How much is a Powerball ticket in Wisconsin?

Powerball is one of the most popular lottery games in the United States, offering players the chance to win massive jackpot prizes that can climb into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Powerball tickets are sold in 45 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The cost of a Powerball ticket varies slightly from state to state, but generally runs between $2-$3 per play.

In the state of Wisconsin, Powerball tickets cost $2 per play. Players have the option of adding the Power Play multiplier feature for an extra $1 per ticket, which can increase non-jackpot prize winnings.

Breakdown of Powerball Ticket Prices in Wisconsin

Here is a breakdown of the cost for Powerball tickets sold in Wisconsin:

– $2 per play for base Powerball ticket
– $3 per play to add Power Play multiplier option

Powerball tickets in Wisconsin consist of 5 total numbers selected from a pool of 69 white balls, plus 1 separate Powerball number selected from a pool of 26 red Powerballs.

When buying a Powerball ticket, players select 5 numbers from 1-69, then select 1 Powerball number from 1-26. There are 9 ways to win prizes in the game, ranging from $4 for matching just the Powerball up to the jackpot prize for matching all 5 white balls and the Powerball.

Base Powerball Play

The base price for a single Powerball play in Wisconsin is $2. This provides players with one set of 5 main numbers and 1 Powerball number for a chance to win prizes.

Players have the choice when buying a Powerball ticket to purchase multiple plays on a single ticket. For instance, they could select 2 plays for $4, 3 plays for $6, etc. This essentially provides the player with multiple sets of numbers for more chances to win.

However, the base price for a single Powerball play with one set of numbers remains $2 in Wisconsin.

Adding Power Play

For an extra $1 per play, Wisconsin players have the option to add the Power Play multiplier feature to their Powerball ticket. Except on jackpot prizes, the Power Play can multiply any other prizes won by 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 10x.

For example, the $1 million second prize can become $2 million, $3 million, $4 million, $5 million or $10 million when the Power Play is purchased for that drawing.

Here is a breakdown of Powerball ticket prices in Wisconsin with the Power Play added:

– $2 per play for base Powerball ticket
– $1 for Power Play option
– $3 per play total cost with Power Play

So for a single Powerball play with Power Play, the total cost is $3 in Wisconsin. Players can purchase multiple plays on a ticket and add Power Play to each one.

Purchasing Powerball Tickets in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, Powerball tickets can only legally be purchased from licensed lottery retailers located throughout the state. There are over 3,000 authorized retailers where tickets can be bought.

Here are some of the main ways to purchase Powerball tickets in Wisconsin:

At convenience stores

Many convenience stores, gas stations, and truck stops in Wisconsin have licenses to sell lottery tickets. This makes it quick and easy for players to purchase Powerball tickets while running other errands or filling up their gas tank.

At grocery stores

Grocery stores and supermarkets are another convenient place to buy Powerball tickets while shopping. Large chains like Pick ‘n Save, Metro Market, Piggly Wiggly, Woodman’s Market and others throughout Wisconsin sell lottery tickets at customer service desks or self-checkout lanes.

At big box stores

Major retailers like Walmart, Meijer, Costco and Sam’s Club locations in Wisconsin also have licenses to sell lottery tickets. Powerball tickets can be purchased while shopping at these stores.

At liquor stores

Many liquor stores, wine shops and beer depots are authorized Powerball retailers as well. So adults can often purchase lottery tickets while picking up alcoholic beverages at these types of stores.


Certain approved third-party websites like Jackpocket allow players to purchase Wisconsin Powerball tickets online. However, players must be physically located within the state at the time of purchase. The lottery tickets are generated and delivered electronically.

Powerball tickets cannot be purchased by mail or across state lines into Wisconsin due to gambling laws. Players must buy tickets in person while physically inside WI borders.

Key Facts on Powerball Tickets in Wisconsin

Here are some key facts to remember about purchasing Powerball tickets in Wisconsin:

– Must be 18 or older to play
– Tickets cost $2 per play ($3 with Power Play)
– Cutoff time to buy is 9:00 pm CT on draw nights
– Tickets can be bought at over 3,000 licensed retailers
– Tickets are not sold across state lines or by mail
– Unclaimed prizes are forfeited after 180 days

It’s important that players buy their tickets early from authorized retailers before the 9:00 pm central time cutoff on the night of a drawing. Winners have 180 days from the draw date to claim their prizes at a Wisconsin Lottery office.

Powerball drawings are held every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9:59 pm central time. Wisconsin joined the Powerball game in April 1992 when it was introduced.

Buying Powerball Tickets Online in Wisconsin

In recent years, certain licensed online platforms have begun offering a legal way for Wisconsin residents to purchase official Powerball tickets over the internet. Here are some additional details:

Jackpocket App

Jackpocket is a smartphone app that allows users to conveniently order Powerball tickets online in Wisconsin and 8 other participating states. To use Jackpocket, players must:

– Download app and register an account
– Verify ID to prove WI residency
– Fund account through bank transfer or credit card
– Select Powerball ticket numbers through app
– Confirm order for official WI lottery ticket

Jackpocket uses licensed lottery retailers to generate the secure lottery ticket on the player’s behalf after the order and payment are processed. The ticket is then delivered to the player’s account in the app, where winnings and losses can also be viewed.

PlayUSA Lottery

PlayUSA is another reputable online lottery service that offers Wisconsin Powerball tickets via various partner apps. Approved third-party courier services purchase tickets on behalf of players through PlayUSA’s retail network.

To buy Powerball tickets online at PlayUSA, users must:

– Create an account and choose Wisconsin
– Deposit funds to wallet
– Select ticket details and place order
– Wait for ticket purchase confirmation
– View ticket scans and any prizes in account

PlayUSA takes care of acquiring legal Wisconsin lottery tickets through their licensed partners after receiving player orders. is an established online lottery ticket purchasing service that also allows Wisconsin residents to order Powerball tickets securely through their mobile app.

To use to buy WI Powerball tickets, users need to:

– Download the app and register
– Submit identity verification
– Add payment method to digital wallet
– Choose Powerball ticket numbers
– Receive confirmation and delivery of ticket

Their app uses an approved retail network to facilitate legal ticket purchases after customers complete Powerball orders for Wisconsin.Tickets are then delivered digitally to the users account.

Finding Powerball Winning Numbers in Wisconsin

Once you have purchased your Powerball tickets in Wisconsin, here are some ways to view the winning numbers after each drawing:

Watch the Drawing on TV

Television stations throughout Wisconsin broadcast the live Powerball drawing three nights a week right after 9:59 pm CT. Tune in to the drawing show after buying tickets to watch the winning five white balls and red Powerball get selected.

Check Online

The Wisconsin Lottery website ( displays the latest Powerball winning numbers online shortly after they are drawn. Players can also find winning numbers at the Powerball website (

Visit a Wisconsin Lottery Retailer

Head to any retailer that sells Powerball tickets in WI to check the latest winning numbers printed from the Wisconsin Lottery terminal. Retailers display the numbers after they are drawn.

Use Mobile App

Download the Wisconsin Lottery app on iOS or Android to conveniently view the most recent Powerball winning numbers. The app provides instant access to draw results.

Check Newspaper

Newspapers such as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and other local WI papers print the Powerball winning numbers the day after the draws. Players can check the latest results in the paper.

Knowing where to find the winning Powerball numbers in Wisconsin can help players determine if they have winning tickets worth claiming prizes.

Claiming Powerball Prizes in Wisconsin

For Powerball tickets purchased in Wisconsin, any prizes won must be claimed at an official Wisconsin Lottery office for ticket validation and payment. Here are some key steps for claiming and collecting Powerball prizes in WI:

Sign the Ticket

Sign your winning Wisconsin Powerball ticket immediately to establish ownership. Make sure your signature matches the name attached to the ticket.

Protect the Ticket

Keep your winning Powerball ticket in a safe place until ready to claim. Don’t lose it or let anyone else take possession of it.

Visit Lottery Office

Bring your signed winning ticket to any of the three Wisconsin Lottery offices located in Madison, Milwaukee or Wausau during business hours. Offices are open Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm, excluding state holidays.

Present ID

Show valid photo identification proving you are the person named on the winning Powerball ticket. This verifies your identity and rightful ownership of the ticket.

Fill Claim Form

Wisconsin Lottery staff will provide a claim form to fill out with personal information for tax reporting purposes. You will need your Social Security number and banking details.

Ticket Validation

Lottery security will scan your ticket using specialized validation equipment to confirm it’s a legit winning ticket and the prize amount.

Collect Winnings

For prizes over $599, the Wisconsin Lottery will issue a check to the winner after the standard 15-day waiting period. For prizes below $599, winners can receive immediate payment in cash.

Follow all requirements precisely to avoid issues claiming rightful Powerball prizes in Wisconsin.

Powerball Prizes Over $100,000 in Wisconsin

For very large Powerball prizes over $100,000 won in Wisconsin, players may choose to claim anonymously through a trust. Here are some key things to know:

Basic Requirement

The trust must be established prior to the prize claim. The lottery winner cannot remain anonymous otherwise. The trust allows the winner’s identity to be shielded from the public.

Claim Procedure

The trustee listed for the trust will be the one to claim the Wisconsin Powerball prize on behalf of the winner. The lottery office deals directly with the trustee during the redemption process.

Winner Identity

The Wisconsin Lottery requires confirmation of the trust beneficiary who is entitled to the prize money. However, this information remains confidential and is not made public.

Tax Reporting

For large Powerball prizes, the Wisconsin Lottery will direct issue a tax form to the trust beneficiary for any federal or state taxes owed on the windfall. The trustee handles the tax payments from the trust funds.

Legal Guidance

Experts strongly recommend that lottery winners consult specialized legal counsel to assist with creating a trust and claiming procedures for large multimillion dollar Powerball prizes.

While complete anonymity is not possible for huge Powerball jackpots in Wisconsin, trusts can help protect a winner’s identity during the claim process and beyond. Proper legal guidance is key.

Unclaimed Powerball Prizes in Wisconsin

For Powerball tickets purchased in Wisconsin, players have 180 days from the date of the drawing to claim any prizes won. Here are some key things to know about unclaimed Powerball prizes in Wisconsin:

Prize Expiration

Any prizes not claimed within 180 days after the draw date are forfeited. The Wisconsin Lottery gives players ample time to check tickets and visit a lottery office. But after 180 days, expired prizes cannot be paid out.

Lottery Contribution

All expired and unclaimed Powerball prizes in Wisconsin go to support property tax relief for state residents. The funds are transferred to the Wisconsin general fund on an annual basis.

Record $1 Million Prize

The largest Powerball prize to go unclaimed in WI was a $1 million ticket sold for the drawing on May 8, 2013. The winner failed to come forward in time so the prize went back to the state coffers.

Additional Expired Prizes

Dozens of smaller Powerball prizes expire in Wisconsin each year as well, ranging from $1 million down to $4. State lottery officials encourage players to thoroughly check tickets after each drawing.

Winner Responsibility

It is solely the player’s responsibility to claim any Powerball prizes won in Wisconsin within 180 days. Retailers and lottery officials are not liable for any expired unclaimed winning tickets.

Playing it smart and claiming prizes promptly ensures Powerball winners fully benefit from their lottery luck in Wisconsin.


In review, Powerball lottery tickets in Wisconsin cost $2 per play, with the option to add Power Play for an extra $1. Tickets can only be purchased from authorized retailers located within WI borders. For convenience, tickets are sold at gas stations, grocery stores, liquor stores and many other approved vendors. Players also have the option to order Powerball tickets online through licensed services. Winning numbers can be viewed on TV, online, through mobile apps or at retail outlets after each drawing. Prizes must be claimed at Wisconsin Lottery offices within 180 days, along with valid photo ID and a completed claim form. Large jackpots can be claimed anonymously through trusts. Powerball offers life-changing prizes to lucky winners who play legally and responsibly in the state of Wisconsin.

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