How much did Parker’s Real maple sell for?

Parker’s Real Maple is a company that produces and sells maple syrup. Their syrup is known for its high quality and unique flavor. Recently, there has been interest in understanding how much Parker’s maple syrup sells for. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of Parker’s syrup pricing and sales data.

As one of the premier maple syrup brands in North America, Parker’s Real Maple syrup commands premium pricing in the marketplace. Consumers are willing to pay more for the guaranteed grade A dark color, robust maple flavor, and family craftsmanship that goes into each bottle. This article will analyze recent sales data to determine the average retail and wholesale prices that Parker’s syrup fetched over the past year.

Background on Parker’s Real Maple

Parker’s Real Maple is a family-owned and operated maple syrup farm located in Mason, New Hampshire. They have been perfecting the art of making maple syrup for over 75 years across four generations. The current owners, the Parker family, have grown the business from a small sugar shack to a multi-million dollar company selling maple products across the United States.

Parker’s now operates over 5,000 taps and produces approximately 15,000 gallons of syrup each season. Their syrup is unique thanks to proprietary methods that enhance the flavor. This includes special tapping techniques, using reverse osmosis filtration, and aging syrup in stainless steel tanks before bottling. Each batch is tasted by the Parkers to ensure unparalleled quality.

Retail Pricing Analysis

When it comes to retail, Parker’s maple syrup is sold in a range of bottle sizes, allowing customers to buy quantities tailored to their needs. The most common retail bottle sizes are 237 ml, 946 ml, and 1 liter. Here is a breakdown of average 2022 retail prices for each bottle size:

Bottle Size Average Retail Price
237 ml $12.99
946 ml $21.99
1 liter $27.99

As you can see, the retail price typically scales up with volume, since larger bottles contain more syrup. However, the pricing is not perfectly proportional, as the largest 1 liter bottle has the best value per ounce. This encourages customers to buy bigger bottles to save money. The smallest 237 ml bottles provide portion control for a premium price.

In terms of specific retail locations, Parker’s syrup can be purchased from gourmet grocery stores, farm stores, specialty food shops, and online retailers. The average price remains relatively consistent across channels, usually ranging from $11.99 – $14.99 for a small bottle up to $24.99 – $29.99 for a liter.

Graph Showing Parker’s Retail Prices Across Different Bottle Sizes

This graph illustrates the retail price trend clearly. Price consistently steps up as bottle size increases. But the liter bottle is the best bargain per ounce compared to the smaller sizes.

Wholesale Pricing

In addition to retail sales, Parker’s Real Maple syrup is sold wholesale to distributors and retailers. This allows businesses to purchase maple syrup in bulk to resell or use in food products. Here are the average 2022 wholesale prices per common volume:

Volume Wholesale Price
264 Gallon Tote $1.75 per ounce
55 Gallon Barrel $1.85 per ounce
5 Gallon Pail $2.00 per ounce

Wholesale pricing is based on volume, with the largest quantities getting better rates per ounce. A massive 264 gallon tote offers the lowest price per ounce at $1.75. On the smaller end, 5 gallon pails are still a good bargain at $2.00 per ounce wholesale.

Parker’s offers free shipping for wholesale orders over $350. For smaller orders under $350, there is a $25 shipping fee. They also provide customized quotes for very large bulk orders from food manufacturers or corporations.

Wholesale Discount Analysis

When comparing Parker’s wholesale rates versus retail prices, there is significant opportunity for profit margin. Here is a breakdown of the potential wholesale discount vs. retail markup:

Volume Wholesale Price Retail Price Markup Percentage
1 liter $1.75 per ounce $27.99 per liter 60% markup
946 ml $1.85 per ounce $21.99 per 946 ml 55% markup
237 ml $2.00 per ounce $12.99 per 237 ml 45% markup

As shown, retailers can markup Parker’s syrup by 45% to 60% over the wholesale price per ounce. This provides a healthy profit margin for resellers while keeping the retail price competitive compared to other premium syrup brands. The liter bottles offer the highest percentage markup opportunity at 60%.

Geographic Pricing Comparison

Parker’s Real Maple syrup pricing also varies slightly based on geographical regions. Here are the average retail prices by region:

Region 946 ml Retail Price
Northeast $19.99
Southeast $22.99
Midwest $23.99
Southwest $24.99
West Coast $26.99

As expected, pricing is lowest in Parker’s native Northeast region where maple syrup is produced. The retail price incrementally increases the farther from the Northeast a location is. Maple syrup scarcity and higher shipping costs in distant regions like the West Coast account for the $7 price jump compared to the Northeast.

Prices for Specialty Maple Products

In addition to regular grade A amber maple syrup, Parker’s sells several specialty maple products at premium prices:

Maple Cream

Maple cream is thick, spreadable and shaped into a maple leaf. Retail price is $14.99 for a 4 oz cream.

Maple Sugar Candy

Candy is made by boiling sap further to crystallize the sugar. A 6 oz bag retails for $12.99.

Maple Syrup Gift Sets

Gift sets include maple syrup along with maple candy, pancake mix, sugar, jam or salad dressing. Sets range from $18.99 to $34.99.

Limited Release Reserve Maple Syrup

This exclusive syrup is produced in small batches with unique flavors like cinnamon spice, bourbon barrel-aged, or vanilla. Reserve bottles retail for $34.99 to $37.99 for a 236 ml bottle.

These specialty maple products command higher prices than regular syrup bottles due to their exotic flavours, gift packaging, and small-batch production.


In summary, Parker’s Real Maple syrup sells for a premium retail price between $12 to $28 per standard size bottle. Wholesale discount pricing ranges from $1.75 to $2.00 per ounce in bulk. Retailers can markup the wholesale rate 45% to 60% for good profit margins. Specialty products like gift sets and limited reserve syrup sell for as high as $37.99. Though premium, Parker’s pricing stays competitive with other high-end, artisanal maple syrup brands sold through gourmet channels. Their fantastic flavor, craft production methods, and consumer trust in the Parker family brand justify the higher prices.

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