Is 3000 Pocket sprung good?

Quick Answer

A 3000 pocket sprung mattress can provide a good level of comfort and support for most sleepers. The high number of individual springs allows the mattress to contour closely to the curves of the body and provide pressure relief. However, the quality of the mattress will depend on factors like the gauge (thickness) of the springs, the quality of materials used, and overall construction.

What Does 3000 Pocket Sprung Mean?

Pocket sprung, also known as individually wrapped coils, refers to mattresses that contain springs encapsulated in fabric pockets. This allows each spring to respond independently to pressure, providing more tailored support and reducing motion transfer between sleepers.

The number 3000 simply indicates that the mattress contains 3000 individual pocket springs. So a 3000 pocket sprung mattress has 3000 separately encased coil springs layered throughout the mattress core.

More springs generally provide more points of contouring and support. 3000 pocket springs is considered a high coil count. The average pocket sprung mattress may have between 600-1000 springs. Higher-end mattresses tend to have between 1000-3000 springs.

Benefits of a High Pocket Spring Count

Some key benefits of a mattress with a high pocket spring count like 3000 include:

  • Excellent motion isolation – Each individual spring absorbs movement from tossing and turning, preventing ripple effects across the mattress surface.
  • Close contouring and pressure relief – More springs allow the mattress to better conform and alleviate pressure points.
  • Edge support – More springs around the perimeter prevent sagging when getting in and out of bed.
  • Durability and longevity – The springs maintain structure and rebounds over years of use.

What Determines the Quality and Comfort?

While a higher pocket spring count generally enhances the performance of a mattress, the quality is also determined by other factors:

1. Gauge of Springs

The gauge refers to the thickness or diameter of the coil springs. Lower gauge numbers indicate thicker, stiffer springs. Popular gauges range from 13.5 gauge to 16 gauge.

* Thicker 13.5 or 14.5 gauge springs are more durable and supportive.
* Thinner 15-16 gauge springs are more flexible and better for contouring.

A mattress with 3000 springs in a thicker 14 or 15 gauge wire would be higher quality than one with thinner 16 gauge coils.

2. Spring Design

Pocket springs come in different designs like open coils, offset coils, or continuous coils. The design impacts flexibility, responsiveness, and durability. Open coil springs with hourglass shapes are a simple affordable design. Offset coils and continuous coils provide better motion isolation and conformity.

3. Comfort Layers

The materials in the comfort layers above the springs also affect the feel. Comfort foams like memory foam or latex can enhance cushioning. Fiberfill, wool, or cotton in the quilted cover also influence plushness and breathability.

4. Base Foams and Insulation

Most pocket sprung mattresses also have base support foam layers under the springs. High density polyfoam or edge support foams improve stability and prevent sagging. Insulation fibers manage heat retention.

5. Construction Quality

Attention to construction and stitching affects the mattress durability and lifespan. Higher end mattresses often have reinforced edge support, durable covers, and reinforced handles to improve structure.

Is 3000 Pocket Sprung Enough For…

Whether 3000 pocket springs provides enough support and comfort largely depends on the individual’s body type and sleep preferences. Some general guidelines:

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need a mattress soft enough to cushion the shoulders and hips while preventing the spine from bowing or sagging. 3000 pocket springs paired with softer comfort foams or fiberfill can allow close contouring and pressure relief.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers require medium-firm support to keep the spine aligned. 3000 pocket springs with moderate-gauge wire can give conforming lumbar support yet prevent sagging of the midsection.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers need firmer support to prevent the abdomen from sinking in too deeply. 3000 pocket springs alone may not prevent sinkage. Pairing the coils with firm polyfoam or latex is ideal.

Heavier Sleepers

For sleepers over 230 lbs, 3000 pocket springs may not be quite robust enough to prevent sagging. A thicker 12-14 gauge wire and high-density foams would improve durability for heavier individuals.


3000 pocket springs provide exceptional motion isolation, preventing sleep disturbances when a partner moves. This makes the mattress excellent for couples, but some edge support should be added for couples who share smaller mattress sizes.

Pros and Cons of 3000 Pocket Sprung Mattresses


  • Contours closely to relieve pressure points
  • Absorbs motion between sleepers
  • Perimeter coils improve edge support
  • Highly durable and long-lasting


  • Less responsive than foam or latex
  • Soft versions may lack support for some sleepers
  • Higher cost than lower coil count mattresses
  • Heavy and difficult to move

Reviews of Top 3000 Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Here are reviews of some top-rated mattresses featuring 3000 or more pocket springs:

1. The Simba Hybrid Mattress

The Simba Hybrid Mattress contains 5000 pocket springs paired with responsive foam layers. The titanium Aerocoil springs have a 14.5 gauge thickness. With excellent comfort, support, and cooling, the Simba Hybrid scores 4.7/5 stars from over 21,000 reviews. The company provides a 100-night trial and 10-year warranty.

2. The Otty Hybrid Mattress

The Otty Hybrid uses 3000 individual pocket springs measuring 14 gauge nested within high-density support foam. The hybrid design offers close conforming with responsive lift. Rated 4.7 stars from 7000+ reviews, the Otty Hybrid excels in pressure relief and spinal alignment. Otty provides a 100-night trial and 10-year warranty.

3. Sealy Posturepedic Plus Jubilee Latex Mattress

This luxury hybrid from Sealy has 6000 pocketed coils and layers of natural latex. The Posturepedic coils have a 14 gauge rating for conformity and strength. The Jubilee Latex is an excellent choice for back sleepers needing spinal support. Sealy offers a 10-year warranty and 120-night trial.

Alternatives to 3000 Pocket Sprung Models

There are plenty of high-quality mattress options available that don’t contain 3000 pocket springs:

Memory Foam

Many all-foam or memory foam mattresses provide similar pressure relief and motion isolation to pocket spring models. They contour closely and reduce transfer. Brands like Tempur-Pedic and Nectar offer excellent memory foam mattresses.


Natural latex has a responsive, buoyant feel that relieves pressure without allowing much sinkage. Brands like Avocado and PlushBeds make supportive latex mattresses with impressive lifespans.


Traditional innerspring mattresses can perform similarly to pocket spring models, especially higher-end brands. Look for a coil count over 1000 and comfort features like pillow tops. Many Stearns & Foster models are comparable quality.

Adjustable Air Beds

For those needing customizable firmness, air beds allow users to inflate the mattress to their desired level of softness or firmness. Brands like Sleep Number provide exceptional adjustability.


Overall, a 3000 pocket sprung mattress can deliver conforming comfort, pain and pressure relief, minimal motion transfer, and durable support for most sleepers. However, the quality of materials and construction determines the performance and longevity. Be sure to research the coil gauge, design, and layers used. Comparable options are also available, especially for those wanting a different feel not found in traditional pocket spring models. Testing different mattresses firsthand is the best way to determine the right pick for your sleep needs.

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