How many trophies are there in soccer?

Soccer, or football as it’s known in most countries, is the world’s most popular sport. Professional soccer leagues and competitions exist in almost every country, and the top teams and players are global superstars. With so much history and prestige surrounding the sport, there are numerous trophies and titles up for grabs each year. Let’s take a look at some of the major trophies in soccer.

Domestic League Trophies

Most countries have their own professional soccer league system made up of multiple divisions. The champions of the top division in each league are awarded a trophy to recognize their achievement. Some of the most famous domestic league trophies include:

  • Premier League trophy – Awarded to the champions of the English Premier League, the world’s most watched soccer league.
  • La Liga trophy – Presented to the winners of the Spanish La Liga, home to global powers like Real Madrid and Barcelona.
  • Bundesliga Meisterschale – Given to the German Bundesliga champions, honoring the consistent quality of German soccer.
  • Serie A trophy – Handed to the title winners of Italy’s prestigious Serie A league.
  • Ligue 1 trophy – Presented to the victors of France’s Ligue 1, which boasts Paris Saint-Germain among its members.

In total there are over 100 professional domestic leagues around the world, so there are too many domestic trophies to list. But winning these trophies represents the pinnacle of achievement at the club level.

Continental Competitions

In addition to domestic leagues, clubs also compete in continental competitions against other teams from their region. The champions of these continental tournaments are considered the best club teams in their part of the world.

The major continental club trophies are:

  • UEFA Champions League trophy – Awarded to the winners of Europe’s most prestigious club tournament.
  • Copa Libertadores trophy – Presented to the champions of South America’s premier continental competition.
  • AFC Champions League trophy – Given to the winners of the Asian Football Confederation’s Champions League.
  • CAF Champions League trophy – Handed to the African champions after emerging victorious from Africa’s top inter-club tournament.
  • CONCACAF Champions League trophy – Presented to the winners from North/Central America and the Caribbean.

These continental tournaments highlight the best each region has to offer and provide some of the highest levels of competition in club soccer.

International Tournaments

Every four years, the top men’s national teams convene to compete in the FIFA World Cup, soccer’s global championship. The World Cup trophy is awarded to the winning country in one of sport’s most viewed events.

Some other major international tournament trophies include:

  • European Championship trophy – Presented to the UEFA European Football Championship winners, held every four years when the World Cup is not scheduled.
  • Copa America trophy – Awarded to the champions of South America’s premier national team competition, also held on the years between World Cups.
  • Africa Cup of Nations trophy – Handed to the winners of the premier national team tournament in Africa, held every two years.
  • Asian Cup trophy – Given to the champions of the AFC Asian Cup, the top men’s national team competition in Asia, held every four years.

These tournaments allow the best countries in each region to compete for continental supremacy and provide several notable international trophies.

Individual Awards

In addition to team honors, there are also many individual trophies awarded to recognize the standout performers:

  • FIFA Ballon d’Or – Considered the most prestigious individual award, given annually to the world player of the year.
  • European Golden Shoe – Awarded to the top goalscorer in Europe’s domestic leagues.
  • FIFA Puskas Award – Presented to the scorer of the best goal of the year.
  • UEFA Player of the Year – Given to the best player competing in UEFA tournaments and leagues.

These personal accolades let the superstars of soccer get recognition for their incredible talents and achievements.

Total Trophies

Given the numerous leagues, continental tournaments, international competitions, and individual awards, it’s impossible to put an exact number on how many trophies exist in the world of soccer.

But the most prestigious trophies that the top teams aspire to win each year include:

  • 20+ major domestic league titles
  • 5 major continental club titles
  • 5 major international titles, including the World Cup
  • 4 major individual awards

So while there may be hundreds of trophies across all levels of global soccer, about 35 trophies represent the highest achievements in the sport.

Most Titles

Throughout soccer’s history, some teams and individuals have collected an impressive haul of trophies and titles. Here are some of the leaders:

Team Trophies Won
Al Ahly (Egypt) 118
Rangers (Scotland) 115
Barcelona (Spain) 91
Real Madrid (Spain) 90
Bayern Munich (Germany) 75

On the individual side, Lionel Messi holds records with 6 Ballon d’Or wins and 6 European Golden Shoes.


Soccer is a global game full of prestige and accolades. While an exact count is elusive, approximately 35 major trophies represent the pinnacle of achievement at both the club and international level. Domestic leagues, continental tournaments, international competitions, and individual awards all make up the vast array of trophies available to be won. Soccer’s greatest teams and players have collected trophy hauls in the hundreds and dozens, respectively, demonstrating their sustained excellence. For over a century, these trophies have highlighted the best teams, countries, and players that soccer has to offer.

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