How much is a 32 oz smoothie at Emerald City Smoothie?

Emerald City Smoothie is a popular smoothie chain with locations across the United States. Their 32 oz smoothies come in a variety of delicious flavors and provide a healthy, satisfying drink at a reasonable price. But how much does a 32 oz smoothie cost at Emerald City Smoothie? Let’s take a closer look.

The Basics of Emerald City Smoothie

Emerald City Smoothie was founded in 1995 in Kirkland, Washington. The company quickly expanded, and today there are over 100 Emerald City Smoothie locations across the United States. Emerald City Smoothie offers smoothies made with real fruit and juices, as well as supplements to customize your smoothie.

Some key facts about Emerald City Smoothie:

  • Specializes in smoothies made with real fruit and juice
  • Over 100 locations in 18 states
  • Smoothies available in 3 sizes – 16 oz, 24 oz, and 32 oz
  • Customize smoothies with supplements like whey protein, fiber, and more
  • Fresh food menu includes wraps, sandwiches, bowls, and salads

Now that we know the background on Emerald City Smoothie, let’s look at their smoothie sizes and prices.

Emerald City Smoothie Smoothie Sizes

Emerald City Smoothie offers their smoothies in 3 different sizes:

  • 16 oz – The small size smoothie
  • 24 oz – The medium size smoothie
  • 32 oz – The large size smoothie

The 32 oz is the largest smoothie size available. This is a good option for extra hungry customers or for sharing between multiple people.

Cost of a 32 oz Smoothie

The cost of a 32 oz smoothie from Emerald City Smoothie depends on the specific ingredients and supplements added. However, most 32 oz classic smoothies cost between $6.50 – $7.50 before tax.

Some examples prices for a 32 oz smoothie:

  • Strawberry Classic – $6.50
  • Caribbean Passion – $6.75
  • Peanut Butter Banana – $7.25
  • Pomegranate Acai – $7.50

These prices may vary a bit by location but give a general idea of the cost of a 32 oz smoothie.

Factors Affecting the Price

There are a few factors that can affect the final price you’ll pay for a 32 oz smoothie from Emerald City Smoothie:

  • Base ingredients – More premium or expensive ingredients like acai or peanut butter will raise the price.
  • Supplements – Adding supplements like protein or immunity boosts will add $1-2 to the price.
  • Location – Prices may be slightly higher at certain locations like airports or busy city centers.
  • Promotions – Look out for special deals or coupons that may discounted 32 oz smoothies.

Price Comparison to Other Sizes

It’s also helpful to compare the 32 oz smoothie price to the smaller size options at Emerald City Smoothie:

Size Average Price
16 oz $4.75 – $5.50
24 oz $5.50 – $6.50
32 oz $6.50 – $7.50

A few things stand out when comparing the sizes:

  • There is a price jump between each size increment
  • Ounce for ounce, the 32 oz is the best value
  • You get twice as much smoothie going from 16 oz to 32 oz

Price Per Ounce Comparison

Looking at the price per ounce is another helpful way to compare smoothie sizes and values:

Size Average Price Per Ounce
16 oz $0.30 – $0.35
24 oz $0.23 – $0.27
32 oz $0.20 – $0.23

Based on price per ounce, the 32 oz smoothie offers the best value, with the lowest price per ounce. This makes the large 32 oz smoothie a smart choice if you are looking to maximize value.

Do Smoothie Supplements Affect the Price?

Yes, adding supplemental ingredients like protein, vitamins, or immunity boosts does affect the price of smoothies at Emerald City Smoothie. Here are some common smoothie supplements and their price upcharges:

Supplement Price Upcharge
Whey protein + $1.50
Soy protein + $1.50
Immunity Boost + $1.00
Fiber Boost + $0.75
Probiotics + $0.50
Flaxseed + $0.50

So when figuring the total price, be sure to account for any supplements you choose to add to your 32 oz smoothie.

Ways to Save on a 32 oz Smoothie

If the price of a 32 oz smoothie seems a little steep, here are some tips for saving:

  • Choose basic flavors – Stick to classic fruit smoothies without premium ingredients
  • Skip the supplements – Pass on protein/immunity boost add-ons
  • Check for deals – Look for discounts and coupons on the Emerald City app
  • Order online – Online ordering may have discounted pickup options
  • Split with a friend – Share the 32 oz size to cut the price in half
  • Bundle with food – Combination deals can lower smoothie prices

Taking advantage of any promotions or deals can help offset the cost of the larger size smoothie.

Price Comparison to Other Smoothie Chains

How does the price of a 32 oz smoothie at Emerald City Smoothie compare to other popular smoothie chains? Here is an overview:

Chain 32 oz Smoothie Price
Jamba Juice $8.00 – $9.50
Smoothie King $7.50 – $9.00
Planet Smoothie $7.25 – $8.50
Tropical Smoothie Cafe $7.00 – $8.00
Emerald City Smoothie $6.50 – $7.50

Emerald City Smoothie has highly competitive pricing on their large 32 oz smoothies compared to the major smoothie chains. You’ll pay a little bit less for the equivalent size smoothie at Emerald City Smoothie versus other popular shops.

How Smoothie Prices Are Determined

A number of factors go into determining the prices for smoothies on the Emerald City Smoothie menu, including:

  • Ingredient costs – More expensive fruits, vegetables, and supplements mean higher smoothie prices.
  • Labor costs – Operational expenses like staff wages impact pricing.
  • Franchise fees – The parent company sets pricing standards that each location must follow.
  • Profit margins – Prices allow a certain profit level after accounting for all costs.
  • Competitor pricing – Smoothie chains monitor each other’s pricing closely.
  • Location-based costs – Rent, utilities, and supplies may vary per store.

Balancing these various input costs with profitability goals and competitive pricing results in Emerald City Smoothie’s smoothie menu prices.

Should You Buy a 32 oz Smoothie

At the end of the day, should you spring for the extra large 32 oz smoothie or go with a smaller size? Here are some factors to consider when deciding:

  • If you are very hungry or thirsty, the 32 oz is more satisfying.
  • Splitting a 32 oz smoothie between 2-3 people can make it more cost-effective.
  • The 32 oz is the best value ounce for ounce.
  • If you’ll be drinking your smoothie over several hours, a 32 oz keeps you fueled up.
  • Trying new flavors can be less of a risk with a smaller 16 oz.
  • The 32 oz size may be too much smoothie if you have a smaller appetite.

In the end it comes down to personal preference and how much smoothie you realistically will drink. The 32 oz is the best value, but can be a lot of smoothie for one person.


So how much does a 32 oz smoothie cost at Emerald City Smoothie? On average expect to pay between $6.50-$7.50, depending on the ingredients and any supplements added. While not the cheapest option, Emerald City Smoothie offers their supersized 32 oz smoothies at reasonable prices compared to competitors. Their large smoothies provide the best value ounce for ounce and can feed multiple people. Just be aware of upcharges for specialty ingredients or add-ons before ordering. While not an everyday purchase for some, grabbing a 32 oz Emerald City smoothie can be the perfect way to treat yourself to a delicious, indulgent drink on occasion.

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