How much is a strawberry limeade at Tropical Smoothie?

Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a popular fast casual restaurant chain known for its smoothies, sandwiches, wraps, and more. One of their most popular menu items is the strawberry limeade, a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage made with strawberries, lime juice, and a sweetener. Customers looking to try this drink or figure out how much it costs may be wondering: how much is a strawberry limeade at Tropical Smoothie?

About Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Tropical Smoothie Cafe was founded in 1997 in Destin, Florida by Mike Rotondo. The concept was to offer healthier fast food options like smoothies, sandwiches, and wraps. The first location saw success, and the company began franchising in 1999. There are now over 950 Tropical Smoothie Cafe locations across the United States.

The restaurant aims to provide food that tastes great and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Their menu features smootheis, wraps, sandwiches, bowls, and flatbreads. All food is made fresh with quality ingredients. Tropical Smoothie Cafe has options for any diet including gluten free, vegan, and low carb.

Smoothies are the star of the menu. Guests can choose from specialty flavors or create their own custom blend. Tropical Smoothie Cafe uses real fruit and juices, never sugary syrups or powders. Some customer favorites include the Island Green smoothie with spinach, kale, mango, pineapple, and banana, and the Strawberry Limeade smoothie.

Tropical Smoothie’s Strawberry Limeade

The Strawberry Limeade is one of Tropical Smoothie’s original menu items dating back to when the first location opened. It combines sweet strawberries with tart lime juice for a refreshing flavor.

This cooler is made by blending together frozen strawberries, fresh lime juice, and your choice of sweetener like sugar or splenda. The strawberries give it a sweet berry taste, while the lime juice adds zest and acidity to balance it out. It results in a sweet and tangy beverage reminiscent of strawberry lemonade.

Customers love this smoothie for its bright, summery flavor. It’s sweet but not overly so, making it perfect for those looking for a treat that still feels light. The Strawberry Limeade is a go-to order for long-time Tropical Smoothie fans.

Strawberry Limeade Prices at Tropical Smoothie

So how much does this popular smoothie cost? Tropical Smoothie offers the Strawberry Limeade in three sizes:

Small Strawberry Limeade

The small Strawberry Limeade is 16 ounces. At most locations, the price for a small is $4.99.

Regular Strawberry Limeade

The regular Strawberry Limeade is 24 ounces. The regular size usually costs $6.49 at most Tropical Smoothie Cafes.

Large Strawberry Limeade

The large is 32 ounces and costs $7.49 at most cafes.

Therefore, the Strawberry Limeade costs between $4.99 for a 16 ounce small and $7.49 for the 32 ounce large. Prices may vary slightly by location but hover around these price points.

Taxes and additional customizations will increase the total price. For example:
– Adding a boost like vitamins or immunity supplements costs extra
– Subbing spinach or kale for a more nutritious blend costs extra
– Adding a shot of protein increases the price

Smoothies ordered through delivery apps like DoorDash will also have additional fees.

Price Factors

What accounts for the difference in Strawberry Limeade prices by size? Here are some factors that influence the pricing:

Amount of Product

The most obvious factor is the amount of product. The small is 16 ounces, while the large is double the size at 32 ounces. Since larger sizes contain more smoothie, the cost is higher.

Bigger Cups and Lids Cost More

Larger cup sizes require more materials. The 32 ounce cups and lids cost more for Tropical Smoothie Cafe to purchase than smaller 16 ounce cups and lids. This accounts for some of the price increase.


It takes employees more time and labor to prepare larger Strawberry Limeades. The ingredients must be portioned out, blended thoroughly, and assembled carefully. The extra time and work that goes into larger sizes is figured into the price.


The ingredients for a bigger Strawberry Limeade, like more strawberries and lime juice, cost more than smaller sizes. So the price reflects the higher ingredient costs.

Consumer Demand and Profit Margins

Larger smoothie sizes have higher demand and also higher profit margins for Tropical Smoothie Cafe. The large price points factor in what consumers are willing to pay and profits the company wants to earn.

Prices at Other Chains

How does Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s Strawberry Limeade pricing compare to competitors? Here’s an overview:

Chain Small Medium Large
Tropical Smoothie Cafe $4.99 $6.49 $7.49
Jamba Juice $4.45 $5.95 $6.95
Smoothie King $5.79 $6.79 $7.79
Planet Smoothie $5.49 $6.99 $8.49

As the table shows, Tropical Smoothie Cafe is competitive with other popular chains on strawberry limeade pricing. Their small size is a good value at only $4.99. The large is on the higher end at $7.49, but still within the same range as other brands’ large sizes. Prices will vary across locations but remain in this ballpark.

Ways to Save on Strawberry Limeade

Want to enjoy a Tropical Smoothie Cafe Strawberry Limeade without spending as much? Here are some tips:

Order the Small Size

Get the taste you crave for under $5 by ordering a small 16 ounce smoothie. You can even ask for no ice to get more ounces of liquid.

Ask About Daily Deals

Many Tropical Smoothie Cafes offer special discounts and deals that change daily. Ask about any promotions to save money.

Join the Rewards Program

Sign up for Tropical Smoothie’s rewards program to earn points and free smoothies. Redeem your rewards for a discounted or free Strawberry Limeade.

Check for Coupons

Print out coupons from Tropical Smoothie’s website or app. You can often find coupons for a few dollars off or a free add-in.

Order Via App for Deals

The Tropical Smoothie app often has exclusive discounts just for online ordering. Download it to find mobile deals.


A medium Strawberry Limeade from Tropical Smoothie Cafe costs around $6.49 at most locations. However, prices can range from $4.99 for a small up to $7.49 for a large. This popular smoothie combines sweet strawberries and zesty lime juice for a tasty summertime treat. Use tips like joining rewards or checking for coupons to get it for less. Sip and enjoy this refreshing cooler from a leading smoothie chain.

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