How often should I take tennis lessons?

Taking tennis lessons regularly is the best way to improve your skills and get the most out of learning the sport. But determining the right lesson frequency can be tricky. How often you should take tennis lessons depends on several factors, including your goals, skill level, time commitments, and budget.

Quick Answers

Here are some quick answers to common questions about lesson frequency for tennis:

  • Beginners should start with 1-2 lessons per week.
  • Intermediate players benefit from 1-3 lessons per week.
  • Advanced players may take 3-5 lessons per week.
  • Competitive tournament players may take 5 or more lessons per week.
  • Taking lessons 1-2 times per week is ideal for casual recreational players looking to improve their skills.
  • Private lessons allow for the most focused and tailored instruction.
  • Group lessons are more affordable and promote peer learning.
  • Consistent weekly lessons are better for progress than intensive bursts.

Evaluating Your Skill Level

The first step is to objectively evaluate your current tennis skills and abilities. This will help determine what level of instruction can best support your continued improvement and development:


As a beginner, you are just starting out with little to no experience playing tennis. You lack stroke fundamentals, footwork skills, and match strategy knowledge. Taking tennis lessons as a beginner focuses on building your fundamentals through technical instruction and practicing basic techniques and skills.


At the intermediate level, you have decent stroke competency and some match experience. But you still struggle with consistency and lack dependable execution under pressure. Intermediate instruction hones skills, reinforces proper technique, and introduces more advanced tactics and strategies.


Advanced players can reliably execute a variety of strokes and shots with control during matches. You have good technique, footwork, and point development skills. Lessons at this stage focus on high-level strategy, variation, and competitive mentality for taking your game to the next level.


Competitive players have mastered stroke production and excel during match play. You can force errors or put away points off of weaker shots. Instruction focuses on nuanced technique tweaks, mental toughness, and competitive tactics to gain every possible advantage.

Recommended Lesson Frequency by Skill Level

Generally, the recommended tennis lesson frequency corresponds with your skill level:

Skill Level Recommended Lesson Frequency
Beginner 1-2 lessons per week
Intermediate 1-3 lessons per week
Advanced 3-5 lessons per week
Competitive 5+ lessons per week

As a beginner, stick to just 1-2 lessons per week to start. This gives you adequate time between lessons to practice and absorb what you’ve learned. Intermediate players can increase frequency to 1-3 lessons weekly. At the advanced skill level, 3-5 weekly lessons provides the right mix of instruction, repetition, and feedback.

Competitive tournament players may take 5 or more lessons in a week to intensely hone their game. But they must also balance with cross-training, conditioning, and ample opportunity for focused, high-quality practice.

Private vs. Group Lessons

In addition to overall frequency, the format of your tennis lessons matters too. You can take private lessons with an instructor one-on-one. Or do group lessons with other students.

Private Lessons

Private tennis lessons allow for highly focused, customized instruction based on your personal strengths, weaknesses, and goals. You get the undivided attention of the coach.

Private lessons are great for technical refinement, personalized strategy, and video analysis. They also provide accountability and feedback on your specific progress. Due to the individualized attention, most competitive tournament players utilize private lessons.

Group Lessons

Group tennis lessons consist of 2-4 students learning together. Group lessons promote social engagement through tennis and are more cost-effective than privates. You still get quality instruction, just in a peer environment.

Groups lessons work well for beginner adults or juniors focused on fundamentals. The multi-student format incentivizes effort and energy. Groups can also facilitate drills or simulated match play. Overall, group lessons provide a fun, affordable learning option.

Lesson Consistency vs. Intensive Bursts

When determining your ideal tennis lesson frequency, consistency generally yields better results than intensive bursts. It’s better to take regular weekly lessons than to cram in multiple lessons over a few days.

Spacing out your instruction allows you to integrate lessons over time. This leads to true learning rather than just temporary performance gains. Regular lessons also keep your strokes grooved and body conditioned for tennis movements.

That said, intensive tennis camps or academies can supplement your normal lesson schedule. For example, doing a weeklong immersive camp over school break in addition to your ongoing weekly lessons. Just don’t rely too heavily on cramming.

Adjusting Lesson Frequency Over Time

Your ideal tennis lesson frequency may fluctuate over time based on your evolving goals and commitment level. As you improve, you may benefit from increased weekly lessons. Or if your time becomes limited due to school, work, or life demands, you may need to reduce temporarily.

Schedule a periodic check-in with your coach to review your lesson frequency as needed. Life changes like starting a new job or having a child might require dialing back temporarily. Just try not to lose consistency for too long, or it will impact your progression.

Determining Lesson Frequency Based on Goals

Your tennis goals also factor into appropriate lesson frequency. Focus on your overarching objectives to guide how often you should take lessons.

Goal – Play Recreationally

If your goal is just to play recreationally for fun and exercise, you likely only need occasional lessons. One private or group lesson every 2-3 weeks is plenty to pick up tips that enhance your social matches.

Goal – Improve Skills

Looking for steady skill development? 1-2 private or group lessons per week provides regular quality instruction to level up your strokes, strategy, and footwork over time.

Goal – Compete

Hoping to play tournaments or team tennis? Frequent lessons are a must. Strive for at least 2-3 privates per week, plus group clinics for competition prep. The more you can play and drill too, the better.

Goal – College Scholarship

If your goal is a college tennis scholarship, you need maximum instruction. Shoot for 4-6 private lessons weekly, offseason training, tournament travel, and academy camps. This level of commitment is required to become a recruitable player.

Goal – Playing Professionally

Aspiring pros require the highest volume of training possible. 5+ private lessons each week, hours of daily practice, cross-training, and global tournament experience will help maximize your potential. Anything less limits your chances.

Finding the Right Balance and Consistency

The ideal tennis lesson frequency balances your skill level, goals, budget, and availability. Strive to find a cadence of private and/or group lessons each week that consistently progresses your skills over time without overcommitting.

Advanced competitive players should prioritize frequent high-level instruction from quality coaches. But beginners benefit more from basic skills development 1-2 times per week. And recreational players mostly just need periodic lessons to troubleshoot issues.

No matter your level, remember that regular ongoing lessons outweigh short bursts. Consistency breeds results on the tennis court. With the right frequency formula personalized to your needs, lessons provide the pathway to peak performance.

Additional Factors That Influence Lesson Frequency

Beyond your general skill level and goals, a few other factors also impact ideal tennis lesson frequency:


For junior players, more frequent lessons maximize skill development during formative years. But seniors may need more recovery time between lessons to prevent injury.

Competing During Lessons

Actively competing requires more lessons to sharpen match play skills. Offseasons allow scaling back.

Group vs. Private Lessons

Group lessons mean less individual attention, so supplement with some private lessons based on your needs.

Time Commitments

Balance lesson frequency with school, family, or job obligations. Avoid overscheduling.

Coaching Quality

Taking more frequent lessons from unqualified coaches provides diminished returns.

Personal Finance

Lesson budget impacts options. Weigh frequency vs. cost tradeoffs.

Adjust your lesson schedule as needed based on these secondary factors for maximum tennis improvement.

Typical Tennis Lesson Frequency

While finding your personalized ideal lesson cadence is most important, reviewing typical frequencies can provide helpful benchmarks:

  • Beginner adults: 1 group lesson every 2 weeks
  • Beginner juniors: 1 private + 1 group per week
  • Intermediate tournament juniors: 2-3 privates + 1 group per week
  • High school tennis team players: 2-3 privates + team practices
  • College tennis players: 4+ privates & daily team training
  • Adult league players: 1 private every 2-3 weeks
  • Adult recreational players: 1 group lesson per month

These are general examples. But they illustrate how frequency often increases with competitiveness and junior development needs.

Signs You Should Increase Lesson Frequency

How can you tell if you should be taking tennis lessons more often? Here are some signs it may be time to increase frequency:

  • Plateauing in skills or stagnant match results
  • Repeatedly making the same technical mistakes
  • Struggling with aspects of the mental game like nerves or focus
  • Learning new skills at a slow pace
  • Raising your general level of competitiveness and commitment
  • Preparing for important tournaments or matches
  • Looking to get recruited for college tennis

More frequent quality instruction can help overcome these barriers and spur new development.

Maximizing Lesson Value

To fully maximize the value from your tennis lessons:

  • Arrive early and prepared
  • Bring needed gear like racquets, shoes, hydration
  • Actively engage with coach instructions and feedback
  • Take notes on technical cues or mental keys
  • Ask clarifying questions when needed
  • Incorporate lesson work into drills and match play
  • Schedule time outside lessons for focused practice
  • Stay consistent week to week

Quality lesson frequency combines with your effort, energy, and discipline.


Determining your ideal tennis lesson frequency requires personalization based on your skill, goals, lifestyle and budget. Strive for consistency from week to week with a mix of private and group lessons tailored to your needs. Learning tennis is an ongoing process. With the right lesson cadence and maximized effort, your skills will progress to the next level over time.

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