How much do you tip at resorts per day?

Tipping at resorts can be a confusing topic. Unlike restaurants where tipping norms are well established, tips at resorts vary widely depending on the specific services used. Quick answers to common questions on tipping at resorts include:

How much do you tip the bellman?

$1-2 per bag is standard.

How much do you tip the housekeeper?

$2-5 per night is typical.

How much do you tip the concierge?

$5-20 depending on services provided.

How much do you tip the spa staff?

15-20% of the service cost is customary.

How much do you tip the pool attendant?

$1-2 per service like setting up chairs is normal.

How much do you tip room service?

15-20% of the bill is standard.

While these quick tips provide a general guideline, tipping ultimately depends on the quality of service received. Provide generous tips to staff members who go above and beyond to make your resort stay exceptional.

Factors That Determine Tipping Amounts

The appropriate tip amount at resorts depends on several factors:

Type of Service

Some resort services like bellmen and housekeeping have customary tipping guidelines. Other services like concierge tips depend more on the extent of services provided. Research typical tips at your destination resort.

Quality of Service

For non-standardized services, the tip should reflect the quality received. Provide generous tips for exceptional service that enhances your stay.

Length of Stay

For recurring services like housekeeping, tip more for longer stays where the same staff cares for you.

Group Size

For services like bellmen where the work scales with group size, tip more for large parties with more bags.

Room Rate

At high-end resorts with greater room rates, tips can tend toward the higher end of standard ranges.

Destination Country Customs

Tipping customs vary globally, so research destination-specific expectations.


In some regions, U.S. dollars are preferred. Be prepared with local currency as well.

Consider all these factors when determining appropriate tip amounts for great service.

When to Tip at Resorts

Following are common times when tipping is appropriate at resorts:


– Upon picking up bags at check-in
– Delivering bags and items to your room
– Calling a taxi upon checkout


– Daily cleaning service after your room is serviced
– Nightly turn-down service if provided


– Making dinner reservations
– Booking spa appointments
– Arranging childcare
– Handling any special requests

Room Service

– When room service order is delivered

Spa Services

– Following massages, facials, and other treatments
– At end of visit for use of amenities like hot tubs (tip max once per day)

Pool Attendant

– When towels, chilled water or other poolside items are delivered

Valet/Door Attendants

– When car is brought to you upon checkout

Taxi Drivers

– When riding in a taxi arranged by the resort

Tip immediately at time of service for best results.

Typical Tipping Amounts at Resorts

Here are typical tipping amounts at resorts:


– $1-2 per bag
– $2-5 for special item deliveries like crib, rollaway bed
– $2-3 for hailing a taxi


– $2-4 per night for standard rooms
– $5-10 per night for suite or villa
– $1-2 per night for turn-down service


– $5-10 for simple requests like reservations
– $10-20 for complex arrangements like childcare
– 15-20% of fee if a service charge applies

Room Service

– 15-20% of total bill
– $2 extra for special service needs

Spa Services

– 15-20% of service cost per treatment
– $2-5 per visit if using amenities only

Pool Attendant

– $1-2 per drink delivery
– $1-2 for towel or cooling mist service

Valet/Door Attendants

– $2-5 for car delivery
– $1-2 for a taxi

Taxi Drivers

– 15-20% of fare
– Round up fares for ease if small amounts

Adjust tips up or down based on service quality and your satisfaction.

Guidelines for Overall Tipping

As an overall guide, here are tips for ensuring happy staff and showing appreciation for good service at a resort:

– Carry small bills like $1s and $5s to make tipping easy

– Tip at the end of each service so staff know you are generous

– Give additional tips for special service beyond expectations

– Avoid tipping staff who did not serve you directly

– Tip in local currency if widely accepted and available

– Confirm expected tipping customs if traveling internationally

– Tip housekeeping and bellman daily for multi-night stays

– Add extra nights’ tips if you decline some housekeeping

– Tip concierge staff directly when possible

– Ask the concierge for tipping advice if unsure

– Tip spa staff for each individual service

– Tip 15-20% on spa bills that include gratuity

– Tip pool and activity staff for personal service

– Have fun and enjoy your vacation while tipping generously!

Following these tips will help show your appreciation for good service from resort staff.

Tipping Guidelines at All-Inclusive Resorts

Tipping at all-inclusive resorts works a bit differently since your accommodation, meals, drinks, and activities are bundled. Here are tips for tipping staff at all-inclusive resorts:

Lower Tips for Included Services

You can reduce tips for bundled services like housekeeping, restaurants, and bars where staff earn hourly wages. $1-2 per interaction is often sufficient.

Normal Tips for Spa Services

The spa is usually not included, so tip 15-20% as you would normally for massages and treatments.

Higher Tips for Special Service

Provide bigger tips when staff go above and beyond expected service levels to customize your experience.

Tips Upon Arrival and Departure

Bellman and airport transfer tips are still expected at normal rates.

No Tips Expected for All Staff

Avoid feeling obligated to tip every worker you encounter – stick to those that directly serve you.

Carry Small Bills

Ones and fives are handy for small tips at all-inclusive resorts.

Check Resort Tip Guidelines

Ask at check-in for any special tipping policies at that property.

Watch for Service Charges

Some resorts add service charges in lieu of direct tips – look for those on bills.

Follow these tips for seamless tipping at all-inclusive resorts while still showing your appreciation.

Alternative Ways to Tip

Beyond cash tips, here are some alternative ideas for tipping and showing appreciation to resort staff:

Write Thank You Notes

Handwritten notes let staff know you noticed their excellent service.

Fill Out Comment Cards

Sharing feedback helps reward good employees.

Contact Management

Inform supervisors when staff provide exceptional service.

Give Small Gifts

Things like chocolates, postcards or souvenirs make memorable tips.

Tip in Advance

Pre-tipping shows your generosity for anticipated good service.

Tip Anonymously

Leave tips in envelopes at the front desk to avoid awkwardness.

Tip in Home Currency

Unique money can be interesting for international staff.

Learn Names

Addressing staff personally shows you care.

Smile and Make Eye Contact

Warm interactions demonstrate your appreciation.

Look for creative ways beyond cash to tip staff and make their day!

Tipping Etiquette

Follow these general rules of etiquette for polite tipping:

– Present cash tips or envelopes discreetly
– Avoid waving tips or making a show when providing
– Never ask for change back on cash tips
– Do not leave loose change as a tip
– Avoid paying tips entirely in small coins
– Provide tips only for services received
– Do not insult staff with low tips for good service
– Say “Thank You” when tipping staff
– Avoid discussing tips amounts with other guests
– Do not criticize or lecture staff on tip amounts
– Express any service issues respectfully to management
– Confirm international tipping customs before traveling
– Relax and focus on enjoying your vacation!

Polite tipping habits show your class while encouraging excellent service.

Tipping FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about tipping at resorts:

Should you tip resort staff daily or at checkout?

It’s best to tip daily as services occur so staff can provide accordingly.

Is tipping mandatory or voluntary at resorts?

Tipping is voluntary but expected for good service. Avoid stiffing staff.

Do you need to tip if a service charge is included?

You can tip extra for excellent service even with service charges.

Should you tip resort staff in US dollars or local currency?

Local currency is preferred in most destinations outside the US.

What if you don’t have any small bills for tips?

Ask at the front desk to break large bills for tipping convenience.

Do resort fees you pay include tips?

No, resort fees cover amenities only – tips are still expected.

Should children tip at resorts?

Yes, teach children tipping basics for their current age and stage.

Can you tip using your credit card?

Yes, some resorts allow adding tips on credit card bills. Cash is easier.

Is it okay to tip resort staff in your home country’s currency?

While acceptable, local currency shows you understand customs.

Follow these FAQs to become an expert tipper at resorts!


Tipping at resorts does not need to be complicated with the right knowledge. Standard tip amounts vary by service, but increase for better work. Tips should be given daily and in local currency when possible. Understand when it is appropriate to provide gratuity for good service. Tip reasonably based on resort fee levels. Use extra care when tipping at all-inclusive resorts. Following basic etiquette shows respect. Use creative alternatives like gifts or thank you notes at your discretion. With these tips under your belt, you can relax and enjoy showing staff your appreciation while enhancing your vacation experience.

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