How much cost for PCR test in Dubai?

A PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test is a type of COVID-19 test that detects genetic material from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. PCR tests are considered the gold standard for COVID-19 testing due to their high sensitivity and specificity. Dubai, like many destinations, requires international travelers to show a negative PCR test result before entering the country. As such, understanding the cost of PCR testing in Dubai is important for those planning travel to the city. This article provides a comprehensive overview of PCR test costs from different providers in Dubai, including information on insurance coverage, free testing options, and strategies for minimizing test expenses.

Average Cost of PCR Tests in Dubai

The average cost of a PCR test in Dubai ranges from AED 150 to AED 500. Most healthcare facilities and screening centers charge between AED 150-350. Premium or express options can cost over AED 500.

Here are typical PCR test prices in Dubai:

Facility Type Average Cost
Government Screening Centers AED 150-200
Private Clinics and Hospitals AED 250-350
Premium Screening Facilities AED 400-500+

Government screening centers offer the most affordable rates, around AED 150-200. Private healthcare providers charge slightly more, with costs ranging from AED 250-350 on average. Premium screening facilities catering to business travelers or tourists provide faster turnaround times for higher fees, typically AED 400-500+.

In summary, budget-conscious travelers can find PCR tests for AED 150-250 in Dubai, while those needing urgent results will pay AED 350 or more.

PCR Test Cost at Government Screening Centers

Dubai’s government-run screening centers offer PCR tests for AED 150-200, making them the most affordable option in the city. This section provides details on locations, prices, and processes at government PCR testing sites.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) operates a network of drive-through PCR testing centers across Dubai. Locations include Zabeel East, Al Nasr Club, Al Khawaneej, and Nad Al Hamar. Tests cost AED 150 at these screening centers. No advance appointment is needed – you can simply drive up and get tested. Results are usually available within 24 hours.

Dubai Municipality also offers PCR tests for AED 200 at its screening facilities in Uptown Mirdiff, Al Khawaneej Walk, and Al Mankhool. Appointments are required and can be booked on the DHA app or Dubai Health Authority website. Results are issued within 48 hours.

Some other government testing sites in Dubai include:

Facility Cost Result Time
Dubai International Airport AED 150 6-8 hours
Abu Dhabi border screening center AED 170 24 hours
Sharjah Airport screening center AED 185 24 hours

In summary, government PCR tests in Dubai range from AED 150 to AED 200. They provide an affordable and efficient testing option for travelers.

PCR Test Cost at Private Clinics and Hospitals

Private healthcare facilities like clinics and hospitals charge slightly higher PCR test fees, averaging AED 250-350 in Dubai.

Mediclinic, Aster Clinics, and NMC Healthcare are leading private healthcare chains operating dozens of facilities across Dubai. PCR tests generally cost AED 250-300 at their clinics.

Some major hospitals like Medcare Hospital and Emirates Hospital also offer COVID-19 testing for around AED 300.

Home PCR testing, where a nurse is sent to your home to collect the sample, is available through facilities like Prime Hospitals, Right Health, and Home Doctor. Prices range from AED 300 to AED 500 for home service.

Here are illustrative PCR test costs at major private providers:

Facility Cost
Mediclinic Clinics AED 250
Aster Clinics AED 275
NMC Centers AED 300
Medcare Hospital AED 300
Emirates Hospital AED 300
Home Doctor AED 300-500

In summary, private healthcare providers offer PCR tests for AED 250-350 typically, providing convenient testing options for residents and travelers.

PCR Test Cost at Premium Screening Facilities

Premium screening centers in Dubai catering primarily to business travelers and tourists charge the highest PCR test rates, starting from AED 400 up to over AED 500.

Facilities like the American Hospital, German Medical Center, and Biogenix Labs provide premium “express” PCR testing with guaranteed quick results within 6-12 hours. Their fees range from AED 400 to over AED 500.

Some high-end clinics like the DNA Health Center and Health Bay Polyclinic offer exclusive “VIP” testing services targeting executives and celebrities. These bespoke services claim to offer exceptional quality standards and homes visits. Their premium PCR test rates can exceed AED 500.

Here are illustrative costs for premium PCR testing:

Facility Cost
American Hospital AED 475
German Medical Center AED 450
Biogenix Labs AED 400
DNA Health Center AED 550+
Health Bay Polyclinic AED 500+

In summary, premium PCR tests in Dubai targeting business travelers and high-end clients range from AED 400 to over AED 500. They provide fast results within 6-12 hours but come at a significantly higher cost.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of PCR Testing in Dubai?

Many health insurance plans in Dubai provide coverage for medically necessary PCR tests for COVID-19. However, free testing under insurance has some limitations.

Insurance policies by providers like Daman, Neuron, MetLife, and Oman Insurance do cover PCR tests if they are prescribed by a doctor after evaluating symptoms. Testing for travel clearance or workplace access does not qualify for insurance claim.

Most insurers require pre-approval and only cover testing at their approved network of facilities like hospitals, not private labs. Home PCR testing may not be covered.

Many low-cost basic insurance plans like those from Daman Activ have annual limits on testing coverage, like one free test per year. More premium plans offer unlimited COVID-19 testing coverage.

So in summary – while insurance can defray PCR test costs to some extent, it does not cover testing for travel or employment purposes. Those without symptoms would still need to pay out-of-pocket for PCR tests for travel clearance.

Where to Get Free or Subsidized PCR Testing in Dubai

Certain categories of people in Dubai can access free or subsidized PCR testing under government initiatives. However, testing capacity is limited.

Dubai provides free COVID-19 testing for:

– Emiratis at designated screening centers like Al Nasr Club upon presenting Emirates ID.

– Pregnant women receiving antenatal care with doctors recommendation.

– Individuals referred for testing by Dubai Health Authority after evaluation of symptoms.

Some charity organizations like the Salma Foundation and Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian Establishment also periodically offer free PCR tests for low income individuals in Dubai.

The UAE government has set a price cap of AED 50 for PCR tests for students and teaching staff at schools and universities.

However, free or subsidized testing has limited availability and extensive documentation requirements. Tourists or residents requiring tests for travel cannot utilize these options.

How to Minimize PCR Test Costs in Dubai

Here are some tips to minimize the cost of PCR testing for travel clearance in Dubai:

– Opt for government screening centers which offer tests for AED 150-200, the lowest rates available.

– Check if your destination will accept a PCR test from any facility – this provides cost flexibility.

– Avoid premium clinics charging excessively high “express” rates unless urgently needed.

– Consider group booking options – some facilities offer discounts for families or groups over 5.

– Time the test close to your departure date if permitted by destination – this limits retesting needs.

– Check if your employer or school provides subsidized testing options.

– Book affordable hotels with in-house testing facilities to bundle accommodation with testing.

With proper planning, budgeting, and research, travelers can find reasonably priced PCR testing in Dubai for under AED 300 in most cases.


The cost of PCR tests for COVID-19 detection in Dubai ranges from AED 150 to over AED 500 depending on the facility. Government screening centers offer tests for AED 150-200, while private clinics and hospitals charge AED 250-350 on average. Premium facilities catering to business travelers and tourists conduct PCR tests starting from AED 400 up to over AED 500.

While insurance may cover testing for symptomatic cases, most travelers to Dubai will need to pay out-of-pocket for pre-travel PCR testing. However, costs can be minimized by using government screening hubs, avoiding unnecessary premium options, and booking tests judiciously. With appropriate planning, required PCR testing for entry to Dubai can be obtained for under AED 300 in most scenarios.

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