How much does a BlenderBottle hold?

A BlenderBottle is a popular brand of shaker bottle that is often used for mixing protein shakes, smoothies, and other nutritional drinks. BlenderBottles come in a variety of sizes, but most hold between 20-28 ounces (591-828 ml) of liquid.

What are the most common BlenderBottle sizes?

The three most common sizes of BlenderBottles are:

  • 20 ounce – This is the smallest and most portable BlenderBottle size. It holds about 20 ounces or 591 ml of liquid.
  • 22 ounce – This mid-sized BlenderBottle holds about 22 ounces or 651 ml.
  • 28 ounce – The largest standard BlenderBottle size holds approximately 28 ounces or 828 ml.

What factors determine how much a BlenderBottle holds?

There are a few key factors that determine the capacity of a BlenderBottle:

  • Size – BlenderBottles range from 20 oz to 28 oz in capacity for standard models. There are also larger speciality sizes like 32 oz and 40 oz.
  • Shape – The classic BlenderBottle has a cylindrical shape. BlenderBottles with wider bodies may hold more.
  • Mixing ball – The mixing ball inside takes up some capacity. Larger balls displace more liquid.
  • Other features – Models with extra compartments, sleeves, or insulation reduce internal capacity.

What are the exact capacities of popular BlenderBottle sizes?

Here are the approximate capacities of some of the most common BlenderBottle models:

BlenderBottle Model Capacity
Classic 20 oz 20 fluid ounces / 591 mL
Classic 22 oz 22 fluid ounces / 651 mL
Classic 28 oz 28 fluid ounces / 828 mL
Active 28 oz 28 fluid ounces / 828 mL
Sport 20 oz 20 fluid ounces / 591 mL
Pro 32 oz 32 fluid ounces / 946 mL

How do BlenderBottle capacities compare to other containers?

To put BlenderBottle capacities in perspective, here’s how they compare to some other common containers:

  • A standard 12 oz soda can holds about 355 mL, so a 20 oz BlenderBottle holds over 5 cans worth.
  • A 16 oz pounder water bottle is approximately 473 mL. A 28 oz BlenderBottle holds nearly twice as much.
  • A 20 oz BlenderBottle holds slightly less than a 24 oz standard disposable water bottle, which is about 710 mL.
  • A 32 oz BlenderBottle is close to the same capacity as a 1 liter/33.8 oz water bottle.

How can you measure the exact capacity of a BlenderBottle?

If you want to measure the exact capacity of your BlenderBottle, here are two easy methods:

  1. Fill the BlenderBottle to the brim with water, being careful not to spill any. Pour the water into a measuring cup to get the precise volume.
  2. Weigh the empty BlenderBottle. Then fill it completely with water and weigh it again. Subtract the empty weight. Since 1 ml of water weighs 1 gram, this will give you the capacity in milliliters.

How much powder or liquid can you fit in a BlenderBottle?

As a general guideline for capacity:

  • A 20 oz BlenderBottle can hold about 2 scoops of protein powder plus 16-18 oz of liquid.
  • A 22 oz BlenderBottle fits 2-3 scoops of powder plus 18-20 oz liquid.
  • A 28 oz BlenderBottle holds 3-4 scoops of powder plus 22-24 oz liquid.

However, the amounts may vary based on the density of the powders and liquids used. Denser ingredients will take up more room, reducing overall capacity. You can experiment to find the ideal mix for your needs.

Does the BlenderBall affect capacity?

The mixing ball inside the BlenderBottle does take up a small amount of internal space. Most BlenderBall capacity is around 4-5 oz.

So in a 20 oz BlenderBottle, the ball displaces about 4-5 oz, leaving roughly 15-16 oz of usable capacity. The larger the mixing ball, the more space it takes up.

However, the mixing ball is essential for properly blending shakes, so the small reduction in capacity is well worth it for the improved mixing ability.

Tips for maximizing BlenderBottle capacity

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your BlenderBottle’s liquid storage capacity:

  • Use ice cubes instead of pre-frozen ingredients to avoid packing down your drink.
  • Add liquid or dense ingredients first before lighter powders.
  • Don’t overfill with powder – follow dosage guidelines on packaging.
  • Try using a narrowly shaped BlenderBottle model for more vertical interior space.
  • Remove unneeded interior sleeves or sleeves to open up more room.
  • Use a BlenderBall that fits your bottle size instead of a larger one.

Common items and their capacities

To give some perspective on everyday drink sizes and BlenderBottle capacities, here’s a comparison:

Item Capacity
12 oz soda can 355 mL
16 oz water bottle 473 mL
20 oz BlenderBottle 591 mL
24 oz disposable water bottle 710 mL
28 oz BlenderBottle 828 mL
32 oz Gatorade bottle 946 mL
1 liter water bottle 1000 mL

Choosing the right BlenderBottle size

With standard BlenderBottles ranging from about 20-28 oz, it can be tricky choosing the right size for your needs. Here are some tips:

  • 20 oz – Great for transporting single servings or small shakes
  • 22 oz – Allows you to mix over 20 oz drinks with room for powder
  • 28 oz – Optimal for larger shakes with more ingredients
  • 32+ oz – Ideal for extra large shakes or to share drinks

Consider when, where, and how you’ll use your BlenderBottle to determine the ideal capacity. And don’t be afraid to own multiple sizes for different purposes!


In summary, most standard BlenderBottles hold between 20-28 ounces of liquid. The exact capacity depends on the size, shape, mixing ball, and any extra features. You can precisely measure your BlenderBottle’s volume using water and a measuring cup or by converting weight to volume. While the mixing ball displaces some room, it’s essential for proper blending. With some tips to maximize space, you can fit 1-4 scoops of powder plus around 16-24 ounces of liquid in a BlenderBottle. Considering your usage will help determine the right capacity BlenderBottle for your lifestyle.

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