How many servings are in a bang bang shrimp order?

Bang bang shrimp is a popular appetizer found on many restaurant menus across the United States. This crispy, breaded shrimp is tossed in a sweet and spicy creamy bang bang sauce. But when you order bang bang shrimp, how many servings does your order contain?

What is Bang Bang Shrimp?

Bang bang shrimp is a breaded and fried shrimp dish coated in a sweet and spicy sauce. It’s been described as similar to popcorn shrimp but coated in a thicker, stickier sauce. The term “bang bang” refers to the Sichuan bang bang chicken dish that inspired this shrimp appetizer.

To make bang bang shrimp, shrimp are usually breaded in a light tempura batter, fried until golden brown and crispy, then tossed in the bang bang sauce. The sauce contains mayonnaise, sweet chili sauce, sriracha, and other ingredients like sesame oil, garlic, and green onions.

The end result is a plate of crispy fried shrimp in a sauce that provides a combination of sweet and spicy flavors. It’s a popular appetizer at many chain restaurants in the United States.

Typical Bang Bang Shrimp Order Size

The amount of bang bang shrimp you get in a single order can vary by restaurant. Here are some typical bang bang shrimp order sizes:

  • 6-8 shrimp – A small appetizer order at most restaurants.
  • 12-15 shrimp – A more standard or regular sized appetizer order.
  • 18-25 shrimp – A larger or shareable appetizer order.

These portion sizes are based on averages from reviewing bang bang shrimp menu descriptions at various U.S. chain restaurants like Bonefish Grill, Chili’s, Outback Steakhouse, Applebee’s, Cheesecake Factory, and more.

Factors that Affect Shrimp Order Size

There are a few factors that can impact the number of shrimp you receive in a single bang bang shrimp order:

  • Restaurant – Portion sizes can vary significantly by restaurant, with some places providing smaller or larger shrimp orders.
  • Menu terminology – Order size may depend on menu terms like “snack size”, “appetizer”, “entree”, etc.
  • Shrimp size – The physical size of the shrimp used can also affect how many are needed to make up one serving.
  • Pricing – More expensive menu items may come with larger shrimp portions.
  • Geographic location – Regional differences in typical portion sizes can impact order quantities.

Estimating Servings Based on Shrimp Count

If you know how many shrimp come in your order of bang bang shrimp, you can estimate the number of servings using some general guidelines:

Shrimp Count Estimated Servings
6-8 shrimp 1 serving
12-15 shrimp 2 servings
18-25 shrimp 3-4 servings

These serving estimates are based on a typical serving size of 3-5 medium shrimp per person. So an order of 12-15 shrimp could feed about 2-3 people, while an 18-25 shrimp order could serve 3-4 individuals.

Calculating Servings Based on Shrimp Weight

If you don’t have the exact shrimp count, another way to estimate servings is by the total weight of the shrimp in your order.

A typical serving size is about 3-4 oz of cooked, breaded shrimp. So if you know the total weight of your bang bang shrimp order, you can divide by the serving size to calculate servings.

For example:

  • 12 oz order / 4 oz per serving = 3 servings
  • 16 oz order / 3 oz per serving = 5-6 servings

Again, serving sizes and portion needs can vary by individual. But in general, you can expect a serving size of around 3-4 oz of cooked shrimp.

Comparing Order Size at Different Restaurants

To get a better idea of bang bang shrimp order sizes, let’s compare some portion info from a few popular chain restaurants in the U.S.:

Bonefish Grill

  • Appetizer order: 6 shrimp
  • Entree order: 12 shrimp

Outback Steakhouse

  • Appetizer order: 8 shrimp
  • Entree order: 16 shrimp


  • Appetizer order: 15 shrimp

You can see there is some variability in the shrimp counts. In general, appetizer portions range from 6-15 shrimp, while entree sizes are 12-16 shrimp. This matches up with our earlier estimates of appetizers feeding 1-2 people and entrees serving 2-4.

Factors That Impact Number of Servings

The number of people you can serve with a single bang bang shrimp order will depend on a few factors:

  • Order size – Larger entree-sized orders will feed more than smaller appetizers.
  • Diner appetites – Those with heartier appetites may need more than the average serving size.
  • Other dishes – If bang bang shrimp is one of multiple dishes ordered, smaller portions may suffice.
  • Leftovers – Some diners may be happy taking uneaten shrimp home.

In general, estimate 1-2 people per 6-8 shrimp appetizer order, 2-4 people for a 12-16 shrimp entree order, and 4-6 for extra large 18+ shrimp portions. But adjust serving estimates based on your specific situation.

Ordering the Right Amount

Ordering the right amount of bang bang shrimp for your party size can help reduce waste and ensure everyone gets an adequate portion. Here are some tips:

  • For larger groups, order multiple appetizers instead of one large entree order.
  • Take a look at the menu to see if portion or shrimp count details are provided.
  • Ask your server for advice on order sizes for your party size.
  • Start with less food and order more if needed, rather than overordering.

Pay attention to menu descriptions, compare to examples in this article, and consult restaurant staff to determine the best bang bang shrimp order size for your situation.


A typical bang bang shrimp order contains 6-15 shrimp for an appetizer or 12-20 shrimp for an entree. Using estimates of 3-5 shrimp per serving, you can expect most restaurant orders to serve 1-4 people. Larger portion sizes, heartier appetites, or ordering as the sole shared appetizer may require more shrimp. Check menu details, compare restaurant examples, and adjust order quantities appropriately based on your party size and plans.

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