How much sugar is in yogurt from Yogurtland?

Yogurtland is a popular frozen yogurt chain that offers a wide variety of flavors and toppings for customers to customize their froyo treats. However, with so many sugary options, many health-conscious customers wonder just how much sugar is actually in Yogurtland’s yogurt.

The Basics of Yogurtland’s Yogurt

Yogurtland offers nonfat, lowfat, and no sugar added frozen yogurt options. Their nonfat and lowfat yogurts contain between 14-18 grams of sugar per 5.5 oz serving on average. Their no sugar added options contain 0-4 grams of sugar per 5.5 oz serving.

Yogurtland uses milk and nonfat milk as the foundation for their frozen yogurts. They then add live and active cultures to convert the milk’s natural sugars (lactose) into lactic acid. This fermentation process is what gives yogurt its tart flavor and thick, creamy texture.

After the yogurt is cultured, Yogurtland blends in flavorings, sweeteners, and other mix-ins to create their variety of flavors. For their nonfat and lowfat yogurts, they use a combination of added sugars and sugar substitutes to sweeten the yogurt.

Factors That Impact Yogurtland’s Yogurt Sugar Content

There are several factors that determine how much sugar is in Yogurtland’s yogurt:

  • Flavors – Sweet flavors like cake batter or cookies and cream contain more added sugar than tart flavors like plain or lemon.
  • Fat content – Nonfat yogurts tend to have more added sugars than lowfat or full fat yogurts.
  • No sugar added vs regular – The no sugar added yogurts contain 0-4g of naturally occurring sugars vs 14-18g of added sugars in the regular yogurts.
  • Serving size – Sugar content is based on a standard 5.5 oz serving size. More yogurt = more sugar.
  • Mix-ins – Toppings like fruit and nuts do not add significant sugar, but candy/chocolate toppings do.

Understanding how these factors impact the sugar content of Yogurtland’s yogurt can help customers make informed choices.

Sugar Content in Popular Yogurtland Flavors

Here is an overview of the total sugar content in some of Yogurtland’s most popular yogurt flavors according to their nutrition data:

Flavor Total Sugar per 5.5 oz
Plain nonfat yogurt 12g
Vanilla nonfat yogurt 18g
Cake batter nonfat yogurt 18g
Cookies and cream nonfat yogurt 18g
Strawberry nonfat yogurt 16g
Plain no sugar added yogurt 4g
Vanilla no sugar added yogurt 0g

As you can see, the popular sweet flavors like cake batter and cookies and cream contain the maximum amount of added sugar at 18g per serving. The no sugar added options are significantly lower.

Daily Recommended Sugar Intake

To put Yogurtland’s yogurt sugar content into context, health experts recommend limiting added sugar intake to no more than:

  • 25g per day for women
  • 36g per day for men

The American Heart Association recommends no more than 24g or 6 teaspoons per day for women and 36 grams or 9 teaspoons per day for men.

For kids, the recommended limits are lower:

  • 15g per day for children ages 4-8
  • 17g per day for children ages 9-13
  • 20g per day for children ages 14-18

A 5.5 oz serving of Yogurtland yogurt can provide 50-90% of the recommended daily added sugar intake for kids and women. For healthy adults, a single serving provides 30-50% of the daily limit.

Tips for Reducing Yogurtland Sugar Intake

Here are some tips for enjoying Yogurtland frozen yogurt while reducing sugar intake:

  • Choose no sugar added or lightly sweetened options like plain, vanilla, or lemon yogurt.
  • Ask for only half the usual pumps of flavoring syrup.
  • Mix in fresh fruit instead of candy/chocolate toppings.
  • Choose one or two modest toppings instead of piling it high.
  • Opt for a kid-sized serving.
  • Share one regular serving with a friend.
  • Skip the swirls and choose solid yogurt instead.

Being mindful of serving sizes and selection of flavors and toppings can help reduce sugar intake from Yogurtland while still enjoying the treat.

Hidden Sugars in Yogurtland Toppings

While Yogurtland’s yogurt itself can contain up to 18g of sugar per serving, some popular toppings add even more sugar:

Topping Total Sugar per Ounce
Milk chocolate pieces 19g
Hot fudge 16g
Caramel sauce 14g
Oreo crumbles 14g
Rice Krispie treats 10g

Just 1 ounce of these sweet toppings can add 10-19g of sugar – nearly an entire day’s worth for a young child! Choosing fresh fruits like blueberries, strawberries, and pineapple can satisfy a craving for sweetness with a fraction of the sugar.

Healthier Yogurtland Ordering Tips

Here are some tips for ordering healthier options at Yogurtland to reduce added sugar intake:

  • Opt for plain or vanilla no sugar added yogurt
  • Add fresh fruit like strawberries, blueberries, or mango
  • Ask for half pumps of syrup if getting a flavored yogurt
  • Avoid soft serve and just get solid yogurt
  • Skip candy/chocolate toppings
  • Choose just 1 modest topping like coconut flakes or nuts
  • Opt for the smallest cup size available
  • Avoid pre-made waffle bowls or cones
  • Share one serving between multiple people

Being mindful of serving sizes, flavors, and toppings when ordering at Yogurtland can still allow you to enjoy a treat while avoiding a huge sugar overload.

Sugar Content of Yogurtland Waffle Bowls

In addition to the sugar in the yogurt itself, customers who opt for Yogurtland’s signature waffle bowls end up consuming even more added sugar.

Yogurtland’s standard waffle bowls add:

  • 9″ waffle bowl – 23g sugar
  • 7″ waffle bowl – 14g sugar
  • 5″ waffle bowl – 9g sugar

Pair that with a yogurt that already contains 14-18g sugar plus toppings and you end up with a very high sugar dessert. For a lighter option, choose a plain cup rather than a sugary waffle bowl.

Sugar and Calories in Yogurtland Flavors

Here is a more detailed overview of the total sugar content and calories per 5.5 oz serving of some popular Yogurtland flavors:

Flavor Total Sugar Calories
Vanilla nonfat 18g 140
Chocolate nonfat 18g 140
Cake batter nonfat 18g 140
Mint chip nonfat 18g 140
Cookies and cream nonfat 18g 140
Strawberry nonfat 16g 140
Plain nonfat 12g 100
Vanilla no sugar added 0g 60
Plain no sugar added 4g 60

This overview shows that popular sweet flavors almost all contain 18g of added sugar, whereas the no sugar added versions contain 0-4g of naturally occurring sugar from the milk. Plain yogurt is the lowest sugar option.

Sugar Substitutes in Yogurtland’s No Sugar Added Yogurt

Instead of adding high fructose corn syrup or cane sugar, Yogurtland uses sugar substitutes to sweeten their no sugar added yogurt flavors. The main sugar substitutes are:

  • Stevia – Extracted from the Stevia leaf. Zero calories and does not raise blood sugar.
  • Erythritol – Sugar alcohol derived from corn. Provides sweetness with few calories and does not impact blood sugar.
  • Monk fruit – Extracted from monk fruit. Zero calories, zero carbs, and zero effect on blood sugar.

These allow Yogurtland to create no sugar added flavors that taste sweet without the extra calories and blood sugar spike of added sugars. The sugar alcohols may cause digestive issues in some people when eaten in excess.

Pros and Cons of Yogurtland’s Sugar Substitutes

Potential Benefits:

  • zero or very few calories
  • no impact on blood sugar
  • allow enjoyment of sweet flavors without added sugars

Potential Drawbacks:

  • aftertaste
  • gastrointestinal issues if consumed in excess
  • highly processed
  • long-term health impact unclear

While sugar substitutes help reduce calories and blood sugar spikes compared to real sugar, moderation is still key. High amounts may still have adverse health effects.

Minimizing Sugar When Ordering at Yogurtland

Yogurtland offers great customization options for creating froyo treats. With some simple modifications, you can enjoy the flavors you crave while avoiding a huge sugar overload:

  • Opt for no sugar added yogurt or lightly sweetened options.
  • Skip swirls and soft serve for lowest sugar.
  • Avoid pre-made waffle bowls and cones.
  • Choose fresh fruit instead of sugary toppings.
  • Ask for only half pumps of syrups if adding flavor.
  • Get a kid-sized portion or share one regular.
  • Drink water instead of sugary sodas and juices.

Being conscious of serving sizes, flavors, and toppings makes it easy to reduce sugar intake at Yogurtland while still enjoying a cool, creamy treat.


Yogurtland offers a huge variety of frozen yogurt flavors and toppings providing lots of ways to customize your froyo treat. However, many of their flavors and mix-ins are high in added sugars.

By choosing no sugar added or lightly sweetened yogurt options, avoiding soft serve and swirls, limiting toppings to fresh fruit, and being mindful of portion sizes, you can enjoy Yogurtland’s offerings guilt-free. Their customization allows you to create a treat that satisfies your cravings without the huge sugar overload.

Understanding the sugar content in flavors, toppings, and mix-ins allows you to make informed choices and come up with healthier froyo creations. You can savor the sweetness and flavors you love while avoiding unnecessary excess sugar.

So next time you head to Yogurtland, remember to think about sugar. With some simple modifications, you can create a delicious froyo treat that’s guilt-free and lower in added sugar.

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