucci’s bread contains more calories and carbohydrates than Olive Garden and Outback. The sodium content is lower than Olive Garden but higher than Outback.

Overall, Bertucci’s bread nutrition profiles as fairly typical among Italian restaurant chains. Those looking for the healthiest options would want to minimize butter, oil, and quantity when enjoying their complimentary bread.

Is Bertucci’s Bread Healthier Than Grocery Store Bread?

Comparing Bertucci’s bread to grocery store options can also be helpful. Here is how their white Italian rolls compare to two common grocery brands:

Brand Calories Carbs Sodium
Bertucci’s 210 42g 260mg
Wonder Bread 80 15g 160mg
Pepperidge Farm 100 21g 125mg

Bertucci’s has around twice the calories, carbs, and sodium compared to typical grocery store white bread brands. This is likely due to larger roll sizes along with garlic, yeast, and salt used in their bread recipes.

For the healthiest choice, homemade whole grain bread would be better. But when dining out, Bertucci’s bread can be a tasty indulgence in moderation.

Vegetarian Options at Bertucci’s

Beyond vegan considerations, vegetarians may also wonder what bread and menu items they can enjoy at Bertucci’s. Here are some top picks:

  • Bread – All breads and rolls are vegetarian
  • Pizza – Cheese, veggie, or white pizza
  • Pasta – Cheese ravioli, gnocchi, pasta primavera
  • Salad – Any salad without chicken, meat, or seafood
  • Soup – Minestrone, tomato basil bisque

With the abundance of pasta, pizza, soup, and salad options, vegetarians will have no shortage of delicious meatless meals to choose from at Bertucci’s.


After a close examination of ingredients, preparation methods, and nutrition information, Bertucci’s bread does appear to be vegan friendly. The standard Italian rolls contain no animal products, eggs, dairy or honey. And menu items like salads, pastas, soups and pizza can be modified to be vegan by leaving off cheese and meat.

While not the most nutritious choice, enjoying Bertucci’s tasty bread and Italian fare in moderation can absolutely be part of a balanced vegan diet. Vegans and vegetarians dining at this popular Italian restaurant chain can feel good about the many compassionate options available.

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