How much is a stalk of celery?

The Quick Answer

The cost of a stalk of celery can vary depending on factors like where you buy it and the time of year. Generally, expect to pay between $1-$3 for a bunch containing multiple stalks of celery at a grocery store. The cost per stalk is usually $0.50-$1 if buying them individually. Celery prices tend to be lowest during peak harvest times in the summer months.

What Influences the Price of Celery?

There are several factors that impact the retail price of celery including:

Where it’s Purchased

  • Grocery stores – $1-$3 per bunch
  • Farmers markets – $0.50-$2 per stalk
  • Online grocery delivery services – $2-$4 per bunch

Grocery stores tend to offer the most consistent pricing year-round. Farmers markets and online delivery services have greater variability.


Celery is grown year-round but peak production in the U.S. runs from June through October. Prices are generally lowest during these summer months when supply is greatest. In the colder months, celery becomes more scarce which leads to higher prices.

Organic vs Conventional

Organic celery typically costs $1-$2 more per bunch than conventionally grown. This premium pricing accounts for the extra production costs associated with organic farming practices.


Celery pricing can vary by region. Transportation costs factor into the final retail price, so celery may be marginally more expensive in areas farther from where it’s grown. The majority of celery in the U.S. comes from California, Michigan, and Florida.


Higher-end grocery stores often charge a premium for celery bunches graded as higher quality with fuller stalks and vibrant green leaves. Discounted or lower-quality celery may cost slightly less. Damaged or rotten stalks are usually marked down.

Celery Pricing at Major Grocery Chains

To give an idea of real-world celery prices, below are current costs at several national grocery store chains:

Grocery Chain Celery Price
Trader Joe’s $1.49 per bunch
Aldi $1.29 per bunch
Kroger $2.49 per bunch
Safeway $2.99 per bunch
Whole Foods $2.99 per organic bunch

As you can see, prices range from $1.29 per bunch at budget chains like Aldi up to $2.99 per bunch at premium grocers like Whole Foods. Traditional standalone supermarkets like Kroger and Safeway fall somewhere in the middle. Keep in mind locally-owned grocers and co-ops will have their own unique pricing too.

Saving Money on Celery

Here are some tips for getting the best deal on fresh celery:

  • Buy in season – Purchase celery during peak summer months when supply surpluses lead to lower prices.
  • Buy from discount grocers – Chains like Aldi and Save-A-Lot have the lowest year-round prices.
  • Look for sales – Stock up when celery goes on sale, then store in fridge for later.
  • Buy by the bunch – Purchasing whole bunches is significantly cheaper per stalk vs. individual stalks.
  • Consider store brands – Opt for the grocery store’s private label celery rather than national brands.
  • Shop farmer’s markets – Ask for deals near closing time when sellers discount leftover inventory.

With the right timing and shopping strategy, you can routinely purchase celery for under $2 per bunch.

Celery Prices Historically and Predictions

Over the past couple decades, celery pricing has actually declined modestly when accounting for inflation. In the 1980s, the average supermarket price for a stalk of celery ranged from $0.80 to $1.28 – equating to $2.40 to $3.80 per bunch in today’s money after adjusting for inflation. Fast forward to 2022, and typical non-sale prices are closer to $2-$3 per bunch.

In the future, expect celery prices to rise slightly over the long run as production costs, transportation, labor, and other input costs increase for the agriculture industry. However, barring major weather events or unforeseen shocks to supply, costs should remain relatively stable in the $2 to $4 range over the next 5+ years. Any rises are likely to be gradual and tied to broader food industry pricing trends.

Overall, inflation-adjusted celery prices have trended downward historically, though consumers may see modest upticks in the coming years. Purchasing during peak season and shopping sales will continue to offer big savings opportunities.

How Celery Prices Compare to Other Produce

Compared to other fresh vegetables typically sold per pound or bunch, celery prices are very reasonable. Below are current average prices for common produce items at U.S. supermarkets:

Produce Item Average Price
Celery $2.99 per bunch
Lettuce $2.99 per head
Spinach $2.49 per bunch
Potatoes $0.79 per pound
Tomatoes $2.99 per pound
Broccoli $2.29 per pound
Carrots $1.00 per pound
Onions $0.99 per pound

As you can see, celery is priced very competitively compared to other fresh produce. Per-pound and per-bunch costs are quite similar across many vegetables. This highlights that shoppers are getting good value when purchasing celery, especially during peak season.

The Bottom Line

When asking “how much does celery cost?”, the answer can vary depending on when and where you shop. On average, expect to pay between $1-$3 per bunch or $0.50-$1 per individual stalk at the grocery store. Celery is reasonably priced compared to other vegetables. With flexible shopping options and seasonal deals, keeping celery on the shopping list won’t break the bank. Applying savings strategies like buying in bulk, purchasing discounted bunches, and leveraging sales can help save even more money on this healthy, versatile staple.

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