How much calories does abs workout burn?

Abs exercises are some of the most popular and effective ways to strengthen the core muscles and burn calories. But how many calories does an abs workout actually burn? The number of calories burned during an abs workout depends on several factors.

Calories Burned Per Exercise

Here is an estimate of the calories burned per abs exercise (for a 125lb/57kg person):

Abs Exercise Calories Burned (30 minutes)
Crunches 80-100
Reverse Crunches 80-100
Bicycle Crunches 80-100
Plank 60-80
V-ups 80-100
Russian Twists 80-100
Flutter Kicks 80-100
Leg Raises 60-80
Sit-ups 80-100

As you can see, most abs exercises burn around 80-100 calories for a 30 minute workout session for someone weighing 125lbs. Exercises like planks and leg raises tend to burn slightly less at 60-80 calories.

Factors That Impact Calories Burned

Several factors impact the number of calories burned during abs exercises including:

Body Weight

Heavier individuals burn more calories than lighter individuals. A 155lb person will burn around 10-20% more calories than a 125lb person performing the same exercises.

Exercise Intensity

More intense exercises where you can’t maintain 30+ seconds per rep burn more calories than easier exercises with shorter rep times. Intensity increases calorie burn.

Length of Workout

The longer the abs workout session, the more total calories burned. Burning 100 calories in a 30 minute session translates to around 200 calories if performed for a full hour.

Rest Periods

Taking shorter rest periods of 30-60 seconds between sets results in more calories burned than longer rest times of 2-3 minutes.

Abs Exercise Type

Some abs exercises like planks burn slightly less than crunches or bicycles. The more dynamic and large the movement, the more calories burned.

Muscle Mass

Individuals with more ab muscle mass tend to burn more calories during the same ab exercises than less fit individuals.

Calorie Burn For 30 Minute Abs Workout

For a 30 minute abs workout consisting of the exercises below, here is an estimate of total calories burned:

Exercise Calories Burned
Crunches (50 reps) 90
Reverse Crunches (50 reps) 90
Plank (90 seconds) 70
Bicycle Crunches (50 reps) 90
V-ups (30 reps) 90
Russian Twists (50 reps) 90
Flutter Kicks (100 reps) 90
Leg Raises (30 reps) 70
Sit-ups (50 reps) 90
Total Calories Burned 760

For a 125lb person, this 30 minute abs workout would burn around 760 calories. Heavier individuals may burn closer to 850 calories for the same routine.

Calories Burned from 60 Minute Abs Workout

Doubling the above 30 minute abs exercises routine to 60 minutes would burn approximately 1500 calories for a 125lb person. Here is a sample 60 minute abs workout with estimated calorie burn:

Exercise Calories Burned
Crunches (100 reps) 180
Reverse Crunches (100 reps) 180
Plank (180 seconds) 140
Bicycle Crunches (100 reps) 180
V-ups (60 reps) 180
Russian Twists (100 reps) 180
Flutter Kicks (200 reps) 180
Leg Raises (60 reps) 140
Sit-ups (100 reps) 180
Total Calories Burned 1520

This 60 minute abs routine would burn around 1500 calories for someone weighing 125lbs. Heavier persons may burn 1700-1800 calories with this long, high volume workout.

High Intensity Interval Training Abs Workout

High intensity interval training (HIIT) style abs workouts burn a high number of calories in a short period of time. Here is a 25 minute HIIT abs routine:

Exercise Reps/Time
Mountain Climbers 60 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
Crunches 50 reps
Rest 30 seconds
Russian Twists 60 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
Leg Raises 30 reps
Rest 30 seconds
Plank Jacks 60 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
Bicycle Crunches 50 reps

This 25 minute HIIT abs workout can burn around 500 calories for a 125lb person due to the quick repetitions and short rest periods. Heavier persons may burn over 550 calories with this routine.

Calories Burned from Abs Exercises by Weight

Here is a rough estimate of the total calories burned from a 30 minute abs workout based on body weight:

Weight Calories Burned (30 mins)
100 lbs 600
125 lbs 760
150 lbs 900
175 lbs 1040
200 lbs 1180

As shown, heavier individuals burn more calories for the same 30 minute abs workout routine. This table can help estimate calorie burn based on your body weight.

High Calorie Burning Abs Exercises

Some of the best abs exercises for maximizing calorie burn include:

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers involve quick alternating leg movements which significantly increase heart rate and calorie burn.Aim for 60-90 seconds per set.

Plank Jacks

Like mountain climbers, plank jacks boost calorie expenditure through quick and explosive lower body movements.


Full body exercises like burpees burn calories through both upper and lower body dynamic movements.

Russian Twists

Because they engage the obliques in addition to the rectus abdominis, Russian twists ramp up abdominal activation leading to greater calorie expenditure.

Bicycle Crunches

The bicycling motion during bicycle crunches maximizes abdominal contraction for high calorie burn.


In summary, the number of calories burned during abs exercises depends largely on the exercise type, workout length, and intensity level. For a 30 minute routine, most individuals can expect to burn around 700-1000 calories depending on their weight and fitness level. Doubling workout length to 60 minutes can double calorie expenditure as well. High intensity intervals and full body movements also boost overall calorie burn. Aim for abdominal exercises that maximize muscle activation through dynamic motions to torch the most calories.

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