How much is a 20 oz smoothie at Smoothie King?

Smoothie King is a popular smoothie chain that offers smoothies in a variety of sizes, including 20 oz. When looking at the prices for a 20 oz smoothie at Smoothie King, there are a few factors to consider:

Base Price

The base price for a 20 oz smoothie at Smoothie King starts at around $5.99. However, this can vary slightly by location. Prices may also differ based on the specific smoothie ordered, as some flavors or add-ins may cost extra.


Prices can vary between Smoothie King locations based on factors like cost of living and competition in the area. A 20 oz smoothie may cost a bit more at a Smoothie King in a large city compared to a smaller town.


The ingredients and flavors selected for the smoothie impact the price. Smoothies made with premium ingredients like additional protein or supplements will cost more than a basic 20 oz smoothie. The specific fruits used can also cause small variations in price.


Smoothie King frequently offers promotions like dollar smoothie days or discounts when you purchase multiple smoothies. Taking advantage of these deals can lower the price of a 20 oz smoothie below the usual base price.

Apps & Loyalty Programs

The Smoothie King apps and loyalty programs provide ways to earn rewards and discounts. Members of the Healthy Rewards program can earn points with each purchase to unlock free smoothies and other perks.

Time of Day

Smoothie King offers happy hour deals at certain times of day when smoothies are discounted. Typically, happy hour smoothies are $2 cheaper than the regular menu price.


Print or digital coupons can be used at Smoothie King to save a few dollars off the cost of a smoothie. Smoothie King often distributes coupons via email newsletters and social media.

Order Size & Add-Ons

The total size of your order from Smoothie King can affect the per-smoothie pricing. For example, ordering a larger quantity may qualify you for a bulk discount. Adding sides, supplements, or other items to your order in addition to the smoothie can impact the overall pricing as well.


In summary, the base price for a 20 oz smoothie from Smoothie King starts around $5.99 but can vary. The exact location, specific smoothie ingredients, discounts, coupons, order size, and time of day will all play a role in determining the final price paid. But in general, expect to pay around $5-7 for a 20 oz smoothie from Smoothie King.

Smoothie King’s Menu and Prices

Here is an overview of Smoothie King’s menu categories and price ranges:

Menu Category Price Range for 20 oz
Original Blends $5.99 – $7.99
Specialty Blends $6.49 – $8.49
Enhanced Blends $7.99 – $9.99
Smoothies with Gladiator Protein $8.49 – $10.49
Weight Loss & Wellness Smoothies $8.99 – $10.99
Nutrition & Protein Smoothies $9.49 – $11.49
Fresh Squeezed Juices $7.99 – $9.99
Smoothie Bowls $8.99 – $10.99
Sides & Snacks $1.99 – $6.49

As shown, prices vary across the menu based on factors like special ingredients, protein additions, and nutritional profiles of the smoothies. But in general, most 20 oz smoothies fall in the range of $5.99-$9.99 before any discounts or promotions.

Factors That Influence Smoothie Prices at Smoothie King

Here is more detail on some of the key factors that go into determining the price of a 20 oz smoothie from Smoothie King:

Base Ingredients

The starting price for smoothies is based on the cost of the base ingredients like fruit, juice, ice, and sweeteners. Smoothies with higher cost ingredients due to seasonality, demand, or transportation expenses may have a higher base price.

Mix-ins & Supplements

Additional ingredients like protein powders, supplements, seeds, nuts, or other boosts raise the cost of a smoothie. These ingredients are more expensive for Smoothie King to purchase and prepare.


The labor involved in preparing each smoothie contributes to costs. More intricate smoothies with many add-ins require more work to assemble.

Branding & Marketing

Smoothies marketed as specialty flavors or under branded campaigns (like featured flavors of the month) may come with pricing premiums to offset promotional costs.

blender equipment and other manufacturing costs

The blenders, cups, straws and other supplies needed to make smoothies represent a fixed cost for Smoothie King that informs their baseline pricing.

Franchise Fees

Smoothie King franchisees pay a percentage of sales revenue as a franchise fee, which franchisors recover by keeping menu prices at profitable levels.

Location Overhead

Operational costs like rent, utilities and staff wages vary by region and individual franchises. Smoothie prices may be adjusted to help cover overhead.

By factoring in these various input costs and business expenses, Smoothie King aims to price their smoothies profitably while still providing value to customers.

Comparing Smoothie King’s Prices to Other Chains

How does Smoothie King’s 20 oz smoothie pricing stack up against major competitors in the smoothie industry? Here’s an overview:

Chain Price Range for 20 oz Smoothie
Smoothie King $5.99 – $9.99
Jamba Juice $6.99 – $8.99
Planet Smoothie $6.79 – $8.99
Tropical Smoothie Cafe $7.19 – $8.99

Smoothie King has highly competitive 20 oz smoothie prices. They fall on the lower end of the spectrum when looking across top smoothie chains. Specific pricing will vary by location and individual franchise owners for each chain. But overall, Smoothie King aims to beat out competitors with smoothies that have strong value for customers.

Tips for Getting the Best Deal on a Smoothie at Smoothie King

Here are some tips to get the lowest price on a 20 oz or larger smoothie from Smoothie King:

Check for Discounts in the App

The Smoothie King app often provides exclusive discounts. Create an account and check the offers section before placing a pick-up order.

Order During Happy Hour

Stop by during happy hour to get $2-3 off smoothies. Typical happy hour times are 2-4PM on weekdays.

Take Advantage of Deals & Coupons

Look out for weekly specials advertised by your local Smoothie King. Sign up for their email list to receive coupon codes.

Join the Healthy Rewards Program

Earn points towards free smoothies and other rewards when you sign up for the loyalty program.

Bundle Your Order

Add sides or multiple smoothies to your order to unlock bulk discounts when available.

Go for Lower Priced Menu Options

Stick to classic smoothie flavors and avoid premium add-ons to keep your total cost down.

Check Third-Party Deals Apps

Apps like Groupon or occasionally offer deals on Smoothie King smoothies.

Split with a Friend

Order one large smoothie and two cups to share the cost with a friend.

With the right strategy, you can enjoy significant savings on Smoothie King’s already reasonably-priced smoothies. Spend some time looking for deals to maximize the value you get with every smoothie purchase.

History of Smoothie King’s Business & Pricing Evolution

Here is an overview of how Smoothie King has grown as a brand and adapted its pricing strategy over time:

1973: First Smoothie King Opens in Kenner, Louisiana

Co-founders Steve Kuhnau and Ken Peters open the first Smoothie King in Kenner, LA in 1973. They sell 16 oz smoothies for $1.79 – $2.19, positioning them as an affordable health food option.

1980s-90s: Nationwide Franchising & Menu Expansion

Smoothie King begins franchising, opening locations across the U.S. They expand the menu beyond fruit smoothies to include options with whey protein, vitamins, and supplements.

Early 2000s: Improved Quality & Rising Prices

Smoothie King commits to using better ingredients without additives or syrups. They remove high fructose corn syrup from the menu. Prices increase moderately with improved quality.

2012: Executive Leadership & Brand Revamp

Wan Kim becomes CEO and gives Smoothie King a modernized brand identity focused on health. The company also rolls out its Healthy Rewards loyalty program.

2017: Acquisition by Well Seasoned Group

Smoothie King gets acquired by Well Seasoned Group for $380 million. The company continues expanding across the U.S. and overseas under new leadership.

2022: Mobile App & Digital Investments

Smoothie King launches an upgraded mobile app and leaner store designs to accelerate growth. The company now has over 900 U.S. locations and 1500 worldwide.

Throughout its evolution, Smoothie King has aimed to keep smoothies affordable while also turning profits as a growing franchise business. Their pricing model today reflects this balance between consumer value and operating a sustainable company.

Factors That Could Affect Smoothie King’s Future Pricing

Looking ahead, here are some factors that may impact Smoothie King’s smoothie prices in the coming years:

Inflation in Food & Labor Costs

Rising costs for ingredients, transportation, and staff wages could compel Smoothie King to raise prices to maintain profit margins.

Supply Chain Disruptions

Global events impacting Smoothie King’s supply chain, like poor harvests or delivery delays, may force them to adjust pricing if input costs rise.

Competitor Pricing Changes

Smoothie chains like Jamba Juice, Planet Smoothie, and local competitors may influence Smoothie King to reevaluate their own pricing to stay competitive.

Health-Focused Consumer Demand

If demand for nutritious smoothies and fresh ingredients continues rising, Smoothie King may shift pricing higher across the menu.

New Menu Innovation

Adding trendy new smoothie blends with uncommon ingredients could allow Smoothie King to justify higher prices for those specialty items.

International Expansion

As Smoothie King grows globally, they may tweak pricing models to succeed in markets with different income levels and competition.

Smoothie King will likely continue balancing affordability and profits while adapting to market conditions. Their smoothie prices may rise gradually but Smoothie King seems committed to delivering strong everyday value.

The Bottom Line on Smoothie Prices at Smoothie King

At Smoothie King, customers can expect to pay $5.99 – $9.99 for a 20 oz smoothie depending on the specific ingredients, location, promotions, and customizations. Prices remain affordable at Smoothie King relative to competitors while still allowing the company to profit and expand.

With an app full of deals, loyalty perks, happy hours, and occasional coupons, it’s often possible to get an even lower price on smoothies from Smoothie King. The brand has secured its place as a go-to for budget-friendly blended treats without sacrificing too much on quality.

Overall, Smoothie King offers great value for the smoothie obsessed. Focus your orders on classic flavors, take advantage of bargains when you can, and enjoy knowing you got a good deal.

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