How many spoonfuls is a 2 3 cup?

Measuring ingredients precisely is an important part of cooking and baking. When a recipe calls for a fraction of a cup, like 2⁄3 cup, it can be tricky to figure out exactly how much that is in spoonfuls. There are a few different factors that determine how many spoonfuls are in 2⁄3 cups. These include the type of spoon being used, whether it is level or heaping, and the ingredients being measured. With some simple math we can figure out approximately how many spoonfuls make up this fractional cup amount.

How Many Teaspoons in 2⁄3 Cup?

Let’s start by looking at teaspoons. There are 3 teaspoons in 1 tablespoon and 16 tablespoons in 1 cup. That means there are 48 teaspoons in 1 cup (3 tsp x 16 tbsp = 48 tsp).

To find out how many teaspoons are in 2⁄3 cup, we calculate:

48 teaspoons (in 1 cup) x 2⁄3 = 32 teaspoons

So if using level teaspoons, there are approximately 32 teaspoons in 2⁄3 cup. This means 2⁄3 cup is equal to 32 level teaspoons.

Level vs Heaping Teaspoons

It’s important to note the difference between level and heaping teaspoons when measuring. A level teaspoon means the teaspoon is filled to the top but not rounded or overflowing. A heaping teaspoon is rounded and overflowing slightly.

Heaping teaspoons hold more than level ones. The exact amount can vary but generally a heaping teaspoon holds about 20% more than a level teaspoon.

So for 2⁄3 cup:

  • 32 level teaspoons
  • About 38 heaping teaspoons

How Many Tablespoons in 2⁄3 Cup?

Now let’s look at tablespoons. Since there are 16 tablespoons in 1 cup, we can calculate:

16 tbsp (in 1 cup) x 2⁄3 = 10 2⁄3 tablespoons

Rounded down, this is about 10 tablespoons.

So 2⁄3 cup is equal to:

  • 10 level tablespoons
  • About 12 heaping tablespoons

Spoon Sizes

When measuring with spoons, it also matters what size of spoon you use. Some common sizes include:

  • Teaspoon: 5 mL
  • Dessert spoon: 10 mL
  • Table spoon: 15 mL
  • Serving spoon: 25 mL
  • Soup spoon: 20 mL

The most common types used in cooking are teaspoons and tablespoons. Make sure you know what spoon sizes the recipe is referring to when it lists measurements.

Using different types of spoons can drastically change how many fit into a 2⁄3 cup measure. For example:

  • 32 teaspoons = 2⁄3 cup
  • 16 dessert spoons = 2⁄3 cup
  • 10 tablespoons = 2⁄3 cup
  • 8 serving spoons = 2⁄3 cup

Spoon Size Conversion Table

Here is a conversion table to show how many spoons of different sizes fit into 2⁄3 cup:

Spoon Type Spoons per 2⁄3 Cup
Teaspoon 32
Dessert spoon 16
Table spoon 10
Serving spoon 8
Soup spoon 12

This table makes it easy to see how switching spoon sizes greatly changes the number of spoonfuls in 2⁄3 cup. The smallest spoon (teaspoon) has the most spoons per 2⁄3 cup while the largest spoon (serving) has the fewest.

Tips for Measuring Spoonfuls of 2⁄3 Cup

Here are some tips when measuring 2⁄3 cup in spoonfuls:

  • Use level spoons – Heaping or rounded spoons will increase the amount.
  • Choose a common spoon size like teaspoons or tablespoons.
  • Know your spoon sizes – Don’t confuse teaspoons and tablespoons.
  • Use the same spoon to measure – Switching spoon sizes mid-measurement can cause errors.
  • Aim for precision by leveling off the spoon.
  • Use measuring spoons for small amounts.
  • Consider buying a 2⁄3 cup measuring cup.

Following these tips will help ensure you get an accurate 2⁄3 cup measurement in spoonfuls.

Measuring Different Ingredients

It’s also important to consider the ingredient you are measuring when using spoonfuls. Dry, solid ingredients like sugar, flour, oats, etc. should be dipped and leveled for an accurate spoonful. Scooping directly into the ingredient will compress it and result in too much.

For sticky, creamy ingredients like peanut butter, honey, or mayonnaise, you can scoop directly out of the jar. The texture means these won’t compress in the spoon.

Liquid ingredients like oil or water can be trickier to measure in spoons since they often spill or flow out. For liquids, measuring cups are easier to use than spoons for accuracy.

Average Weights for 2⁄3 Cup of Common Ingredients

To give a sense of how much 2⁄3 cup equates to by weight for different ingredients, here are some estimates:

Ingredient Weight per 2⁄3 Cup
Flour 85 grams
Sugar 133 grams
Brown sugar 140 grams
Butter 160 grams
Honey 192 grams

These weights can help give a sense of how much 2⁄3 cup is for these common baking ingredients. Many people find weight a helpful way to conceptualize fractional cup measures.

How Many Ounces is 2⁄3 Cup?

Ounces are another way some people conceptualize ingredient amounts. To find out how many ounces are in 2⁄3 cup:

There are 8 fluid ounces in 1 cup

So there are 8 ÷ 3 x 2 = 5 1⁄3 fluid ounces in 2⁄3 cup

In weight ounces:

  • 2⁄3 cup flour weighs around 3 oz
  • 2⁄3 cup sugar weighs around 4.7 oz
  • 2⁄3 cup butter weighs around 5.6 oz

This gives a rough idea of 2⁄3 cup equivalent in ounces by weight for certain ingredients. Again, seeing the weight conversion can help give a feel for what this fractional cup measure is.

Metric Conversions

For those using the metric system, here are some metric conversions for 2⁄3 cup:

  • Milliliters: 160 mL
  • Grams:
    • Flour: 85g
    • Sugar: 133g
    • Butter: 160g

So in metric units, 2⁄3 cup is approximately 160 mL or 160 grams depending on the ingredient density.

Should You Use a 2⁄3 Cup Measuring Cup?

Specialized 2⁄3 cup measuring cups are also available to directly measure this amount. These can make measuring 2⁄3 cup easier and more accurate.

However, since 2⁄3 cup is not a commonly used measure, most sets don’t include this size. It’s more common to find 1⁄3 cup and 1⁄4 cup measuring cups.

If you frequently work with 2⁄3 cup amounts, buying a 2⁄3 cup measuring cup can be convenient and eliminate the guesswork of spoons. But for occasional use, measuring carefully with spoons is typically sufficient.


In summary, the number of spoonfuls in 2⁄3 cup depends on:

  • Spoon size used
  • Level vs heaping spoons
  • The type of ingredient being measured

As a guideline:

  • 2⁄3 cup is about 32 level teaspoons
  • Or 10 level tablespoons

Being precise with your measuring spoons and leveling off ingredients will ensure you get as close to an accurate 2⁄3 cup measurement as possible. Referencing weights and fluid ounces can also help conceptualize this fractional amount. While a 2⁄3 cup measuring cup avoids the spoon math altogether.

Understanding all the factors around measuring 2⁄3 cup in spoonfuls will help you successfully execute recipes needing this fractional cup amount. Careful measurement leads to delicious and consistent baking results!

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